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Makes cleaning and storage products for almost any audio and video carrier along with related accessories.
Distributed in Australia by Speakerbits and in North America by All Electronics.
AM Denmark A/S , Kokkedal Industripark 6, 2980 Kokkedal, Denmark.
Tel: +45 4914 2200. Fax: +45 4914 1181. E-Mail: am at

Amadeus See --> Dansk Audio Teknik

Amarro See --> Sonic Studio

Amazon Audio
German manufacturer of high end heavy platter turntables run by designer Hartmut Janßen. Has recently also introduced a high end loudspeker model. Since the name of the company is the same as a much newer internet sales firm that I am sure some of you are familiar with, it is difficult for search engines to find their site and thus it is reported on almost all audio related sites that they have none, but in fact the company has had a website up for almost a decade with but a few pauses in between. Company formerly known as Amazon Audio Components..
Distribution: In Austria by Styria HiFi, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Audio Extreme, in Russia & the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd. and in Scandinavia by High End Sound
Homepage: .
Amazon Audio, Oberurseler Str. 71, 61440 Oberursel, Germany.
Tel: +06171 2 87 08 35.

Ambico See --> Thomson

Ambience Acoustics
US based manufacturer of loudspeakers under the CalCube name.
Ambiance Acoustics, P.O. Box 27115, San Diego, CA 92198-1115, USA.
Phone: +(858) 485 7514. Fax: +(858) 675 9245. Email: sales at

Ambience Speaker Systems
A maker of ribbon hybrid loudspeakers systems, also acts as the Australian distributor of Analysis Plus.
Ambience Speaker Systems, Back Corringle Road, Newmerella Vic 3886, Australia.
Phone/Fax: +61 3 5154 2576. E-Mail: ambience at

AMC See --> Weltronics (USA - Multimedia and AV electronics) or Mitsui (Japan - Blank Media)

AMCRON See --> Crown Audio

American Acoustic Development International Ltd.
Chinese based manufacturer of PA and home hi-fi loudspeakers under their own name in addition to manufcaturing musical instrumentation amplification and speakers under the Phil Jones Bass name, company is run by Ronald Kwok in association with British designer Phil Jones and the USA arm of the company has also been known to service products from his previous outfit Platinium Audio.
Distribution: In China by Ying Wei Trading Company, in Thailand by Eurovision Co, in Vietnam by Dong Thanh and in the West Indies by Advanced Hi-Fi
Homepage: -- Phil Jones Bass homepage.
American Acoustic Development LLC., 8559 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63114, USA.
Tel: +314 814 3383. Fax: +636 536 1338. E-Mail: info at

American Power and Light
US based company, makes subwoofers and linear transmission speakers along with some plasma screens for home theatre.

American Recorder Technologies
USA based company that manufactures cleaning products under its own name. Cables, connectors and furniture under the Artic brand, loudspeakers under the HD Fidelity brand, cable management systems under the Snakeskin and Regrip brands in addition to manufacturing tooling under the SAS brand.
American Recorder Technologies , P.O. Box 1450, Simi Valley, CA 93062, USA.
Tel: +1 805 527 9580. Fax: +1 805 527 1433. E-Mail: sales at

AMG (Turntables & tonearms) See --> Röschlau & Lorenzi

AMG Electronics
Makes the C-Ducer brand of contact microphones.
AMG Electronics, 2 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2LY, England.
Phone: +(0)1428 658775. Fax: +(0)1428 658438. Email: sales at

A & M Limited
Japanese manufacturer of high end audio products. Makes valve based amplification and phonographic products such as pickups under the Air-Tight brand and turntables and somewhat less expensive amplifiers under the Acoustic Masterpiece banner, the latter are closer to the midrange in price, but very similar in build quality to the Air-Tight models.

The company was founded in 1986 by Atasushi Miura and Masami Ishiguro and is named after the 2 gents first names. Miura-san worked in various sales positions for Luxman since from the 1950’s into the 1980’s and just before he retired in 1985 was promoted to general manager. Engineer Ishiguro-san is responsible for the company’s amplifier designs, but prior to the formation of A&M Ltd. he was well known in the Japanese valve enthusiasts community, for the first few years of A&M’s life he practically hand made all their products on his own. Worldwide distribution handled by KT International.

A & M Limited distribution

In Denmark by ArtSound, in France by Professional Product Line, in Greece by Aphrodite's Vision in Hungary by Penna Poor, in Poland by SoundClub, in Russia by Metex (Electronics) and by Hi-End Centre (pickups), in Serbia by One Hi Fi, in Spain by Werner S. A., in the UK by Select Audio and in Ukraine by Orion 7.

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Absolute Hi End, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Singapore by Audio Note Singapore, in South Korea by Damino Sound Technology.

The Americas & the West Indies: N/A.

Africa and the Middle East: In Turkey by Lotus Concept and Aydogan Kardesler Ínsaat San. Ve Tic.

A & M Limited, 4-35-1 Mishimae, Takatsuki-city, Osaka 569-0835, Japan.
Tel/Fax: +81 726 78 0064.

Amp Speakers See --> Gamut

Finnish maker of high end loudspeakers.
Distributed in Canada and the USA by VMAX Services, in Denmark by Studiosound, in Germany by Taurus High End, in Israel by Arama Audio, in Poland by Moje Audio, in Sweden by High-Fi Consult and in the UK by Audiocraft Distribution.

Amplification & Recording, Cambridge (ARCAM)
UK based company that manufactures iPod docks, music systems, mid and high end audio separates and high end AV electronics. Unusual in that they source some of their hi-fi products from the far east but design and make their AV products in the UK, this is the exact opposite of what some other companies are doing. Company originally founded in 1976 and operated as a pro audio dealer, in the 70's and 80's the company was best known as A & R Cambridge but these days uses the alternative shortening of ARCAM.

Amplification & Recording, Cambridge (ARCAM) distribution

Europe: In Belgium by New Invor, in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Store, in Croatia by Media Audio, in Cyprus by Modestou Sound & Vision, in Denmark, Norway and Sweden by Audionord, in Estonia by Top Vox, in Poland by Decibel Distribution, in Romania by Hi-Fi Expert and in Russia by Barnsly Estates.

Asia & the Pacific: In Hong Kong by Wellwick Audio, in Japan by Denon, in Malaysia handled by The Experts Group Malaysia, in the Philippines by Designer's Collection Marketing, in Singapore by The Experts Group and in Thailand by 4D Digital Land.

The Americas & the West Indies: In the USA handled by Audiophile Systems..

Africa and the Middle East: In the United Arab Emirates by Dubai Audio Centre.

Arcam, Pembroke Avenue, Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9QR, UK.

Amplifier Technology Inc (ATI)
High end amplifiers, US based company that was founded by some of the personnel that were behind the SAE company.
Homepage: Distributed in Canada by Artech Electronics and in Italy by ProAudio Italia

Ampzilla See --> Spread Spectrum Technologies

AMR See --> Abbingdon Limited

Amtrans See --> Amtrans (Passive and RIAA pre-amps)

AMX See --> Kinetic Audio Technology (Valve amplifiers)

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