Parts Manufacturers - T to 9
Parts Manufacturers - T to 9

Takman Electronics Co.
Japanese company that specialises in manufacturing resistors, in addition to the usual cast types they have wire-wound and other speciality resistors including high power types. The company also produces carbon and metal film resistors specifically for use in audio products and a model of a high end line level buffer.
Distribution: Export agent: Solidgreen Trading
Homepage: .
Takman Electronics Co. Higashiharuchika 9180, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture 399-4432, Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)265 72 7875. Fax: +81 (0)265 72 7875.

Japanese business with manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America in addition to its home country. Makes transformers, power supplies and related magnetic and wound parts under its own name in addition to manufacturing LED based lighting products under the Koha name.
Homepage: -- North American homepage -- European homepage -- Koha lighting site
Tamura, 1-19-43, Higashi-Oizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 178-8511, Japan.
Tel : +81 (03) 3978 2111. Fax : +81 (03) 3923 0230. E-Mail: webinfo /at\
Tamura Europe, Clark Avenue, Porte Marsh Industrial Estate, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9BS, UK.
Tel: +44 138 073 1700. Fax: +44 124 981 6134.
Tamamura Kaken (USA), 100 North Winchester Boulevard, Suite 300, Santa Clara , CA 90550, USA.
Tel: +1 408 246 1708. Fax: +1 408 246 0717.

Target Audio (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> Coral Electronic

USA based manufacturer of braided sleeving for cables.
Distribution: In Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul
Homepage: .
Techflex , 29 Brookfield Drive Sparta, NJ 07871, USA.
Tel: +1 973 300 9242. Fax: +1 973 300 9409.

Thiel & Partner

German manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers sold under the Accuton brand. Best known for making drivers with hard ceramic or diamond domes popular with audiophile manufacturers.
Distribution: In Denmark by High End Sound and in Sweden by Golden Age Music
Homepage: -- Alternate homepage address.
Thiel & Partner GmbH, Rommerskirchenerstra▀e 21, D-50259 Pulheim, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)2238 475 475. Fax: +49 (0)2238 475 476

Tobias Jensen
Danish company that manufactures hand made inductors and capacitors exclusively intended for use in audio applications.
Distributed in Finland by RPM Developments , in Germany by B & T Hi-Fi Vertrieb, in Greece by Nexus Acoustics, in Norway by Motron and in Thailand by Ultimatist.

Tokyo Seiden Co.
Japanese manufacturer of transformers and inductors, in addition to power supplies, surge protectors and high voltage test equipment. Best known for their high power products and laboratory grade bench supplies.
Tokyo Seiden Co. Ltd., 168-0081, Miyamae 4 Chome 28-21, Suginami Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Tel: (0)3 3332 6666. Fax: (0)3 3332 6672..

A UK based company that is primarily a specialist in medical IC's but they do also manufacture single chip wirless and DAB/FM digital demodulator/SoC solutions.
Toumaz Microsystems Ltd, Building 3, 115 Milton Park, Abingdon OX14 4RZ, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0)1235 438950. Fax +44 (0)1235 438970. E-Mail: info [at]

Tung-Sol (Valves) See --> New Sensor Corporation

Trafomaric (Transformers) See --> Trafomatic

Hong Kong listed company with production factilities and offices on mainland China that manufactures loudspeaker drivers. Primarily an OEM and mostly occupies the lower half of the market but bought the right to the Peerless name in 2005 and sells drivers under that name as well.
Homepage: .
Tymphany HK Limited, Room 1307-8, Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hongkong 516 223, Hong Kong.
Tymphany Ltd., Tymphany Industrial Area, XinLian Village, XinXu Town, HuiYang District, Huizhou, Guangdong Province 516 223, China.
Tel: +86 752 3533 555. Fax: +86 752 3530 222. E-Mail: sales %at!

VIA See --> VIA Technologies (Microprocessors, support chips, pheripheral chips and embedded systems)

German manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers and kits, also some OEM products, huge range all in all.
Distributed in Argentina by Star Audio, in North America by Solen Électronique Distribution and in South Korea by Dongwon Merchandise

Chinese manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers for home hi-fi and automotive use, has also more recently entered the market with loudspeaker kits. The company also has a precense in Thailand, founded by Allan Isaksen in 2005 but he was originally with Vifa.
Distribution: In India by Eastern Electronics, in Russsia by Audiomania and in Thailand by Popular Electronics
Homepage: .
Wavecor Ltd., ChaDong 26, FuYi Road, ShiJi Town, PanYu, GuangZhou, GuangDong 511450, China.
Tel: +86 (20) 61943288. Fax: +86 (20) 61943118.

Wavefront Semiconductor See --> Numark

W. L. Gore See --> W. L. Gore and Associates (Bulk wire. Dielectrics and electrodes etc. for making capacitors and batteries

Wolfson Microelectronics
Scottish manufacturer of highly integrated IC's used in digital audio products, best known for their DAC chips and in particular the low power DAC's intended for use in personal audio products.

Wound Magetics Ltd.
Scottish manufacturer of transformers and other inductors, pretty much specialises in catering for the military contractors but you do see custom transformers from thein in UK built valve amplifiers from time to time.
Wound Magnetics Limited, Luna Place, Dundee Technology Park, Dundee, Scotland DD2 1XZ
Tel : +44(0)1382 561561. Fax : +44(0)1382 561144..

Yindi (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> Shanghai Silver Flute Sound Co.

Yoshi Mori Enterprise
Despite the Japanese name this is actually a Taiwanese concern with manufacturing facilities in China (IEESHEN Optical Electronic Corp.) that manufactures transducers of all sorts. Best know for supplying microphone inserts and small speakers for usage in consumer products as an OEM but ttey also supply bigger speakers and some hand held microphone models.
Yoshi Mori Enterprise Co Ltd., No. 6, Lane 14, Tan Tzu St., Sec. 1, Tan Tzu Town, Tai Chung, Taiwan 427.
Tel : +886 (4) 2538 2091. Fax : +886 (4) 2538 2092. E-mail : ieechan at

Zeon Chemicals
USA based company that manufactures additives that enhance the performance of epoxy and phenolic compounds, they also make elastomers that you will sometimes see used in audio products as vibration isolators and woofer surrounds in high end loudspeakers. The company makes all kinds of other polymers and resins mostly of highly specialised variety's and some very specialised cleaning products for electronic product lines.

Zigerli + IFF
Swiss company best known as a retaler of jewlery, watches and other luxury goods, they do have their own diamond polishing factility however and operate as a gemstone wholesaler and you will from time to time see manufacturers of high end audio products use diamonds from them in bearings that need stones of better quality than what is available from suppliers of industrial diamonds.
Zigerli+Iff AG, Spitalgasse 14, CH-3011 Bern, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 31 311 23 67. Fax: +41 31 312 23 87. E-Mail: info (at)

Manufactures integrated digital cirquits for multimedia, video and audio applications.

11 Horns
Company based in the Philippines that manufactures horns for home audio usage, run by Victorio Sierra formerly of Sierra-Brooks.

18 Sound See --> A.E.B. S.p.A.

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