Musical instrument manufacturers - Jl to J9

Musical instrument manufacturers - Jl to J9

J-Meister (Accordions) See --> Beijing Eternal

J. Michael (Wind instruments) See --> Mac Corporation

John Juzek (Classical string instruments) See --> Metropolitan Music Company

John L. VanArsdall
USA based gent that trades as CanJoe, makes a somewhat unique instrument in the form of a one string music stick that has a used aluminium drinks can as a soundboard.
John L. VanArsdall, 2357 Feathers Chapel Road, Blountville, TN 37617, USA.
Tel: +1 423 323 0174. E-Mail: canjoe }at{

Jhonny Brook (Guitars, basses & strings) See --> Electrovision

Johann Strauss (Rosins) See --> Walter Geipel

Johnson (Guitars) See --> Shanghai Chaobo Musical Instruments Co.

John Walker (Tuning forks) See --> Granton

John Wallace
Scottish gentleman that in association with his partner Iain Muirhead manufactures mutes for most popular brass wind instuments, that they then sell under the the Wallace Collection name.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Gewa Music
Homepage: .
John Wallace, 4 Strathnairn Avenue, East Kilbride, Glasgow G75 8FW, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)7764 756 676. E-Mail: imuirhead |at|

Jonaco Violins
Rumanian workshop that manufactures classical string instruments, those are usually labelled with the name of the workshop master Simon József, but note that this is a Hungarian name so in some markets it is sold as József Simon and as Josef Simon in the USA. The company also repairs and restores classical string instruments.
Distribution: In the USA by JR Music Supply
Homepage: .
Jonaco Violins, Faget no.5, 545300 Reghin, Romania.
Tel: +40 (0)365453149. Mobile: +40 741172111. E-Mail: contact (at) and nandorviolin /at\

Jones Double Reed See --> Diamond Musical Products

Jo-Ral See --> GTRC Services

Jörg Kuhlo (Guitars) See --> Hans Kuhlo

Jörg W. Schröder

USA based but German born gent that manufactures bass guitar amplifier cabinets under the Schroeder Cabinets brand, also offers a custom cabinet building service.
Distribution: In Japan by Sleek Elite
Homepage: .
Jörg W. Schröder, 15146 Walbrook Drive, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745, USA.
Tel: +1 760 662 6796. Fax: +1 626 333 5989.

Jose Ferrer See --> Barnes & Mullins

Josef Simon/József Simon (Classical string instruments See --> Jonaco Violins

Joseph Brodmann Piano

Austrian manufacturer of acoustic and digital pianos sold under the Broadmann and Taylor names and high end loudspeakers sold under the Broadmann Acoustics brand, piano manufacturing happens mostly in China while the loudspeaker manufacturing is done in Austria. Founded in 2004 by Christian Höferl an ex-Bösendorfer executive and the name of the company comes from that direction as well, J. Brodmann founded a piano and organ workshop in Vienna in the 1790's and when he retired in 1828 his apprentice Ignaz Bösendorfer took over the shop and renamed it after himself. When Yamaha took over the Bösendorfer factory in 2008 they were not interested in the audio division of the company and decided to close it down, sensing an opportunity the J. P. Piano company made a deal with designers Hans Deutsch Akustikforschung and took over the product line..
Distribution: Musical instuments: In Turkey by Kivilcim Grup. Loudspeakers: In Greece by Nexus Acoustics, in Israel by Maestro Audio and in Russia by Gong-AV.
Homepage: -- Taylor pianos homepage -- Brodmann acoustics site.
J. B. Piano GmbH, Kudlichgasse 24, A-1100 Vienna, Austria

Joseph F. Naylor

USA based gent that manufactures guitar pickups under the Railhammer Pickups name. Started out in the early 90’s as a guitar dealer and repairer, introduced a loudspeaker driver intended as a replacement for a the PA type speaker used in vintage equipment, a year later he introduced guitar amplifiers and cabinets sold under the Naylor brand and a year after that he started making guitars under the J. F. Naylor stencil but in 1996 he sold the rights to the Naylor name and amplifier designs and Naylor Engineering was formed around that IP. Mr Naylor however continued the manufacture of guitars, amps and pedals but now under the Reverend brand and he continued to trade using that name until he formed a new company around that operation in 2005 called Reverend Musical Instruments Inc..
Joseph F. Naylor, 4072 Greensboro Drive, Troy, Michigan, 48085 USA
E-Mail: sales -at-

Joseph Luttwak

USA based gentleman that manufactures acoustic, electro-acoustic and classical style guitars, acoustic travel guitars and ukuleles made out of carbon fibre composites and sells them under the Blackbird Guitars brand. The much higher stiffness of the carbon fibre versus the traditional wood supposedly gives the guitars relatively higher volume which allows the Mr Luttwak to make them somewhat smaller than traditional products.
Joseph Luttwak, 2180 Folsom Street, CA 94110, USA.
Tel: +1 415 625 0977. E-Mail: info at

Joseph O. Veillette
USA based guitar builder and jobbing musician that trades under the Veillette Guitars brand and prior to starting under his own name ran Veillette Citron and Woodstock Music Products, specialises in unusual acoustic guitar configurations such as double-necks, terz, parlour and baritone models but also makes standard acoustic, electric and bass guitars in addition to mandolins. Note the name Veillette is French, both l’s are silent, so pronunciation should be close to “wayette”.
Distribution: In Japan by Sleek Elite
Homepage: .
Joseph O. Veillette, 2628 Route 212, Woodstock, NY 12498-2114, USA.
Tel: +1 845 679 6154. E-Mail: joe !at!

JR Music Supply LLC
USA based classical string instrument distributor, some of their instument lines are sold under their own brandnames such as Euro, Enesco, Jarek Koscielny, Andrzej Glodek and Calin Wultur, bows under the Jean Tabary stensil, strings and woods under the Eurosonic name and cases that are sold under the JR Music brand. Handles the USA distribution of Andrzej Swietlinski, Jan Szlachtowski, Roman Glogowski and Jonaco Violins (as Josef Simon) but are also a non-exclusive distributors of Lenzner, W.E. Hill & Sons, Jargar Strings, Larsen Strings, Hiscox cases, Prim, Pirastro, Savarez, Super-Sensitive Musical String Co., Thomastik-Infeld and Westminster..
Distribution: Calin Wultur instruments are distributed in Japan by Mac Corporation
Homepage: .
JR Music Supply LLC., 93 Hazel Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895, USA.
Tel: +1 401 762 2278. Fax: +1 401 762 2215. E-Mail: info /at/

J. Scherzer See --> B&S GmbH

JS Technologies

USA based company that manufactures electric guitars, basses, amplifiers, effect pedals and related accessories, all sold under the Shur Guitars brand, company is run by John Shur.
JS Technologies Inc., 18650 Collier Ave Unit A, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, USA.
Tel: +1 951 471 2334. Fax: +1 951 471 2557..

JTM Merchandising
USA based company that sells cable accessories under the Audioskin brand and guitar related accessories such as cases, straps and strings under the Red Star and Rebel labels.
JTM Merchandising Inc., 14662 Franklin Avenue #H, Tustin, CA 92780, USA.
Tel: +1 714 389 7777 ext. 303. Fax: +1 714 389 7781..

Juan Orozco Corporation
USA based company with production facilities in Puerto Rico that manufactures nylon guitar strings and guitar cases intended for classical style guitars, these are sold under the Aranjuez brand. The company also did manufacture Spanish style classical and flamenco guitars with the Juan Orozco name on them in New York from 1966 until sometime in the late 80's/early 90's but closed down the NY operation and moved the string manufacture to PR in 1996 even though the company itself is still listed in NY.

There also have been from the late 1970's guitars sold under the Aranjuez name, but these were invariably made in Japan, probably by Hoshino Gakki and Takamine but there were also Japanese and Spanish made guitars as well sold under the Juan Orozco or Orozco names from 1969 to 1983 these were made mostly by Hoshino as well but also by some independent Spanish luthiers.
Distribution: European distribution by Musik Meyer
Homepage: - This server is live and used by the company for email etc., the web portion has been "under construction" for over a decade however. -- Aranjuez strings - Website run by Musik Meyer that actually has info on their product line.
Juan Orozco Corporation, 886 Cambridge Road, Woodmere, New York 11598, USA.
Juan Orozco (LTD) Inc., Km 106 Rr 3, Maunabo, PR 00707, Puerto Rico.
Postal Address: Juan Orozco (LTD) Inc., P.O.Box 812, Maunabo, Puerto Rico.
Tel: +1 787 861 1045. Tel: +1 787 861 4122. E-Mail: aranjuez (at)

Juggs Percussion See --> Tropical Music Export Enterprises

Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH.

German piano manufacturer with manufacturing bases in Großpösna and Stormthal (both near Leipzig), make high end pianos in grand and upright styles under the Blüthner name and mid end pianos under the Haessler brand, the latter pianos are not strictly speaking cheaper versions of the Blüthner's but completely new piano and industrial designs done by Knut Blüthner-Haessler in the late 90's and early 00's specifically to create a line of pianos that would be quicker to manufacture while retaining the same construction materials and finish as the Blüthner pianos.

Blüthner also has another range of mid-price pianos called Irmler that is a step down in price from the Haessler range and designed more traditionally, but in this case the cost of the piano is kept down by having the cabinets and frame built in China (Studio models) and South Korea (Pro range) while the strings and mechanism are installed at the German factory and the final regulation happens there as well.

Irmler was itself another old Leipzig factory that dates to 1818, the company was a well-regarded high end piano maker in the mid-19th century and known for really high quality piano actions and in the latter half of the century pioneered the baby grand but was closed down in 1953 and Blüthner bought the rights to the trademark and designs in 1999. While the modern Irmler's are by Blüthner designs and not a direct continuation from the old Irmler products it is nice to see that the line contains visual hints to the designs of the old company.

Up until 2008 the company had the cabinets and frames for the "professional line" of Irmler pianos built in Poland but the factory that made them was sold to a competitor and that company was not willing to continue supplying to Blüthner. In the same timeframe the "studio range" of the Irmler pianos was sold in the USA using the Breitmann name.

The company was originally formed by Julius Blüthner in 1853 and was been the biggest piano manufacturer in Germany from about 1900 until 1990, it was nationalised in 1972 by the East German state and renamed VEB Blüthner Pianos even though it continued to be run by the Blüthner-Haessler family, but ownership passed back into the hands of the family in the 1990's. Blüthner is also notable as one of the few factories that have produced left handed pianos.

The Blüthner pianos are noted as the primary example of the classic "European tone" of pianos that is slightly more damped but more harmonically richer than that of the bulk of modern pianos, strengthening of frameworks and other changes in piano manufacture in the 50's and 60's hardened the tone of American high end pianos in particular but this change in sound is also noticeable in German pianos and may possibly influenced by the influx of Japanese pianos in the 70's and onward, but traditionally they have had a much brighter sound than European ones to satisfy different tastes in Asia. The East German Blüthner factory however kept true to the earlier sound even though it was making similar updates to its products and manufacturing techniques as the Western companies were.

Note that the company's name is correctly spelled Blüthner but if you want to write it without using accented characters you need to add an e after the u, i.e. Bluethner.
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A.
Homepage: -- Irmler homepage.
Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH, Dechwitzer Straße 12, 04463 Großpösna (bei Leipzig), Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)34297 75130. Fax: +49 (0)34297 75150. E-Mail: info _at_ or

Julius Keilwerth (Saxophones) See --> Buffet Crampon

Jupiter (Brass & Woodwind) See --> KHS Group

Just in Case (spares for MI cases) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

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