Professional audio & video manufacturers - E.
Professional audio & video manufacturers - E.

Eagle (PA products) See --> Electrovision

Earthworks Audio Products
A manufacturer of microphones and microphone pre-amps. Changed their name recently from just plain Earthworks and from 2002 to 2010 they also sold studio monitors.
Distribution: In Greece by Location Sound, in Holland by RSL & Partners, in Italy by Midiware, in New Zealand by Oceania Audio, in Scandinavia by Golden Age Music and in Taiwan by Midimall
Homepage: .
Earthworks Audio Producst, Inc., 37 Wilton Road, Milford NH 03086-0517, USA.
Tel: +1 603 654 2433. Fax: +1 603 654 6107. Email : info at

E-Audio (Architetural & install speakers) See --> Electrovision

EAW See --> Loud Technologies

EbTech See --> Sound Enhancemnt Products

Ecler - Laboratorio de Electro-Acustica S.A
Spanish manufacturer of professional audio products, best known outside of its home country for their DJ products but actually manufacture a much wider range that includes PA and commercial sound products.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services, in Argentina by Prind-Co and in the UK by Henley Designs
Homepage: -- Ecler DJ division.
Ecler - Laboratorio de Electro-Acustica S.A, Motors 166-168, 08038 Barcelona, Spain.
Tel: +34 902 22 14 00. Fax: +34 93 223 84 04. E-Mail: info :at:

Edcor (Splitter & matching transformers) See --> Edcor

Edirol See --> Roland (Semi-pro recording equipment etc.)

E-J Electronics

A Taiwanese OEM manufacturer of PA and communication poducts, althoug mostly an OEM they do have an in-house brand called Okayo. One neat thing that they offer are infrared wireless microphones for places where radio mics are not an option for whatever reason.
E-J Electronics Co. Ltd., 4F., NO.11, Lane 125,Sec.1, Guoguang Rd., Dali, Taichung 41262, Taiwan.
Tel: +886 4 24071617. Fax: +886 4 24071609. E-Mail: okayo at

Élan See --> 7953135 Canada Inc.

Russian microphone manufacturer, name sometimes spelled Elaton.


British company that manufactures DJ and other pro audio and lighting prodcuts alongside some consumer audio/video accesories that are sold under the Altai, Eagle, E-Audio, FXLab, New Jersey Sound Corp., NJD (New Juntcion Discoteques) and Soundlab brands in addition to the Electrovison name but that is mostly used on accessories, electronic cleaning & testing products and so on, the VenuFluid name they use on smoke and special effects fluids and the Jhonny Brook brand that they use on guitars and guitar accessories. The company has its own factory in China but is primarily a wholesaler and distributor with offices in Holland, France and Belgium in addition to the UK.

Products distributed include AKG, Alice, Audio Technica, Behringer, Bosch, Celestion, Cloud Electronics, Crown Audio, Denon, Eminence, Fane International, Klotz, Martin Professional, Mr. Entertainer, Neutrik, QSC, Rean, Shure Inc., Tascam, TEAC and TOA.
Distribution: MI accessories distributed in the UK by Barnes & Mullins
Homepage: -- Electrovision cataloge -- Johnny Brook homepage.
Electrovison Ltd., Lancots Lane, Sutton, St. Helens, Merseyside WA9 3EX, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1744 745000. Fax: +44 (0)1744 745001. E-Mail: sales (at )

ElectroVoice (EV)
USA based company that manufactures speakers and electronics for sound reinforcement use.
Distribution: In Iceland by Extón and in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher

Elements (PA speakers & systems) See --> Stamer Musikanlagen GmbH

ELK Products
USA based company that manufactures security and home automation products, that includes surge protectors and PA use loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul
Homepage: .
ELK Products, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Hildebran , N.C. 28637, USA.
Tel: 800 797 9355 (Toll free, USA & Canada only) or +1 828 397 4200. Fax: +1 828 397 4415. E-Mail: sales -at -

EMES (Studio monitors) See --> Michael Spiel

Enping Lane See --> Lane

EmbracingSound AB
Swedish company that develops and licenses technology and software that allows companies to develop 3D loudspeaker system from one point source (that is 3D, not just surround sound but height info as well). The technology is primarily utilised in multimedia systems, where having more than one speaker unit is inconvenient, i.e. computer speakers, soundbars and pro monitors intended for video editing rooms etc..
EmbracingSound AB, Signalhornsgatan 124, 656 34 Karlstad, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (8) 522 05790. Fax: +46 221 106 90. E-Mail: info (at)

Emu (Soundcards & MIDI interfaces) See --> Creative Technology

Enping Karsect
Chinese company that manufactures wireless microphone, monitoring, loudspeaker and musical instrument systems and related accessories, all sold under the Karsect brand.
Distribution: In Norway by Lyd og Lys Norge AS
Homepage: .
Enping Karsect Electronics, NO.F45-1, District F, Foreign and Private Capital Industrial Zone, Enping, GuangDong, China.
Tel: +86 750 7112155, +86 750 7112155, 86 750 7113198 and 86 750 7111055. Fax: +86 750 7111955. E-Mail?karsect =at= or juse at

Enping Samlap Electrical Appliance Co.
Chinese microphone manufacturer.

Enping Tianlong
Chinese microphone manufacturer.
Homepage: Enping Tianlong, Jiangnan Industrial Zone, Enping City, China.
Phone : +(86) 750 7777903. Fax : +(86) 750 7777244. Email : aory88 at

Enping Weite
Chinese microphone manufacturer, trades using the VaTe brandname.

Equipos Europeos Electronicos S.A.L.

Spanish manufacturer of PA, sound reinforcement and communication products, trades using the Altair brand.
Distribution: In Holland by RSL & Partners and in Poland by Pol Audio
Homepage: .
Equipos Europeos Electronicos S.A.L., Avda. De la Industria 50, ES-2870 Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain.
Tel: +34 91 804 32 65. Fax: +34 91 804 43 58. E-Mail: altair >at<

Spanish company that manufactures a large range of PA, sound reinforcement, lighting and theatrical products under the Work brand.
Distribution: In Finland by Soundata, in Norway by Lyd og Lys Norge AS and in Switzerland by Andres Audio
Homepage: .
Equipson S. A., Pol.Ind. L'Alteró, Av. Saler 14, 46460 Silla (Valencia), Spain.
Tel: +34 961 216 301. Fax: +34 961 200 242. E-Mail: equipson |at|

ESI Audiotechnik
German company with design and manufacturing facilities in South Korea that makes high end consumer soundcards under the Audiotrak name in addition to semi-pro and pro-audio soundcards, MIDI interfaces, keyboard controllers and monitors under the ESI brand. Company founded in 2007 when South Korean company Ego-Systems and German distributor RIDI Multimedia combined forces.
Distribution: In Australia by Sound & Music Distribution
Homepage: -- Audiotrak homepage.
ESI Audiotechnik GmbH, Mollenbachstrasse 14, D-71229 Leonberg, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)7152 398880. Fax: +49 (0)7152 398887. E-Mail: info –at-

Essential Sound Products Inc.
USA based company that makes high end power cables and power conditioners, unusually enough targets them primarily towards pro-audio and musicians rather than home-hifi and AV use. Company run by Michael Griffin.
Distribution: In Japan by Sleek Elite
Homepage: .
Essential Sound Products Inc., Po. Box 81998, Rochester, MI 48308-1998, USA.
Tel: +1 248 375 2655. Fax: +1 248 375 2701. E-Mail: info \at/

Euphonix See --> Avid

Euromet Srl
Italian hardware company, their products are primarily fasteners, fittings, stands and trussing for pro-audio, video, lighting and theatrical applications but they also manufacture stands for musical instruments and fasteners suitable for home home AV installation usage such as projector mounts and so on.
Distribution: In France by Algam
Homepage: .
Euromet Srl, Zona Ind.le Brodolini, 60025 Loreto (AN), Italy.
Tel: + 39 071 976444. Fax: +39 071 978988

Eventide Inc.
USA based company that is primarily a manufacturer of comm and avionics equipment these days but still has a lineup of professional audio products, best known for their Harmonisers but have branched into the making of digital effect processor plugins, digital recorders and stompboxes. Company formerly known as Eventide Clockworks.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Syntec International
Homepage: .
Eventide Inc., 1 Alsan Way, Little Ferry, NJ 07643, USA.
Tel: +1 201 641 1200. Fax: +1 201 641 1640. E-Mail: audio #at]

Excact Furniture (AV furniture) See --> Exact Furniture

Extensiones Eléctricas Y de Audio

Mexican company that manufactures cables for the automotive, audio, electric installation and industrial sectors under the Solcor brand. In addition to manufacturing anything from cinch type home audio cables to snakes for pro-audio usage the company also distributes a number of musical instrument brands locally including G&H Industries, Grover Allman, Hot Picks, Izzo and Switchcraft.
Extensiones Eléctricas Y de Audio S.A. de C.V., Cascada Nº. 214, Colonia San Andres Tetepilco, C.P. 09440 Del. Iztapalapa, México.
Tel: +52 43 6674 5672 3506. Tel/Fax: +52 43 6674 2595 6793.

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