Professional audio & video manufacturers - I & J.
Professional audio & video manufacturers - I & J.

Idex Ltd.

UK based company that manufactures equipment for sound reinforcement and PA usage under the Ohm UK brand, the company is best known for their loudspeaker systems but their product line also includes, amplifiers and accessories. Company was founded in 2004 and took over the business of Ohm Industries Limited.
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by Hi-Fi Corner
Homepage: .
Idex Ltd., Wellington Close, Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8XL, England

iKey Audio See --> GCI Tecnologies

IK Multimedia (Computer interfaces & software) See --> IK Multimedia

Illbruck Acoustic (Acoustic insulation and control) See --> Pinta Acoustic

iLok See --> Pace Anti-Piracy Inc.

French manufacturer of modular mixing consoles intended for live use, some of those can act as live recorders as well, the company also makes stage boxes that uses EtherSound as their base transport menchanism to simplify setup in a portable enviroment. Company is owned by Lawo.
Zone du Kenyah Nord, 56400 Plougomelen, France.
Tel: +33 2 97 24 34 34. Fax: +33 2 97 24 34 30..

Intelligent Devices
USA based company that manufactures VST digital signal processing software. Company originally founded by Steven C. Marshall formerly of Marshall Electronic and used to manufacture the PARIS digital audio workstation around 2000 and did for a time sell forensic audio equipment as well, I gather they still do forensic audio as a service but no longer sell equipment.
Intelligent Devices, 300 Redland Court #204, Owings Mills, MD 21117, USA.
Tel: +1 410 902 0091. E-Mail: proaudio {at}

Intelligent Sound See --> Intelligent Sound (Studio monitors, PA & installation loudspeakers

Korean manufacturer of professional and semi-professional audio.
Distributed in Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System

Interspace Industries
British company that manufactures professional audio and visual cuing systems for podium/lectern/public speakers and theatre productions.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Leon Audio Co.
Homepage: -- USA homepage.
Interspace Industries, Unit 1A, 126 Great North Road, Hatfield AL9 5JN, UK.
Tel: +44 870 7708088. Fax: +44 870 7708089.
Interspace Industries LLC (USA), 4650 South Butterfield Drive, Tucson, AZ 85714, USA.
Tel: +1 520 689 4237. Fax: +1 520 844 9020. Mobile: +1 516 874 5745.

UK based manufacturer of mixers for DJ and club use, also distribute Reloop turntables locally.

IRCAM See --> Gaël Yvan & Son et developpement (IRCAM Tools plugins)

IS See --> Intelligent Sound (Studio monitors, PA & installation loudspeakers

Ivie Technologies
USA based manufacturer of audio analysis and test products in addition to digital automixers and signal processors intended for use in PA situations.
Distribution: In Japan by Continental Far East
Homepage: .
Ivie Technologies Inc, 1195 Spring Creek Place, Suite B, Springville, UT 84663, USA.
Tel: +1 801 489 8703. Fax: +1 877 829 6567. E-Mail: ivie |at|
Ivie Europe, P.zza Bonaparte 22/E, 20030 - Bovisio M. (MI), Italy.
Tel: +39 (0)362 571116. Fax: +39 (0)362 596220. E-Mail: info (at)

Jacob Winter (Custom cases & trunks) See --> Jacob Winter

James C. Cunningham
USA based gentleman that trades as JCC & Associates, manufactures upgrade kits for plate reverbs and has in the past offered upgrades and servicing of vintage EMT-Franz plate reverbs although it is not for certain that is still the case. Mr Cunningham was the original founder of Studio Technologies.
James C Cunningham, 2082 Cedar Crest Drive, Highland Park, IL 60035-2768, USA.
Tel: +1 847 831 5628. E-Mail: fugal }at{

Jarl Audio (Speakers, mixers & amps) See --> Ningbo Yinzhou Jia Er Audio

JBL (Monitors and PA speakers) See --> JBL

JBR Technology
Makes specialised playback equipment intended for forensic use.

JB Systems
German DJ equipment brand.
Distributed in Austria by Disco Store

JCC & Associates (Plate reverb parts) See --> James C. Cunningham

Chinese manufacturer of pro-audio amps and PA loudspeakers, primarily an OEM but also sells under their own Tony Lee brand.
Distribution: In India by GM Audiotechnics and in Switzerland by Sacher Music
Homepage: .
JCLeon International Electronic Ltd., JinTian Industrial Park, HuaDong Town, HuaDu District, GuangZhou 510890, China.
Tel: +86 20 8676 7881, +86 20 8676 7882 and +86 20 8676 7883. Fax: +86 20 8676 7123. E-Mail: sales (at)

JCL Production S.L.
Spanish company that manufactures pro audio prducts including PA speakers and amplifiers under the Fane Systems brand and trussing, towers and platforms/stages under the Kuzar brand. Company named after owner Jose Carlos Lopez.
Distribution: Kuzar products are distributed in Greece by Phenomenon - Professional
Homepage: -- Kuzar homepage -- Fane Systems homepage.
JCL Production S.L., Poligono industrial Santa Barbara nave,c/Aceituneros 9, 41580 Casariche (Sevilla), Spain.
Tel: +34 954 011 095. E-Mail: export /at\

South Korean manufacturer of professional audio products, both intended for commercial installations and for more music oriented systems, their products are usually sold under the JDM brand, note that the company has its own distribution in Germany.

JD-Media distribution

Europe: In Cyprus by Task Trading Ltd, in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia by Dexon Czech, in Finland by Audico Systems, in France by Rondson, in Greece by Metro Audio Systems, in Ireland by SKS Communications Limited, in Italy by Etabeta Electronics, in Latvia by Loks Security Systems, in Lithuania by Sareme, in Portugal and Spain by Enervolt Ibérica, in Russia by Meta, Music Land and ISPA, in Spain by Sonaval, in Sweden by SAC Electronics, in Switzerland by Sacher Music, in Ukraine by Jazz Club & ISPA-Ukraine and in the UK by Premier Acoustic..

Asia & the Pacific: In Malaysia by PHG Enterprise, in Singapore by O'Connor's and in Vietnam by NEC Viet.

The Americas & the West Indies: N/A.

Africa and the Middle East: In Egypt by Engineering Company For Advanced Systems, in Iran by Moco, in Israel by Hipertronics, Oman by Ajit Khimji Group, in Saudi Arabia by Waleed Rajab Est, in South Africa by First Technology, in Syria by Al-Atheer Co, in Turkey by Kivilcim Grup and in the UAE by ESUAE.

JD-MEDIA Co. Ltd., 3-11, Yodang-ri, Yanggam-myun, Hwasung-City, Gyeonggi-do, S.Korea.
Tel: +82 31 366 3260. Fax: +82 31 366 6404. E-Mail: jeil1972 ‘at’ and export >at<
JDM European Trading Company, Grassingerstrabe 8, Bad Aibling, D-83043, Germany.
Tel: +49 0 8061 391225. Fax: +49 0 8061 391229.

Jean Pierre Gurtner
A company based in Switzerland that manufacturers and repairs Stellavox analogue recorders in addition to manufacturing other pro recording equipment.
Distribution: In the USA by CinemaSonics
Homepage: .
Jean-Pierre Gurtner, Chapelle 21a, CH-2035 Corcelles, Switzerland.
Phone: +41 (0)32 730 62 30. Fax: +41 (0)32 730 62 35. Email : jpgdpr at

Taiwanese microphone manufacturer.

Chinese microphone manufacturer.

Chinese microphone manufacturer.
Jinque, No.108-2, Huamei West Street, Encheng Town, EnPing City, Guangdong province, China, Post code 529400.
Phone : +86750 7722217. Email : jinque at

JK Audio
USA based manufacturer of broadcast oriented pro audio accessories such as telephone to audio interfaces etc.
Distribution: In Sweden by POL Teknik.
Homepage: .
JK Audio Inc., 1311 E 6th Street, Sandwich, Illinois 60548, USA.
Tel : +815 786 2929. Fax : +815 786 8502. E-Mail : info at

Jochen Fischer

German gentleman that trades as Fischer Amps, manufactures in-ear monitors/earphones and related accessories such as wireless packs, distributors and chargers in addition to making simple test gear and utility products such as DI boxes. In addition the company is the distributor of the Buttkicker and Ultimate Ears lines for Germany and Austria.
Distribution: In Finland by SounData and in Russia by Pro Audio & Light Systems
Homepage: .
Jochen Fischer Dienstleistungen, Hans-Ulrich-Breymann-Strasse 3, D - 74706 Osterburken, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 6291 648 79 0. Fax: +49 (0) 6291 648 79 19. E-Mail: info(at)

Joeaudio Limited
UK based manufacturer of studio signal processors such as microphone pre-amps and equalisers that they sell under the TFPro brand. Company founded in 2002 by Ted Fletcher after Fletcher ElectroAcoustics went bankrupt, initially traded using the Joemeek brand but were forbidden to do so in 2003 by the people that bought the assets of FE from the receiver, for a short while the company traded using the ProMeek name but that also brought complaints and the company finally settled on TFPro. The company also sold dance oriented SynthEdit based DirectX plugins under the BooMedia brand in around 2003, there was some minor controversy surrounding them at the time since Synthedit was freeware back then. Mr. Fletcher also runs sister company Orbitsound from the same premises.
Distribution: In France by Audioprice
Homepage: .
Joeaudio Limited, The Sound House, Hunsdon Road, Torquay TQ1 1QB, UK.
Tel : +44 (0)1803 209513. E-Mail: sales (at)

Joseph Audio (China)
Chinese microphone manufacturer, also sells microphones under the VAM brand.
Phone : +7817038 or 7810050. Fax : +7816174. Email : joseph at

Joemeek (Signal processors) See --> AMH Sales

A manufacturer of studio and test microphones.
Josephson Engineering, 329A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz 95060, USA.
Tel: +1 831 420 0888. Fax: +1 831 420 0890. info at

JTS See --> Taky Electronics

JVC (Professional video products See --> JVC

Jünger Audio-Studiotechnik
German manufacturer of professional audio products, primarily intended for the broadcast markets.
Distribution: In Sweden by POL Teknik.
Homepage: .
Jünger Audio-Studiotechnik GmbH, Justus von Liebig Strasse 7, DE-12489 Berlin, Germany.
Tel : +49 (30) 677721-0. Fax : +49 (30) 677721-46.

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