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BG Radia Corp.
USA based company that manufactures loudspeakers utilising planar magnetic ribbons, that includes plain OEM drivers, as architectural (in-wall) loudspeakers or as free standing hybrids intended for use in hi-fi, home theatre or professional applications. The home and installation products are normally sold under the BG Radia name but the drivers and pro speakers under the Radia Pro brand. Company formerly known as Bohlender-Graebener and in addition to making products under their own name they are active as an OEM.
Distribution: In Indonesia by Danumuri Adhika, in Israel by Audio Designs, in Latvia by DVD Navigators, in Singapore by Sound Decisions, in South Africa by Audio Tweak, in Thailand by Audio Excellence and in the UAE by Imagine Technologies
Homepage: -- Alternate homepage -- Radia Pro (Pro seakers & drivers).
BG Radia Corporation, 3535 Arrowhead Dr., Carson City, NV 89706, USA.
Tel: +1 775 884 1900. Fax: +1 775 884 1276. E-Mail: sales at

BiB See --> B-Tech

Binary See --> WirePath Home Systems (Cables, switches & accessories)

Birdland Audio
Company located in the USA, makes high end DAC's and amplifiers.

Bitperfect Systems See --> Karl Woodward

BJ Tanner
USA based manufacturer of hi-fi furniture and "Entertainment Centres".

B & K Components
US based manufacturer of amplification, mostly geared towards of home theatre and multiroom applications but there are some stereo components there as well.
Distributed in Thailand by Inventive AV

Black Dahlia Acoustics Ltd.
USA based manufacturer of mid/high end loudspeakers and loudspeaker plans.

Black Diamond Racing (BDR)
Makes hi-fi furniture & stands etc.
Distributed in the UK by The Audiophile Club.

Blacknote See --> Akamai Audio

Black Magic See --> P.M. Audio (Cones and cables)

BlackNoise See --> Systems & Magic

Black Rhodium See --> Graham Nalty

Bladelius Design Group
Primarily occupied with designing audio equipment for 3d parties but also manufactures high end audio under the Advantage and Swedish Audio Technology names and has more recently started selling products under the Bladelius brand, formerly also used the Perception Audio brand.
Distribution: Advantage is distributed in Norway by Oslo Hi-Fi Center and in Sweden by Hi Fi Consult. Bladelius products in general are distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End, in Denmark by Interceptor Audio, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Audio Extreme, in Israel by Igal Sabo High End, in Spain by Corpaw and in the UK by Metropolis Music.
Homepage: .
Bladelius Design Group AB., Edsås 4491b, SE-441 95 Alingsås, Sweden.
Phone: +46 322 52551. Fax: +46 322 52552. Email: info at

Blue See --> Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics (BLUE)

German turntable specialist, makes accessories and modifies turntables.
Blue Amp, G. Becker, Rebstuhlweg 7, D - 79 232 March - Buchheim, Germany
Phone: +49 7665 930127 Fax: +49 7665 930128. Email: mail at

Blue Angel
South African manufacturer of phonographic pickups.
Blue Angel Analogue Audio SA, PO Box 53100, Kenilworth 7745, South Africa
Tel: +27 +21 762 2953. Fax: +27 +21 761 7692. E-Mail: listen at

Blue Cheese Audio (Integrated Amp/DAC) See --> Studiosound

Blue Circle
USA based company that makes high end amplification, cables and power conditioners.

Blue Danube
Austrian manufacturer of record cleaning machines, also handles the locas distribution of Hannl Reinigungssysteme.
Blue Danube, Bahnhofstraße 8, A-3430 Tulln.
Tel: +43 2272 62593. Fax: +43 2272 62593-4. E-Mail: chris at

Slightly mysterious Japanese operation that manufactures back horn loaded high-efficiency loudspeakers and baffles, prices are unusually keen for a Japanese operation, but note that most prices quoted on the site are for the baffles only, you will have to supply your own full range drivers, and most of the sales go through the Yahoo Japan auction site (there is a link to current auctions on the Blue*drop homepage). Apart from the product range and blog on the homepage, some discussions on the company's products on Japanese hi-fi BBS's the only information we can find is that it started out in 2010, is run by a gentleman that has Finnish nickname (Korva = ear), that has a fascination of the Finnish language (all products names are in that language) , but is definitely Japanese and is currently based in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Blue Horizon Ideas
British company that makes turntable pre-amps and other audio accessories.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End and in Russia by Qvinta
Homepage: .
Blue Horizon Ideas, Mozzetta, Kings Head Yard, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9HN, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1962 820400. E-Mail: office _at_

Blue Jeans Cable
USA based manufacturer of cables, interconnects and related accessories such as adaptors and switches.
Distribution: In Denmark by Studiosound
Homepage: .
Blue Jeans Cable LLC, 1419 Elliott Ave. W, Suite C, Seattle, WA 98119, USA.
Tel: +1 206 284 2924. Fax: +1 206 284 2931. E-Mail: sales ,at,

Bluenote See --> Akamai Audio

Bluelectric GmbH
Swiss company that makes high end moving coil pickups and related phonographic products such as RIAA amplifiers. No hompage, company originally founded in July 1999 by Gertrud Schärli and Reto Andreoli and their only product was a high end pickup sold under the Magic Diamond name and was really only available in Japan and its home country although it occasionally turned up in North America, the Magic Diamond name is now a model designation rather than a brand.
Distribution: In South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd..
Bluelectric GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)44 803 13 03. E-Mail: bluelectric )at(

Blu Magix See --> Thakral Group

German manufacturer of high end loudspeakers, run by Thomas Blumenhofer formerly of Blumenhofer & Schaub. The company started out as a builder of professional audio loudspeakers and it shows in the designs, but Hr. Blumenhofer is very fond of horn tweeters, interesting and a bit different designs, this company also sold loudspeakers in association with Willibald Bauer under the FJ brand in around 2005.
Distribution: In Italy by Hi-Fi United
Homepage: .
Blumenhofer-Acoustics, Hölden 2, 86877 Walkertshofen, Germany.
Tel: +49 8239 7394. Fax: +49 8239 7054.

B. M. C. Audio
German company that manufactures high end seperates and cables. The company is notable for using balanced electonic designs, ie not only are the interlinks between the modules balanced but internally the units maintain a balanced signal path, in fact the company maintains that BMC stands for "Balanced Music Concept" but actually it are the initials of the first names of company founders Bernd Hugo, Manfred Penning and Carlos Candeias.
Distribution: In Greece by Ultra Audio Group, in Sweden by Transient Design and in Switzerland by Robert Trunz Consulting
Homepage: .
B.M.C. Audio GmbH, Erlenfeldweg 39, 34123 Kassel, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)561 510 43 63. Fax: +49 (0)561 473 98 1 59. E-Mail: info (at&

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