Record labels - C

Record labels - C

CC = Compact Cassette. CD = Compact Disc. CDR = CD Recordable. EP = Extended play vinyl single. DVD = Digital Video Disk. DVDA = DVD Audio disk. HDCD = High Density CD. iPad = Apple iPad only music file. LP = Vinyl album. MD = Mini Disc. MP3 = Downloadable MP3 files. NET = Downloadable formats other than MP3. SACD = SACD. VHS = VHS video tape.

USA based, originally a jazz magazine but releases their own recordings under 2 imprints namely generic jazz music as Cadence Jazz Records and imprvised jass as Creative Improvised Music Projects label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

A small classical record company based in Karlsruhe in Germany that offers a very interesting catalogue of 20th century works. No official homepage but the link that follows points to a page that one of their distributors holds out. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Cala Records
UK based classical and historical label, publishes mostly mid price disks but also a few full and budget titles. Owns the United Recordings catalogue. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Candescence See --> Rykodisc

Canyon Records
USA based label, specialises in releasing recordings by native American artists. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Capitol See --> EMI

Capitol Jazz See --> Blue Note Records

Capriccio See --> Delta Music

Carbon Recordings
Small audiophile label specialising in jazz and classical music run by Van Den Hul, uses a typical minimalist recording techniques and get it's name from the carbon based cables used in the recording process, there has not been a lot of activity surrounding this label lately as Mr. VdH has been sponsoring the releases by Pentatone Classics rather than spend time on recording for his own company. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Caroline Records See --> EMI

Caro Mitis See --> MA Recordings

Castle Music See --> Sanctuary

Cat's Heaven
Tiny industrial music label, also publishes under the Bastet Recordings, Jeremy Bamber Tapes, MFW, VUZ and Spirit Of Sound labels. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CC, CD, CDR.

CBS See --> Sony Music

Small German label that publishes world music, jazz and modern "classical" music. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

Cedille Records
US label based in Chicago, classical music often unusual or rare works and great recordings but use of local artists only means that they are not always artistically good enough. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Chaconne See --> Chandos

Dutch jazz label, also uses the A-Records, Buzz and Retrieval labels. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe See --> Academy of Sound and Vision (ASV)

UK based classical and light music label, some of their releases are notable for their sound quality. Also publish "early music under the under the Chaconne banner, easy listening under the Flyback label and budget CD's using the Collect label. Has released a few classical SACD titles, all of them are multichannel hybrids but only a couple of them are original DSD recordings, the rest are converted from PCM. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

Channel Classics
Dutch audiophile classical label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

Chaos Records See --> Bauer Studios

Jazz and easy listening music mostly. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVDA, SACD.
Distribution: In Canada by Liberty Trading

Chrysalis Records See --> EMI

Cisco Music
USA based company, primarily acts as a distributor but has a small line of jazz oriented disks. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

City Beat See --> Beggars Banquet

Classic Records Inc.

USA based company that is primarily an reissue label with audiophile pretensions, mostly vinyl and HDCD, classical music, jazz and rock by American artists. The company also manufactures USB D/A audio converters under the High Resolution Technologies name although it is better known by its initials HRT rather than its full name, they have an Internet only storefront called The that sells their products and some audiophile titles from other labels and a distribution arm that is called Elite Audio Video Distribution. That part of the company handles the USA and Canada distribution of L'art Du Son, Muse and Plinius in addition to distributing Furutech, Kuzma and Hannl Reinigungssysteme in the USA only. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVD, LP.
Classic Records distribution : In Germany and Switzerland by Reson Germany. HRT European distribution : In the Benelux countries by Number 4 Audio, in Croatia by Son Et Image, in Denmark by High End Sound, in Finland by Concept HiFi, in France by Alter Audio Video, in Iceland by Hljómsın, in Italy by Audiogamma, in Norway by Audiofreaks, in Portugal by Ajasom, in Serbia by One Hi Fi, in Slovenia by Kuzma, in Sweden by Runt Ljud, in Switzerland by Audiosphere and in the UK by Audiofreaks. HRT distributors in the rest of the world: In Japan by SAEC, in Mexico by Alia, in New Zealand by Denco Audio, in Singapore by MusicLink A/V Distribution and in South Korea by Sonoris High-End Distribution
High Resolution Technologies LLC/Classic Records Inc, PO Box 93896, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
Tel: +1 323 466 9694 extension 22..

HRT homepage -- -- Elite AV Distribution homepage

Classics For Pleasure See --> EMI Classics

Claves Records
Small classical label based in Switzerland. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.
Claves Records, Trüelweg 14, CH-3600 Thun, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 (0) 33 223 16 49. Fax : +222 80 03. Email cduetschler at

Collect See --> Chandos

Colorvox See --> Hungaroton

Columbia See --> Sony Music

Classical label, mostly early music. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Tiny German record company that specialises in choral works, no homepage but link points to a distributors page. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Coup d'Archet
French classical label that specilises in re-issueing recordings by Johanna Martzy, has a sub label called L'Archet d'Or that re-releases on a subscription basis and on vinyl only. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, LP.

Crafty Records
Small independent label, rock/dance oriented. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

CRD Records
A small but long running independent British classical label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : .

Cream See --> Hungaroton

Creative Improvised Music Projects See --> Cadence Jazz Records

Crescendo See --> GNP/Crescendo

German audiophile classical label, noticably they have a large range of SACD multichannel audiophile disks but also a series of compliations featuring electronic and electroacoustic compositions unavailable elshewhere. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVD, SACD.

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