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Because of an almost complete lack of interest by those into home audio and AV products in pro audio and AV products, and vice-versa, and due to a tendency by some people to actually read the Hi-Fi & AV Manufacturers pages as documents rather than to use them as endpoints as they were originally intended to be, it was decided to split the link pages up into 2 sections, one for personal and home product manufacturers and another for professional and semi-pro products

Note that it will take some time to finalise this and that some manufacturers like Weiss Engineering are active in both fields, but in those cases we will provide links rather than duplicates, but as this is primarily a home audio site a manufacture active in more than one field will by default land in the home audio links page. Note that at some point in time we will have to do the same with the Defunct Audio Companies pages.

AAD (PA speakers) See --> American Acoustic Development


French company, traditionally a movie camera manufacturer best known for the Super16mm format and indeed the company still makes those and digital cinema cameras as well, but is by now best known for their portable professional digital audio recorders and audio and video post processing hardware and software. Company is owned by Transvideo.
Distribution: Audio products are distributed in Austria and Germany by Ambient Recording
Homepage: .
Aaton S.A., bp 3002, 2 rue de la Paix, Grenoble cdx1, 38816, France.
Tel: +33 4 7642 9550. Fax: 33 4 7651 3491. E-Mail: info +at+

A & AG S.R.L.
Italian manufacturer of pro audio electronics such as power amplifiers and line converters, their products are sold under the Kind Audio brand.
Distribution: In Austria by RTC Fürstler Sound & Light, in Bulgaria by Pro Audio Ltd and in Greece by Phenomenon - Professional
Homepage: .
A&AG S.r.l., Via Montello 19, 28066 Galliate, Italy.
Tel: +39 (0)32 1865271. Fax: +39 (0)32 1861674. E-Mail: info )at(

AB International See --> Robert C. Hennige

Aclon Audio
Chinese manufacturer of sound reinforcement equipment, including loudspeaker, signal processors, amplifiers and related accessories. Primarily an OEM but also sells under its own name.
Aclon Audio International Co. Ltd., No.203, Aclon Building, Industry Avenue South Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510288, China.
Tel: +86 20 34127645. Fax: +86 20 34127645. E-Mail: sales :at:

ACO Pacific

USA based manufacturer of measurement microphones, microphone systems calibration devices and related measurement accessories.
ACO Pacific Inc., 2604 Read Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002, USA.
Tel: +1 650 595 8588. Fax: +1 650 591 2891. E-Mail:

USA based maufacturer of acoustic insulation and soundproofing products.
Distribution: In Greece by Acoustic Design
Homepage: .
Acoustiblok, 6900 Interbay Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33616, USA.
Tel: +1 813 980 1400. Fax: +1 813 849 6347.


Australian manufacturer of sound absorbing materials etc. Primarily targeting the industrial sector and more concerned with noise control rather than acoustic control but the company also has products suitable for home and pro-audio usage.
Acoustica, Ground Floor, 6A Nelson Street, Annandale, NSW 2038, Australia.
Tel: 1300 722 825 (Toll free, Oz only, sales only) or +61 2 9550 2900. Fax: +61 2 9550 5665.

Acoustic Fields (Acoustic treatments) See --> Mary A. Soerensen

Acoustic & Lighting System

Malaysian company that also operates in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Sells professional audio products under the Flepcher brand, primarily in the PA and installation sector but they have a range of products suitable for sound reinforcement usage as well. Also handles the Malaysian distribution of ADB Lighting, Alto Professional, Antari, Bright Force, Chamsys, Clay Paky, Colorbeam, FAL, GE Lighting, Grandview, HYC, Inter-M, JTS, Klark Teknik, Klotz, Kupo, L-Acoustics, Lax, Lite-Puter, MA Lighting, Midas, PR Lighting, Prolyte, RCF, Rosco, Sennheiser, Silver Star, Soundking, Studio Due, Taiden, Wisi, Xilica Audio Design and 18 Sound.
Homepage: -- Flepcher homepage
Acoustic & Lighting System Sdn.. Bhd., 8 Jalan Kenari 10, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 8075 8990, +603 8075 8991 and +603 8075 8992. Fax: +603 8075 8266. E-Mail: acoustic -at-

Acoustic Technologies Electronics Pty Ltd
Australian manufacturer of PA and sound reinforement products such as speakers, amplifiers and signal processors, the company primarily trades under the AT professional brand and sometimes under the Speakertek name as well, also handles the local distribution of 18 Sound.
Distribution: In Taiwan by Unika
Homepage: .
Acoustic Technologies Electronics Pty Ltd, 8-10 Staple Street, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Queensland 4073, Australia.
Tel: +617 3376 4122. Fax: +617 3376 5793. E-Mail: info |at|

Active Audio Australia
Australian company that sells wearable miniature microphones under the Da-Cappo brand and as an OEM, in addition they licence bending wave/flat panel loudspeaker driver technology.
Distribution: Da-Cappo microphones are distributed in Australia by Sound & Music Distribution and in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd.
Homepage: -- Da-Cappo homepage.
Active Audio Australia, 16 Chelsea Place, Forest Lake, Qld 4078, Australia.
Tel: +61 (0)7327 89899.

Adam Hall
German company that manufactures hardware, accessories and cabling for the sound reinforcement market in addition to distributing products for the same market locally. Also sells pro and semi-pro products under the LD Systems brand and musician oriented products under the Palmer Audio Tools name and cabling protectors under the Defender label.
Homepage: -- LD Systems -- Palmer homepage -- Defender homepage
Distributed in Argentina by Prind-Co and in Rumania by Stage Expert

Acústica F. E. S.
Portugese manufacturer of pro-audio and lighting products, while best known for their audio products they do manufacture a wide range of products including stages and lighting controllers. In addition the company handles the local distribution of 18 Sound.
Acústica Fábrica de Equipamentos de Som. Lda., Zona Industrial de Campo, Lugar das Vinhas, 4444-909 Valongo, Portugal.
Tel: +351 224 119 160. Fax: +351 224 155 822. E-Mail: geral _at_

Acústica Integral
Spanish company that manufactures all kinds of acoustic insulation and absorbion marerials, enclosures, barriers and kits for, professional, home and insdustrial usage. Also offers technical and design services releated to sound and noise control.
Distribution: In France by Technology Science & Art
Homepage: .
Acústica Integral, Santiga Industrial Park, Av. Castell de Barberà 10, 08210 - Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain.
Tel: +34 902 160 585. Fax: +34 937 188 692. E-Mail: info at

Acustilab (Loudspeakers) See --> Trident Audio

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