Parts Manufacturers - C & D
Parts Manufacturers - C & D


Swiss company that manufactures bulk electrical and signal cable and performs generic and specialised cable assemblies as a service, in addition to its home country the company has a manufacturing presence in Belgium, France and Tunis.
Cablisys Holding SA, Centre Praz-Rond, CH-1785 Cressier, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 26 674 06 68. Fax: +41 26 674 06 69. E-Mail: sales }at{

Carvin (Loudspeaker drivers & hardware) See --> Carvin

C-Control See --> Conrad Electronic

Chinese manufacturer of buzzers, sounders and other small transducers, has a small line of loudspeaker drivers, mostly small types intended for budget consumer products.

Italian manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers and horns for home and pro audio usage alongside amplifiers and speakers intended for car and other mobile audio, in addition the company offers a line of interesting loudspeaker kits including single driver models and unusually enough car audio speakers. Ciare also wholesales almost every other part needed for building loudspeakers of any kind including glues, acoustic damping materials, resistors, capacitors, grilles and so on.
Distribution: In Austria and Germany by Seeburg (Pro audio only), in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand by Wize Electronics (Car audio only), in Bulgaria by Pro Audio Ltd, in Finland by La Gamma Syntesis, in France by Son Lumière Concept, in Germany by Blue Planet Acoustic (Car audio only), in Greece by Metro Audio Systems, in Romania by SC S Music and Pro Dance Show (Pro audio only), in Russia by AVC Ltd (Car audio only), in in South Korea by Now Trading, in Sweden by Technovox (Pro audio only) and in Switzerland by Temple of Sound
Homepage: .
Ciare, Via Fontenovo 306/a, 60019 Senigallia (AN), Italy.
Tel: +39 071 792 1356. Fax: +39 071 792 4088. E-Mail: commerciale /at/

Cirrus Logic
USA based company that manufacture all kinds of IC's, but for audio usage they are best known for their DAC chips and digital amplifier modules but they actaully make qute a arge range of audio specific products including SoC's that contain DSP,, ADC, DAC and all I/O on one chip. The company started life as a computer company in 1981 but more ore less exited the market in the late 90's after losses and now focuses on DSP, audio and mixed signal products, their audio and mixed signal product line was inherited from Crystal Semiconductor that they aquired in 1991 and since Cirrus continued to use the name and model number for some years afterwards you will often find the company and its products referred to as "Crystal" on the web.
Cirrus Logic Inc., 2901 Via Fortuna, Austin, Texas 78746, USA.
Tel: +1 512 851 4000..

Citizen Watch Co.
Long running japanese manufacturer of consumer products and electronics parts, large section of optical electronics including LED's, screens couplers etc., but also manufacture crystals, switches and ceramic products. Note that not all of their product lines are on the English language page. The company used to be mostly a consumer products company and had a division called CBM that was making some audio products as late as 2007 but it has been closed down and while the company still make calculators and a few personal hygenie produts those are now branded Citizen and their watches are mostly branded Q&Q.
Homepage: -- Electronic parts division

Swiss company that is best known as a maker of cables and wiring harnesses primarily for the industrial, automotive and aerospace markets but they also manufacture such products for the audio and AV markets primarily in the form of internal wiring harnesses. Is also one of the main owners of Orpheus and the bulk of the Orpheus product line is indeed assembled by Confectronic.
Confectronic SA, Ch. des Cerisiers 20, 1462 Yvonand, Switzerland.
Tel:+41 (0)24 430 19 18. Fax: +41 (0)24 430 18 07. E-Mail: info ¬at¬

Conxall See --> Switchcraft (Ruggedised switches & connectors)

A manufacturer of specialised audio IC’s including VCA’s, ultra low noise opamps, BBD’s and the like. Manufacturing and design appears to be in China but the company itself is based in the Philippines. Coolaudio is part of the Music Group and traces its founding back to 1999 when Behringer bought the "Coolaudio" product line and IP from Intersil, it was named Behringer Semiconductors for a while and then spooled of into a seperate company, it is one of only 2 or 3 silicon vendors left in the world that specialise in audio products.

Coral (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> Coral Electronic

Cotswold Sound System
UK based loudspeaker driver manufacturer with production factilities in China, commonly known by their initials, or CSS. Company run by Jon Vizor formerly the editor of Private Hi-Fi Magazine and lattterly with NXT.
Cotswold Sound Systems, The Coach House, Burmington, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5AR, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 1608 666159. E-Mail: j.vizor at

Crystal/Crystal Semi See --> Cirrus Logic

USA company, primarily a provider of components and connectors to OEM' they also make a small range of loudspeaker drivers mostly for the same purpose.

Daisy Laser
US company that makes and resells CD, DVD and SACD modules to manufacturers that cannot justify developing a player from the ground up. Also popular with hard core DIY freaks.

DAS Audio (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> D.A.S. Audio

Davis Acoustics (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> Davis Acoustics

DC Gold Audio See --> David Chaffey (Loudspeaker Drivers)

Duelund Coherent Audio
Danish company that manufactures capacitors, inductors, resistors and interconnects intended for use in or with high ends audio equipment.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan by One C Audio, In Greece by Nexus Acoustics, in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, in Slovenia by NEL Audio, in South Korea by Sonoris High End Audio & Video and in Sweden by Accurate Audio.
Homepage: .
Duelund Coherent Audio, Nordkæret 5, 3450 Allerød, Denmark.
Tel: +45 26 36 66 32. E-Mail: Skype: duelundcoherentaudio

Danish Audio Connect (DACT)
A Danish company that makes passive attenuators and audio modules used by DIY constructors and small manufacturers of high end audio, was for a time branded as Dual Connect.
Distribution: In Russia by Audiomania, in Spain by Cosmos Hi-Fi and in Thailand by Ultimatist
Homepage: .
Danish Audio Connect A/S, Skannerupvej 14, DK-6980 Tim, Denmark

Donovan Whittemore
USA based gentleman that modifies Russian oil based capacitors so that they look like vintage American caps and sells them under the Luxe Radio & Musical Instrument Co. name, these are very popular amongst guitar aficionados since smaller value oil caps are no longer being made in the west and the Russian ones apparently do not "look right". These are sold singly and also as kits for specific guitar models.
Distribution: In Germany by Crazyparts
Homepage: .
E-Mail: {at}

7=! (Mr Whittemore's Ebay store)!>

Dupont Audio
Danish company that manufactures high end potted audio modules such as gain buffers, intended for inclusion into projects such as DIY amplifiers and/or for OEM customers. The company also offers electronic and PCB design services for analogue audio electonics.
Dupont Audio, Oldbuen 14, DK-2620 Albertslund, Denmark
E-Mail: jd )at;

Dynaudio (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> Dynaudio

Dynavox (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> Li Yuan Electronic Co.

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