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SJS Electroacoustics
UK maker of valve amps, transformers and loudspeakers, sold under the Arcadia trademark.

Skaaning Loudspeakers See --> Audio Technology

Part of the Korean SK group, SKC makes chemicals, CDR disks and tapes for duplicators and media manufacturers, SKM however makes end user products like blank tapes, but that company is undergoing restructuring.

Skilfing Audiomöbler
Swedish company that manufactures high end hifi furniture and isolation platforms etc., no address at the moment but take a look at the local distributors page listed below. For those of you well versed in mythology the company's name is the Scandinavian spelling variant of Skilfingur/Skelfir/Sæ, the forefather of the Sví (Swedes).
Distributed in Sweden by HiFi Agenten.

Skylan Manufacturing
Canadian manufacturer of hi-fi racks and stands, best known for their mass-loading (i.e. sand/gravel fillable) loudspeaker stands.
Skylan Manufacturing Ltd., 4604 Maryvale Road N.E., Calgary, Alberta T2A 2V2, Canada.
Tel: +403 273 1735. Fax: +403 273 1702. E-Mail: info at

Sells car audio products.

S. L. See --> Sun Lin Electronic

SL Audio A/S

Danish business that manufactures high end separates and loudspeakers under the Lyngdorf brand in addition to making ultra high end music systems, separates and loudspeakers under the Steinway Lyngdorf and Steinway & Sons names in association with Steinway Musical Instruments. Company founded in 2007 by Peter Lyngdorf, the founder and principal owner of Audionord and took over the manufacture of Lyngdorf products from sister company Lyngdorf Finans A/S.
In Bulgaria by Kirov High End, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by Hifi Studio Melissa, in Denmark, Norway and Sweden by Audionord, in Finland by Agentur Tur-Pex, in Greece by Acoustic Design and in South Africa by J.A.D.E. Services
Homepage: -- Steinway Lyngdorf homepage.
SL Audio A/S, Ulvevej 28, 7800 Skive, Denmark.
Tel: +45 9614 5600. Fax: +45 9614 5601.
Lyngdorf Inc., 350 Fifth Avenue 58th floor, New York, NY 10118, USA.
Tel: +1 212 588 9330.
Lyngdorf Pte. Ltd., 25 North Bridge Road, #B1-01, EFG Bank Building, 179104 Singapore, Singapore
Tel: +65 6838 7725. Fax: +65 6838 7724.

Resources: -- Lyngdorf User Group on

Slee See --> Graham Slee Projects

Slim Devices
USA based manufacturer of digital audio products for consumer usage such as hard disk audio recorders and audio streamers etc.
Distributed in Finland by T. L. Audio.
Slim Devices, Inc., 455 National Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.
Tel: +1 650 210 9400. E-mail: sales at

Sleek Audio
USA based manufacturer of in-ear headphones.
Sleek Audio, 3904 9th Ave West, Bradenton, FL 34205 , USA.
Tel: +800 777 7937. Fax: +941 747 3573. E-Mail: info at

New Zealand based manufacturer of wires and interconnects.
Distributed in Ukraine by Dream Audio.
Slinkylinks, PO Box 14399, Kilbirnie 6241, Wellington, New Zealand.
Tel: +64 4 801 7501. Fax: +64 4 801 7502..

SLS (Speakers) See --> SLS Audio

SMAD Distribution

Polish trading company that sells projector related accessories such as screens, lifts & mounts under the Kauber brand, they have products intended for both the home and corporate markets.
SMAD Distribution Sp. z o.o., Ul. Rydygiera 8/6A, PL-01-793 Warszawa, Poland.
Tel: +48 (0)22 832 2493. Fax: +48 (0)22 866 5336. E-Mail: sales ŁatŁ

Smarter Speaker Support See --> May Audio Marketing

SMC Audio
USA based manufacturer of high end amplification.
Distributed in the USA by The Lotus Group

SME ltd.
A long standing British manufacturer of high quality tonearms although they have lately started manufacturing high end turntables as well. The name stands for Scale Model Equipment and the company has it's roots in an early fifties manufacturer of toy's for grown up kids as the name indicates, it's still in that business come to think of it. It's currently mostly occupied as a precision engineering workshop and quite well known as such here in the UK.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Avantgarde Acoustic Hong Kong, in the Czech Republic by Finale Audio, in Denmark by PS Audio, in Iran by Audioart Reference, in Israel by Arama Audio, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Norway by Audioroyal, in Poland by F.H.U. RCM, in Thailand by K. S. Sonsgroup, in Turkey by SSD Ses, USA distribution is handled by Sumiko and in Vietnam by Dong Thanh
Homepage: .
SME Limited, Mill Road, Steyning, West Sussex BN44 3GY, England.
Phone: +44(0) 1903 814321. Fax: +44(0) 1903 814269. Email: info at

Smith & Larson Audio
USA based manufacturer of loudspeaker test equipment.

Swedish manufacturer of safety brackets and stands for plasma screens and similar products.
Distributed in Finland by AV Komponentti and in Norway by Njál Hansson.

Snake River Audio
USA based business that makes high end power & loudspeaker cables in addition to interconnects, all of their products are manufactured using silver wire.
Snake River Audio LLC, 1342 Chukar Lane, Riggins, Idaho 83549, USA.
Tel: +1 208 724 5152..

Snakeskin See --> American Recorder

Snell Acoustics
USA based manufacturer of home loudspeakers, mostly home theatre stuff. Please note that when last tested in Nov 2012 their homepage did not work correctly on modern browsers.
Homepage: Distributed in Australia by Hi-Fi & Video Marketing, in Austria by Audio Tuning, in Belgium by Home Cinema Technology. in Brazil by M.M. Sound, in Cyprus by P. Nikitas, in Danmark by Tekni-Fi, in the Dutch Antilles by Bergee Electronic Enterprises, in France by Chalon Diffussion, in Germany by Boston Acoustics Deutschland, in Guatemala by Sistemas Contemporaneos, in Holland by Actual Acoustics, in Indonesia by Audio Video 2000, in Israel by Isfar Electronic Trading, in Italy by MPI Electronic, on the Ivory Coast by Hifivoir, in Kuwait by Silicon Valley Group, in Panama by Audio Video Store, in Portugal by Luz e Som, in Puerto Rico by Nova Electronics, in Singapore by Absolute Sound Distribution, in Taiwan by Alpha Audio, in the UAE by Technomight, in the UK by See Hear and in Venezuela by Audio Marketing

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