Professional audio & video manufacturers -- V to X.
Professional audio & video manufacturers -- V to X.

Valerio Riccelli
Italian gent that trades as QES Labs, manufactures valve based signal processors and microphone pre-amplifiers intended for studio usage. Mr. Riccelli used to release reggae inspired music under the Dubware moniker a decade+ ago.
Valerio Riccelli, 4 via Ugo Niutta, Napoli, NA 60128, Italy.
Tel: +39 333 576 8268. Fax: +39 623 329 5261..

Valley People (Signal processors) See --> AMH Sales

Valvotronics See --> Czech Music LLC

USA based company that developes on one hand multitrack recording software designed to be embedded into professional audio recorders and on the other hand makes signal processing and utility plugins for VST on PC platforms, the Waveframe workstation from Cybermation and the Pyramix workstation from Merging.

Japanese manufacturer of musical instruments, DJ products, PA systems and recording devices. Has some very unusual products, so their site is a must see. Originally traded as Vesta-Fire.
Homepage: -- UK Homepage. Australian Homepage.
Distributed in France by Sennheiser France and in Thailand by Mahajak Development.

VMB See --> Lynx Pro Audio

Vintech Audio
USA based manufacturer of signal processors and microphone pre-amplifiers.
Vintech Audio Inc., 9828 Gallagher Road, Dover, Fl 33527, USA.
E-Mail: audioguy1961 &at&

Vogels (AV stands & installation products) See --> Vogels

Portuguese company that also has offices in the USA, manufactures sound and vibration isolation, diffusion & absorption products intended for home and pro audio applications in addition to supplying products to the building industry.
Distribution: In Italy by Midiware, in Slovakia by Hanzel Audio
Homepage: -- Vicoustic's Facebook page.
Vicoustic, Avenida do Polo 3, Nº159, 4590-137 Carvalhosa, Paços de Ferreira, Portugal.
Tel: +351 917 851 019.
Vicoustic USA LLC.
Tel: +1 253 737 7407. E-Mail: vicousticusa +at+

Violet Audio See --> Sound & Music Distribution

Violet Design
Estonian company with manufacturing factilities in Latvia that makes large and small capsule condenser microphones and related accessories. This is the factory that used to make the Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics (BLUE) before that operation was moved to the USA.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Chocolate, in Brazil by Spectral Balance and in Taiwan by Midimall
Homepage: .
Violet Design Ltd., P.O.Box 3393, Tallinn, 10506, Estonia.
Tel: +372 6455007. Fax: +372 6466054. E-Mail: info (at) and sales =at=

Voice Technologies
Swiss microphone manufacturer.
Distributed in Austria and Germany by Ambient Recording and Audiowerk

Void Acoustics
UK based company that sells professional audio products, primarily makes loudspeakers some of them unusually fashion conscious for a pro audio speaker but the company also sells amplifiers and digital loudspeaker management systems.
Distribution: In Poland by Horn Distribution
Homepage: .
Void Acoustics, Unit 10b Dawkins Road Industrial Estate, Poole, Dorset BH15 4JD, UK.
Tel +44 (0)844 410 1440. Fax: +44 (0)844 410 1439. E-Mail: web >at<

Vovox (Cables etc) See --> Vovox

V-Prof (PA and installation loudspeakers) See --> Cimep

VTC Pro Audio See --> Yorkville Sound

Waleed Rajab Est
Company based in Saudi Arabia that distributes pro-audio products and guitar amplifiers, much of them sold under their own Sonya brand, also acts as the local distributor of JD-Media.
Waleed Rajab Est., PO Box 63515, Riyadh 11526, Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966 1 248 4826. Fax: +966 1 232 3359.
Waleed Rajab Est. Malaz Branch. Tel: +966 1 477 6788. Fax: +966 1 232 3359.
Waleed Rajab Est. Khamis Mushayt. Tel: +966 7 237 7641. Fax: +966 7 237 7643.
Waleed Rajab Est. Medina branch. Tel: +966 4 825 4216..

Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. (WBS)
Canadian manufacturer of modular professional audio and video distribution, routing and processing primarily intended for radio and TV broadcast applications in addition to manufacturing other brodcast oriented utility products.
Ward-Beck Systems Ltd., 455 Milner Avenue, Unit 10, Toronto, Ontario M1B 2K4, Canada.
Tel: +1 416 335 5999. Fax: +1 416 335 5202..

Walker Labs LLC
USA based company that manufactures and sells small PA systems, amplifiers, mixers and so on in addition to a range of acoustic guitar amplifiers. Also offers customised small PA systems if needed.
Walker Labs LLC, PO Box 3130, San Bernardino, CA 92413-3130, USA.
Tel:/Fax: +1 909 886 3420..

Waveburg Acoustics
Hong Kong based manufacturer of PA loudspeakers.
Distribution: In China by Ningzi Electronic Manufacturing Factory and in Greece by Phenomenon - Professional
Homepage: .
Waveburg Acoustics Ltd., 601A, Fourseas building, 208-212 Nathan Road, Tshima Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 278 20 013. Fax:+852 278 26 862.

Waveframe See --> Cybermation

Wave panels (Acoustic treatments) See --> Sound & Music Distribution

Waves Audio Ltd.
Israeli company with development teams in India and the Ukraine that manufactures signal processing and instrument software plugins in addition to signal processing hardware.
Distribution: In Australia by Sound & Music Distribution, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Digital Media Technology Co., in Denmark by Cyber Farm, in Finland by Soundata, in Germany by Mega Audio, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Poland by Audiostacja, in Hungary by Digital Pro, in Spain by Makermid, in South Korea by Best Leading Solutions, in Sweden by Arva Trading, in Thailand by M. I. Engineering, in Turkey by BL Müzik and in the UK by Sonic Distribution Ltd.
Homepage: .
Waves Audio Ltd., Azrieli Center 3, The Triangle Tower, 32nd Floor, Tel-Aviv 67023, Israel.
Tel: +972 3 608 4000. Fax: +972 3 608 4056

Weiss Professional See --> Weiss Engineering

Wembley Loudspeaker
British manufacturer of PA and sound reinforcement loudspeakers, they also have an excellent repair service for any make or type of loudspeakers including reconing etc.

Primarily a pro audio consultant firm but also makes monitors and has branched into hi-fi loudspeaker manufacture.
Distributed in Spain by Signo Filarmonía, in Sweden by POL Teknik and in Taiwan by Taisheng Trading

Wharfedale Pro/Wharfedale Systems See --> International Audio Group

USA based manufacturer of utility products for PA, sound reinforcement, studio, brodcast and commercial installations, with a product rage from simple DI boxes to complex prefabricated snakes in a box. Also trades as US Audio and strangely enough has a line of guitar pedals.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in Latin America by Tropical Music Export Enterprises.
Homepage: .
Whirlwind, 99 Ling Road, Greece, NY 14612, USA.

Work See --> Equipson

Wunder Audio
USA based manufacturer of microphones, mixers and signal processing equipment, company is run by Mike Castoro who also trades as Misty Hill Audio.
Distribution: In Argentina by Exosound, in Australia by Audio Chocolate, in Denmark by Cyber Farm, in France by Funky Junk, in Germany by SMM Gesellschaft für Medienintegration mbH, in Hong Kong by Digital Media Technology Co., in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in New Zealand by Oceania Audio, in Norway, Finland & Sweden by Golden Age Music, in Slovakia by Pro Art, in Spain by Makermid, in Switzerland by J+C Intersonic and in the UK by Sound Tools
Homepage: .
Wunder Audio, 1400 Wood Acre Ln, Austin, TX 78733, USA.
Tel: +1 512 338 6777. E-Mail: mike {at}

Wurlitzer See --> Gibson Guitar Corp.

Xedit Corp.

USA based company that trades as Servoreeler Systems, manufactures ceiling mounted microphones and microphone accessories such as suspenders and remote controlled trapeze systems. Company founded in 1972 by Claude M. Karczmer and during the 70's and 80's made metering and editing equipment intended for recording studios, then using the Xedit brand.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services
Homepage: .
Xedit Corporation, 218-31 97th Avenue, Queens Village, NY 11429, USA.
Tel: +1 718 464 9400. E-Mail: srsystems #at#

Xilica Audio Design
Canadian company that manufactures DSP based solutions for the control, routing and distribution of fixed audio installations.
Distribution: In Bulgaria by Nat Ltd., in Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd, in Poland by Pol Audio and in Switzerland by MGM Audio AG
Homepage: .
Xilica Audio Design, 3315 Mount Albert Road, Sharon, Ontario LOG 1V0, Canada.
Tel: +1 905 770 0055. Fax: +1 647 436 7077.

XP Audio (Semi-pro soundcards) See --> Sound & Music Distribution

Xpro See --> Prind-Co

XTA Electronics
UK pro audio manufacturer, mostly outboard and software replacements.
Distributed in Romania by Stage Expert and in Russia by Pro Audio & Light Systems

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