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Pi Audio Group
USA base manufacturer of power conditioner intended for use in high end systems.
Distribution: In Mexico by Armonia AVM
Homepage: .
Pi Audio Group LLC, 7716 Sierra Azul NE, Albuquerque, NM 878110, USA.
Tel: +1 505 250 1153

Pickering See --> Stanton Magnetics

Pied Piper
Dutch loudspeaker manufacturer.

High end loudspeaker manufacturer based in Switzerland.
Distributed in Belgium by Transtel-Sabima, in Cyprus by P. Nikitas, in Mexico by Audiomex, in Slovakia by Platan Audio and in Taiwan by Taisheng Trading.

Pierre Lurne See --> Audiomeca

Pinell (Radios, DAC's) See --> TT Micro AS

Pinta Acoustic
German company that manufactures acoustical insulation and control products, unusual in that its product range straddles all 5 market sectors, i.e. the home audio, pro audio, car audio, manufacturing and construction industies. Company formerly known as Illbruck acoustic but de-merged from Illsbruck when that company merged with American giant Tremco in 2005, but their products are still sold under the Illbruck name in many countries and in addition acoustic panels made by them often sold under their Sonex brand rather than the Pinta name, particularily in the USA.
Distribution: In Portugal by Ajasom
Homepage: -- Pinta Foamtech -- Sonex homepage.
Pinta Acoustic GmbH, Otto-Hahn-Strasse 7, 82216 Maisach, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 8141 8888-0. Fax: +49 (0) 8141 8888 555. E-Mail: w.strommer /at%
Pinta Acoustic Inc., 2601 49th Ave. N. Suite #400, Minneapolis, MN 55430, USA.
Tel: 800 662 0032 (Toll free, USA and Canada only) or +1 612 355 4200 (Int.) Fax: +1 612 355 4299. E-Mail: sales &at)
Pinta-Sonex Industrial Ltda., Av. Piraporinha 1027, Diadema, SP 09950-000, Brazil.
Tel: +55 11 4072 8200. Fax: +55 11 4072 8210. E-Mail: arnoldo (at$ or luciano /at)

Big Japanese manufacturer of home and car audio and video products, traditionally strong with recording devices and loudspeakers. Also owns the TAD brand although it's only being used currently in Japan for high end loudspeaker products. Originally founded in 1938 as a radio workshop and grew in to Asia's largest manufacturer of loudspeakers in the 1950's, but where mostly active in the West as an OEM, in fact Pioneer branded products were not sold in the West until 1972. While most people associate the company with quality audio products they have been heavily into AV products for a long while, the first modern cable TV system was designed by them in the early 1970's and they where the main backer of the Laserdisc system after Philips and MCA backed out and indeed they are the current owner of Discovision Associates. Pioneer Electronic (Taiwan) also known as PTW is a manufacturer of loudspeaker parts and drivers.
Homepage: -- Pioneer Europe -- Pioneer North America -- Pioneer Central Asia -- Pioneer Electronic (PTW).
Distributed in Argentina by Newsan, in Australia by Australis Music (DJ products only), in Austria by Hans Lurf and in Iceland by Brćđurnir Ormsson

Pipedreams See --> Nearfield Acoustics

Pi Speakers
USA based manufacturer of mid to high end loudspeakers and loudspeaker kits, note that the Pi in the name is actually π..
Pi Speakers, P.O.Box 702006, Tulsa, OK 74170, USA.
Tel: +908 663 2131. E-Mail: Wayne at

Pixel Magic Systems

Hong Kong based company that manufactures PVR's, home theatre video processors and cables under the Pixel Magic name and network music players under the Lumin brand. Company founded in 2003 and did for a time make media servers as well.
Distribution: Lumin branded products are distributed in the USA by Source Systems and Pixel Magic equipment in the Czech Republic by Hi-Fi Studio Panský Dvur
Homepage: -- Lumin homepage.
Pixel Magic Systems Ltd., Unit 603-605, IC Development Centre, No. 6 Science Park West, Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2655 6700. Fax: +852 3186 2352. E-Mail: info {at{

Placette Audio See --> Guy Hammel (Pre-amplifiers)

Planet of Sound Hifi Inc
Canadian company that sells turntables and related products under the Concept Audio brand and loudspeaker stands designed specifically for Harbeth speakers under the Foundation name, also handles the local distribution of Almarro, Beyerdynamic, Castle Acoustics, Concept Audio, Graham Slee Projects, Harbeth, Heed Audio, Jan Allaerts, Last, Neat Acoustics, Oyaide, Perreaux, Roberts Radio Ltd., Simon Yorke Design, Townshend, Weiss Engineering, Whest Audio in addition to handling the North American distribution of Audiolab.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Radar Audio (Foundation only)
Homepage: .
Planet of Sound HiFi Inc., 1159 Dundas St. E., Unit 155, Toronto, ON M4M 3N9, Canada.
Tel: +1 416 461 3939. Fax: +1 416 461 3936. E-Mail: info !at}

Platinium Series See --> Pudney & Lee

Playback Designs

USA based digital audio specialist, makes high end CD-Players, DAC's and SACD players under the Playback Designs name, but also offers custom digital audio design services and offers DAC boards and modules with PCM and DSD capabilities that companies can integrate into their own designs, the services and modules are marketed under the AK Design name. Company founded in 2008 by Andreas Koch (ex-Sony).
In Brazil by KVS3 Comercio de Audio e Video and in the USA by Evolution Acoustics
Homepage: -- AK Design homepage.
Playback Designs LLC, 3126 Luanda Lane, Alamo, CA 94507, USA.
Tel: +1 925 8204780. E-Mail: info !at!

Plinius See --> Audible Technologies Ltd.

Slovenian manufacturer of high end DAC's, trades using the Stylos or "Stylos Sys" brand.
Distribution: In China and Hong Kong by Audio Exotics
Homepage: .
PLO REC S.P., Kosovelova 27, Idrija, SI- 5280, Slovenia.
Tel: +386 (0)417 39440.

Pluto Audio
Dutch turntable specialist, makes arms and carts in addition to decks, run by the legendary Eddy Driessen.
Distribution: In the USA by Tangram Audio and in Indonesia by Danumuri Adhika.

P. M. Audio

Norwegian company, primarily a dealer and distributor of high end audio products but also manufactures interconnects and loudspeaker cables under the Black Magic Cables brand and isolation cones under the Black Magic Cones name. Company originally founded in 1997 and named after owner Paul Mortensen, but the concern is still run by him and his wife Marion

Distributes Coda Technologies, Krix and Sanders Sound Systems for the whole of Scandinavia and for Norway only handles Alpha Design Labs, Audio Analogue, BCD Engineering, Bright Star Audio, Furutech, Goldenote, Gradient , Hannl Reinigungssysteme, Janszen Loudspeakers, Kronos Audio, Lehmann Audio, Morel Acoustics, Scheu and Solid Tech in addition to non-exclusive distribution of Neutrik.
P.M. Audio, Prestbakken 26, 4645 Nodeland.
Tel: +3818 3115 . Fax: +3818 4995. E-Mail: pmaudio at

PMC (Loudspeakers & monitors) See --> PMC

PMI/PMi See --> Power Modules Inc.

Podium Sound See --> DMSK

Pole Star See --> Tosy Corp

US manufacturer of low to mid end loudspeakers for home, car audio and computer/multimedia use.
Distributed in Holland by ASN Technologies and in South Africa by Audio Tronic

Polocko See --> Guangzhou Baiyun ZunBao

Polyconcept USA
USA based CE marketing company, amongst other products it sells vintage styled turntables, radios and boomboxes under licensed brand names such as RCA, Coca-Cola, Magnavox and others, the company has a number of brands that it own that have a variety of nostalgically themed products like US Basic and Spirit of St.Louis, furthermore it has in the recent past sold audio products under other licensed brandnames such as Philco.
Polyconcept USA, 69 Jefferson Street, Stamford, CT 06902, USA.
Tel: +(203) 358 8100. Fax: +(203) 358 8366..

USA based manufacturer of high end amplifiers, D/A converters, CD players and similar products. Company was started by ex-Moog Music engineers in the early 70's and for the first few years made only modular music synthesisers, when that market bombed in the early 80's the company started making professional audio products mostly intended for the broadcast market but appears to have exited that market segment as well.

Portal Audio
USA based manufacturer of high end amplifiers.
Tel: +1 888 737 4434. Fax: +704 543 0207. E-Mail: equusaudio at

Positive Cable See --> Audio Marketing Services

Power Audio Laboratories

Polish company than manufacture high end power products such a cables, distributors and conditioners, all sold under the Gigawatt brand.
Distribution: In Australia by Absolute Hi End
Homepage: .
Power Audio Laboratories, Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie 1, PL-95100 Zgierz, Poland.
Tel: +48 42 7 150 153. Fax: +48 42 2 560 280. Mobile: +48 504 183 445 and +48 603 443 740. E-Mail: info {at{

Power Company See --> Richard Grey's Power Company

Power Modules Inc.
USA based manufacturer of valve based high end separates.
Distributed in germany by Berliner High End Vertrieb.

Power Snakes See --> Shunyata Research

Power Technik
German manufacturer of sound reinforcement loudspeakers, monitors and microphone amplifiers.

Powerworks See --> HK Audio

PPJ Acoustics Studio

Chinese manufacturer of budget valve amplifiers, primarily an OEM but does sell products under their own APPJ brand .
PPJ Acoustics Studio Ltd., F-303 Guhong Road, Wencheng, Wenchang City, Hainan Province 571321, China.
Tel: +86 15008959686. E-Mail: sales ]at[

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