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Machina Dynamica
US based maker of isolation platforms.

Japanese manufacturer of high end valve based amplification.
Worldwide distribution by Sibatech, in Germany and Italy by Hi-Fi Center, in Hong Kong by Audio Evidence, in Malaysia by LF Musical Audio and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.

US company, primarily a reseller of drive units and loudspeaker kits but also makes some of their own.

French company that makes high end loudspeakers and amplification, has some quite quirky and individualistic models including a high efficiency speaker that features a full range driver and has a baffle made out of granite but have in the past made horn systems and baffle-less speakers, the company also offers custom builds of passive pre-amplifiers and valve amps and acts as a retailer of DIY audio parts. In addition the company bought the remaining stocks of products from the now defunct Yamamura Churchill company and offers them at a considerable discount.
Madotec, 17 avenue de Saxe, 75007 Paris, France.

German company that manufactures headphones, home hi-fi and Av loudspeakers alongside car and marine loudspeakers & electronics, all sold under the German Maestro brand, although in a few countries they are marketed as just "Maestro". Company was formed in 2008 when former employers and managers of MB Quart Akustik GmbH banded together with investors and bought the manufacturing facilities, tooling and designs of the original MB Quart company.
Distribution: In Norway by Maxwell Import
Homepage: .
MAESTROBadenia Akustik und Elektronik GmbH, Neckarstrasse 20, D-74847 Obrigheim, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 62 61 6 38 0. Fax +49 (0) 62 61 6 38 129. E-Mail: info \at\
German Maestro USA Inc., 27075 Cabot Rd., Suite 108, Laguna Hills , CA 92653, USA.
Tel: +1 949 600 8195 (Int.) or 877 689 7833 (Toll free, USA & Canada only). Fax: +1 949 600 8196. E-Mail: ray .at.

Magenta See --> Margules

USA based manufacturer of high end loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in France by Sound & Colors, in Scandinavia by Audionord AB, in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video and in Turkey by SSD Ses

Magix (Audio & video editing and cleanup software) See --> Magix

Magkit (Amplifier kits) See --> Magnet Audio

Magnan Audio Cables
USA manufacturer of cables and interconnects.
Distributed in Canada by Image Audio, in Germany by B & T Hi-Fi Vertrieb, in Indonesia by Audio Society, in Italy by Estroarmonico, in Japan by Apollon International, in Singapore by Cadence Technologies, in Slovenia by UBIQ and in Sweden by Hyllteknik.
Magnan Audio Cables, 355 N. Lantana #576, Camarillo, CA 93010-6038, USA.
Tel/Fax: +805 484 9544..

Magnat Audio Produkte
Manufactures a wide range of loudspeakers for Hi-fi, home theatre and car audio usage and in addition a range of amplifiers for car audio, part of the Audiovox group.
Distributed in Belgium by Stereoscope, in Canada by Allegro Marketing, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Radar Audio, in Denmark by DBU, in Greece by Elasyn, in Israel by SG Electronics, in Portugal by Nevisom, in Russia by Russian Game, in Slovakia by Audio International Slovakia, in Sweden by Tetragon and in Switzerland by DKB Household Switzerland.
Magnat Audio Produkte GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 9, D-50259 Pulheim, Germany.
Phone: +49 22 34 80 70. Fax: +49 22 34 80 73 99. Email: info at

Magnavox See --> Philips and Polyconcept USA


USA manufacturer of electrostatic and hybrid electrostatic/ribbon loudspeakers sold under the Magneplanar brand. Please note that although the company actually has specific models called "Maggies", it is also an affectionate nickname that has been used by Magneplanar owners since the 70's for all their speakers and this can cause confusion on forums.
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by Audionord Europe, in Germany by Taurus High End, in Hungary by Limited Edition Audio, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Japan by Stella Inc., in Singapore by Absolute Sound Distribution, in Scandinavia by Audionord AB and in Turkey by SSD Ses
Homepage: . Resources: -- MUG homepage - MUG is an independent Magneplanar user group
Magnepan Inc., 1645 Ninth Street, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, USA.
Tel: 800 474 1646 (Toll free, USA & Canada only) or +1 651 426 1645 (International and local calls).

Magnet Audio
Company based in Thailand that manufactures high end audio and home theatre electronics including CD players, amplification and power conditioners in addition to Karaoke equipment, the company also holds out a line of amplifier DIY kits under the Magkit brand. Operates primarily as an OEM manufacturer and contract designer for western companies and products bearing its own name are seldom seen for sale outside of eastern Asia.

Also acts as the Thai distributor of Aurum Cantus, Da-Lite, Iego, iLuv, InFocus, JAMO, Marsh Sound Design, Stewart and Vivitek.
Distribution: In Singapore by MusicLink
Homepage: -- Thai homepage & forum.
Magnet Technology Corp., 21 Soi Sukhontasawat 14, Sukhontasawat Rd., Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (0)2 9077923. Fax: +66 (0)2 9077919. E-Mail: info at
Magnet Technology Showroom, 3th floor, Room No. 311, Esplanade, Ratchadaphisak Rd., Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (0)2 642 2119 20

No Spikes (Mechanical isolators) See --> Yeil M&C Co.

Magnum Audio
UK based manufacturer of hi-fi seperates and loudspeakers, mostly mid to high end products.

Magnum Dynalab
Canadian maker of amplifiers and tuners, high end stuff, their tuners are specially noteworthy.
Distributed in Croatia by Media Audio, in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Store, in Denmark by PS Audio, in Greece and Cyprus by MF Audio, in Holland by Dimex and in the UK by Audiofreaks.
Homepage: .
Magnum Dynalab Ltd., 8 Strathearn Avenue, Unit 9, Brampton, Ontario L6T 4L9, Canada.
Magnum Dynalab USA, 2775 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14227-1043, USA.
Tel: +1 800 551 4130 (toll free, USA and Canada only). E-mail: info /at(

Magnum Group
British company that manufactures home hi-fi and AV loudspeakers under the Richard Allan and Solid Sound Audio names, professional loudspeaker systems under the Magnum Organ/Acoustics brands, projector mounts and other AV assemblies under the RA Technology name, repairs loudspeakers using the Recone Lab brand in addition to being the current licesee of the BBC LS3/5A design.
Homepage: Richard Allan homepage
Magnum Group, Victoria House, Victoria Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD1 3RG, England.
Tel: +(0)1484 549899. Fax: +(0)1484 533038. E-Mail: info at

Maiken-Mia Holding Ltd

Danish company that owns 2 other nominally independent companies in the form of "Densen Audio Technologies" that manufactures a line of mid and high end deperates under the Densen brand, and "HiFi Freaks ApS" that is primarily a retailer but in addition to that handles the local distribution of Densen products and Audiolab, Focal, Kimber Kable, Marantz, Stax, Sumiko, and Well Tempered Lab.
Distribution: In Australia by Stolmack Audio, in Bulgaria by Balkan Audio, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Wellwick Audio, in Finland by Soundworks, in Germany by Connect Audio, in France by BC Acoustique Distribution, in Greece by Orpheus Audio, in Malaysia by A & L Audio Station, in Norway by Oslo Hi-Fi Center, in Portugal by Exaudio, in Russia by Alef Ltd., in Singapore by Electrades, in Slovenia by Intek, in South Korea by Baik Woon Electronic, in Spain by Mallorca High-End, in Switzerland by Marlex and in Turkey by Extreme Audio
Homepage: -- Densen homepage.
HiFi Freaks ApS, Randersvej 32, DK-6700 Esbjerg, Denmark.
Tel: +45 72 19 00 45 (Retail/dist.) or +45 75 18 12 14 (Densen). Fax: +45 75 45 39 38 (Retail/dist.) or +45 75 45 39 38 (Densen). E-Mail: mail at -- support at -- marketing #at#

Majeel Laboratories
A manufacturer of high end and professional audio products based in Singapore, especially noted for their amplifiers, founded by veteran Japanese designer Jun Makino in 1997 who used to be the head of the Thomson audio R&D labs. Some interesting background info can be found here.
Audiophile products are distributed in Norway by Høium Data & Hifi AS..

Manfred Kruse
German gentleman that manufactures mid and high end loudspeaker cables, interconnects and power cords, his range includes pure silver models. Please note that the gent does not have a homepage so we list this E-Bay page here instead.
Manfred Kruse, Geraer Strasse 46, 07318 Saalfeld, Germany.
E-Mail: manfredkrs =at=

Manger Products
German manufacturer of high end loudspeakers and studio monitors, also has an unusual range of wave bending drivers.
Homepage: - UK Homepage

Manger Products distribution

Europe: In Austria by Vienna Audiophiles, in the Czech Republic by Camosci Czech, in France by Technology Science & Art, in Grecce by Rhapsody Audio Systems, in Hungary by l'Auditeur, in Italy by Auditec, in Norway by Mono A/S, in Romania by Mediavector, in Russia by AVL Audio, in Slovenia by Caruso Elektronika, in Sweden by Golden Age Music and in Switzerland by Klangwerk (Loudspeakers) and Cattaneo Acoustics (Drivers).

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Soundlabs Groups, in China by Non-Stop Audio, in Hong Kong by First Impression Marketing, in India by Nexus Audio Video, in Japan by Aedio, in New Zealand by Rezound, in South Korea by FRUMCO and in Taiwan by Texco.

The Americas & the West Indies: In Canada by Dimensions Acoustiques & Imago Audio and in the USA TMH.

Africa and the Middle East: In Iran by Avin Ava and in South Africa by Sound Consulting, .

Manger Products, Industriestraße 17, D-97638 Mellrichstadt, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 9776 9816. Fax: +49 (0) 9776 5925. E-Mail: info at
Manger Audio UK, Unit 10 Rassbottom Industrial Estate, Stalybridge, Cheshire SK15 1 RH.
Tel: 0616 3047444. Fax: 0616 3047444. E-Mail: info at

Manley Labs (Valve amps) See --> Manley Labs

Manuel Löffler
German Gentleman that trades using the Klang Manufaktur brand, makes high end interconnects and speaker cables. Not to be confused with a music production house that trades using the same name.
Manuel Löffler, Gartenweg 9, 98646 Bedheim, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)151 56019152. E-Mail: info ¦at¦

Manufacturing Advanced Media (MAM) See --> Mitsui

Japanese manufacturer of consumer and semi-pro audio & video products and is unusual in that it occupies a fairly broad range of the spectrum from both fairly inexpensive music systems up to expensive specialised hi-fi equipment but is also a provider some interesting semi-pro lines that are difficult to get elsewhere. The company is currently a part of the D+M Group group but was originally founded in 1953 as Standard Radio in the Setagaya district in Tokyo, changed it's name to Nihon Marantz Kabushiki Kaisha in 1975 although it trades as just plain Marantz in the hi-fi world and continued for quite a while to trade in communications equipment as SR Standard but the company got out of the radio business when the D&M group was formed and the SR trademark and product lines are now handled by Yaesu. During the 60's the company also held out a small collection of brandnames that it no longer uses, including Unicorder, also although most of their 1970's and early 1980's products are clearly marked "Designed in the USA", in particular the lines sold in the US, they were in fact all designed in Japan, this was a misguided marketing effort by the then brand owners Superscope Technologies but this practice was discontinued when Nihon Marantz gained control of the brandname via Philips, the company also used the brand Esotec in and around 1980 for their high end products.
Homepage: Professional Products Homepage.
The USA arm of the company also handles the local distribution of Mordaunt Short loudspeakers.
Distributed in Belarus by Medium, in Belgium by Transtel-Sabima (pro audio products only), in Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in Canada by Lenbrook Industries, in Denmark by Hi-Fi Freaks, in Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul, in Macedonia by D. T. Kodi, in Poland by Horn Distribution, in Romania by Lotus Telecom and in Thailand by M. I. Engineering (Pro audio lineup only),.

Marchand Electronics
US based company makes crossovers, transistorised and valve amplifiers, passive preamps. Supplies their products both assembled and as kits.
Marchand Electronics Inc., PO Box 473, Webster, NY 14580, USA.
Phone: +(716) 872 0980. Fax: +(716) 872 1960. Email: info at

Margules See --> Tel Rad S.A.

Mark & Daniel Audio Labs
USA based loudspeaker company with production in China.
Distributed in Hong Kong by Mass Intelligent Tech, in Taiwan by Jia Rong Audio and in the USA by Nat Distribution
Mark & Daniel Audio Labs of North America, 5151 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 1600, Tucson, AZ 85711, USA.
Tel: +1 520 5125488. Fax: +1 520 7494992. E-mail: markdanielaudio at

Hong Kong based company that manufacturers high end loudspekers, largely an OEM but they do supply models under their own Markaudio brand.
Markimage Ltd, Unit 11D, Gee Wing Chang Ind Building, 6 Fung Yip Street , Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2575 0232. Fax: +852 2575 0112. E-Mail: sales at

Mark Levinson See --> Harman Speciality Group

Marshal See --> USHER

Marshall Choong (Loudspeakers) See --> Philip Marshall

Marsh Sound Design
USA based manufacturer of mid/high end amplification, has recently been branching into the manufacture of AV separates.
Distributed in Holland by Dynamic Solutions and in Thailand by Magnet Audio

Mårten Design
Swedish manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, also acts as the local distributor of Acustica Applicata.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Croatia by Son Et Image, in Hong Kong by East Group Trading, in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Norway by Audioroyal, in Spain by Signo Filarmonía, in the UK by Audiocraft Distribution and in the USA by Sound Advice
Homepage: .
Mårten Design, Götabergsgatan 18, SE - 411 34 Göteborg, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)31 20 72 00. Fax: +46 (0)31 20 72 70. E-Mail: infoat

Martina Schöner
German lady that manufactures record and CD cleaning chemicals under the L'art du Son brand and is the mainland European agent for Loricraft.
Distribution: In Germany by Sieveking Sound and in USA and Canada by Elite AV Distribution and VMAX Services
Homepage: .
Martina Schöner, Faulerstraße 8, D-79098 Freiburg, Germany.
Tel: +49 761 292 4168. E-Mail: m.schoener (at/

Martin Logan
USA based manufacturer of electrostatic loudspeakers.
Distribution: In Bulgaria by Top Audio Video Design, in Croatia by Media Audio, in Denmark by Interceptor Audio, in Finland by Audist Oy., in Greece by Adamco, in Italy by Audio Natali, in Singapore and Malaysia by Norman, in Switzerland by Montana Audio Systems, in Turkey by SSD Ses, in the United Arab Emirates by Dubai Audio Centre and UK distribution is handled by Absolute Sounds
Homepage: .
MartinLogan, 2101 Delaware Street, Lawrence, KS 66046, USA,
Phone: +(785) 749 0133. Fax: +(785) 749 5320

MAS Elektronik AG
German company that sells Asian sourced consumer AV products under the Xoro brand.
Homepage: - German homepage (Not always up).
MAS Elektronik AG, Blohmstrasse 16-20, Hamburg DE-21073, Germay.
Tel: +4940 767335 0. Fax: +4940 76733515. E-Mail: sales at

Italian manufacturer of valve based amplifiers, run by noted valve amp designer Cesare Sanavio who founded the company in 1993 with his sons Luciano and Lorenzo Sanavio. in addition to manufacturing under their own name they are active as an OEM and amongst other things made the amps sold under the Vaic Audio brand.
Distributed in Canada by Liberty Trading, in Finland and Sweden by Agentur Tur-Pex, in France by Technology Science & Art, in Italy by Hi-Fi United, in Russia by Hi-End Centre, in the UK by Metropolis Music and in the USA by May Audio Marketing

Matias Corporation
Canadian company that manufactures computer accessories and accesories for personal media players and phones.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
Matias Corporation, 221 Narinia Crescent, Newmarket, Ontario, L3X 2E1, Canada.
Tel: +1 905 265 8844

Matrix See --> Yang Jing (China - Headphone amps & DAC's)

Matshushita See --> Panasonic

Marvox See --> Margules

Mary A. Soerensen
Lady based in the USA that manufactures acoustic panels and diffusers under the Acoustic Fields brand, primarily intended to home hi-fi and AV use but some products are suitable for smaller professional installations as well.
Acoustic Fields, C/O 3840 E. Mercer Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85028, USA.
Tel: +1 877 593 8802. E-Mail: info ;at;

MAS See --> Kostas Metaxas

Matsui See --> DSG International

Matthew James
American manufacturer of high end amplification and interconnects that they sell under the Cello brand.
Distributed in Indonesia by Ultimate Audio Video, in Singapore by Absolute Sound Distribution and in the UK by Symmetry.
Matthew James LLC, 84 Long Hill Road, Middlefield, Connecticut 06455, USA.
Tel: +860 349 5999. Fax: +860 349 0579. E-mail: jimm at

Matthew Snell

UK based gent that sells valve based amplification in kit form under the World Designs brand, but the range includes in addition to the usual pre and power amplifiers, integrated, headphone amps and RIAA phonographic pre-amplifiers, in addition the company retails audiophile parts and educational materials. Took over from World Audio Design in around 2010.
Matthew Snell, Rivermead, 1 Seymour Villas, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5QR, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0)7972 055492..

Japanese blank media manufacturer, background information can be found here. Company's name is actually Hitachi - Maxell which should tell you something about it's parentage.
Homepage: English homepage Professional Division

Maxwell Sound System (In-wall loudspeakers) See --> Maxwell Import

USA based company that manufactures personal audio and computer accessories such as earphones, chargers, skins etc..
Distribution: In Switzerland by Audio iN
Homepage: .
Maximo Products LLC, 4707 NE Minnehaha Street #305, Vancouver, Washington 98661, USA.
Tel: +1 360 576 8047. Fax: +1 360 838 7779.

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