Musical instrument manufacturers - Pb to Pi

Musical instrument manufacturers - Pb to Pi

Pearl Musical Instrument Co.
Japanese company that on one hand manufactures drums and all kinds of percussion products in most price ranges and on the other manufactures high end classical flutes. In addition Pearl Drums USA acts as the North American distributor for the percussion products from Paukenfabriek Adams B. V. and Pearl Japan acts as the local distributor of DR Strings, DV Mark, Hughes & Kettner, Mark Bass, Paukenfabriek Adams B. V. (percussion only), Remo, Sabian, Shinos, Skull Music Records, Spector and Vic Firth.
Distribution: Pearl drums are distributed in Australia by Music Link Australia, in Croatia by Provox, in Iceland by Tónastöđin and in Italy by FBT. Pearl drums and flutes are distributed in France by SML. Non-exclusive distribution of both drums and flutes in the Caribbean and South & Central America by Consolidated Music Export Inc.
Homepage: -- Pearl Flutes -- Pearl Drums USA -- Pearl Europe.
Pearl Corporation (USA), 549 Metroplex Drive, Nashville, TN 37211-3140, USA.
Tel: +1 615 833 4477.

Pearl/Pearl River (Pianos & classical string instruments) See --> Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co.

Peavey See --> Peavey Electronics

Pedi (Classical MI cases) See --> Roder

Pensa guitars See --> Rudy's Music Stop

Penzel KG
German company that manufactures high end master bows for violin, cellos, violas and other string instruments, note that their bows are not always stamped or branded Penzel but rather with the full name of the person that actually made or finished it like Roland Penzel, K. Gerhard Penzel, Roland G. Penzel or with their initials like K. G. P. Older bows from the company could however be stamped with the initials of the company founder E. M. Penzel or M. Penzel even after his uncle Kurt Penzel had taken over production.

The company also has an on-line store that sells bows and all kinds of stringed musical instruments accessories.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage -- Storefront.
Penzel KG, Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Str. 25, 88356 Ostrach, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)7585 704. Fax: +49 (0)7585 1685. E-Mail: info [at]

Perri’s Leather
Canadian company that manufacturer musical instrument accessories such as guitar and saxophone straps, plectrums and guitar bags.
Distribution: In France, Italy and Spain by Carisch SRL, in Japan by Hook Up Inc., in Italy by Wilder s.a.s., in Malaysia by The Guitar Store, in Scandinavia by Luthman Scandinavia and in Switzerland by Sticks Musique. Non-exclusive distribution in Europe by Steinigke Showtechnic
Homepage: .
Perri's Leathers Ltd., 45 Casmir Court Unit #15, Concord, Ontario L4K 4H5, Canada.
Tel: +1 905 761 8549 (International & local calls) or +1 888 917 8727 (Toll free, USA and Canada only). Fax: +1 905 761 9971.

Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc.
USA based manufacturer of strobe tuners and software that emulates strobe tuners.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Guitar Cube, in France by Audio Tube Tech, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Japan by Nihon Electro Harmonix, in Spain by Amptek, non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by St. Louis Music and Conn-Selmer.
Homepage: .
Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc., 11601 S. Mayfield Avenue, Alsip, IL 60803, USA.
Tel: +1 708 388 3311. Fax: +1 708 388 3341. E-Mail: info #at#

Petio Kostov See --> Classic Violins

A furniture and piano manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, manufactures pianos in the CR under the Petrof and Weinbach brands in addition to manufacturing pianos in China under the Rösler and Scholze names.
Distribution: In Iceland by Tónastöđin
Homepage: .
Petrof, spol. s r.o., Brn?nská 371, 500 06 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.
Tel: +420 495 712 111. Fax: +420 495 712 401 and +420 495 712 573. E-Mail: petrof _at_

Petz Kolophonium
Austrian specialised classical string instrument wholesaler and distributor. Originally founded in 1912 to produce rosin and cleaning chemicals under the Petz brand, something that the company continues to do although that part of the operation is dwarfed by the wholesale side of the business, the company does distribute some fully built instruments but they are primarily a supplier and procurer of materials, parts and unbranded or unfinished instruments for instrument builders and other wholesalers, this is in other words the company that some of the smaller (and not so small) instrument manufacturers and distributors get their hardware and prefab units from.

The company uses it own trademarks on some of the products they distribute, Viennabow is used for instance on carbon fibre bows and Kolophonium is the German name for rosin BTW.

Petz Kolophonium is the exclusive Austrian distributor of D'Addario & Co., Kaplan and Pirastro, the company is also a general wholesaler/non-exclusive distributor of products from: Aubert Lutherie, Bech-Tourte, Bellacura, Bernardel, Bonmusica, Corelli, Dampit, Hidersine, Jade, Jargar Strings, Kolstein, Kun Shoulder Rest Inc., Larsen Strings, Lenzner, Luthier Strings, Milant-Deroux, Musafia, Negri, Nyman Harts, Otto Tempel, Penzel, Planet Waves, Play On Air, Prim, Thomastik-Infeld, Viol, Viva La Musica, Warchal, W.E. Hill & Sons, Wittner, Wolf and more..
Distribution: Petz rosins are distributed in Ireland and the UK by Barnes & Mullins and in the USA by the Grover-Trophy Music Company
Homepage: .
Petz Kolophonium Vienna, Engerthstrasse 221, 1020 Wien, Austria.
Tel: +43 1 8892047. Fax: +43 1 88920474. E-Mail: petz -at-

P. G. Andersen & Bruhn
Danish builder of pipe organs, company founded in 1995 with the amalgamation of Bruhn & Sřn Orgelbyggeri (originally f. 1954) and P. G. Andersen (originally f. 1963) but both Andersen & Bruhn had prior to founding their own workshops been long time employees of Marcussen & Sřn.
P. G. Andersen & Bruhn, Aarslev Bygade 7, DK-6230 Rřdekro, Denmark.
Tel: +45 74 66 68 28. Fax: +45 74 66 68 02. E-Mail: orgelbyggeri –at- andersen-bruhn-dk
P. G. Andersen & Bruhn, Havremarken 3, DK-3650 Řlstykke, Denmark.
Tel: +45 47 17 75 75. Fax: +45 47 17 75 48. E-Mail: ph _at_

Philippe Bosset (Strings) See --> Tolito

Phil Jones Bass (Bass amps & cabinets) See --> American Acoustic Development

Phill Elliott
USA based gentleman that manufactures high end stainless steel capos for guitars and banjos under the Elliott Capos and McKinney-Elliott names, took over the manufacture of the McKinney capo after Thomas H. McKinney III retired.
Phill Elliott, 1601 E.Tom Green St., Brenham, TX 77833, USA.
Tel: +1 979 421 9393. E-Mail: phill :at%

P&H Bows LLC
USA based company that sells fiberglass and carbon fibre bows for classical string instruments sold under the P&H London brand, these used to be sold by a company called P&H Enterprises that went out of business recently .
P & H Bows LLC, 8251 15th Street East, Suite A-1, Sarasota, Florida 34243, USA.
Tel/Fax: +1 941 358 9100. E-Mail: pandhbowslondon at

Picks Hope See --> Big Idea Guys (Guitar picks)

Phil Neal
Canadian guitar builder that operates from Germany, apart from building and repairing custom guitars he also manufactures electric travel guitars under the Lapstick brand. Although Canadian, Mr. Neal was born in the UK and has mostly worked there and in Holland where he had a workshop from 1984 until fairly recently.
Phil Neal, Narodderstrasse 38, 48432 Rheine, Germany.
Tel+49 (0)5459 913675. E-Mail: phil _at_

P. Hoyer See --> Barnes & Mullins (bows)

PianoDisc (Piano record/playback accessories) See --> Burgett Inc.

Pickboy (Picks and batons) See --> Nakano

Pierre-Marie Châteauneuf
French guitar builder, makes primarily custom instuments to order but also has a small line of acoustic and electric guitars, basses & byblos, trades as PMC Guitars.
Pierre-Marie Châteauneuf, Chemin du Pioch Rolis, 34980 Montferrier-sur-Lez, France.
Tel: +33 (0)6 70 25 16 49 or +33 (0)4 67 34 05 35..

Pierre Ribo
Belgian gentleman that specialises in manufacturing serpents, an early brass instrument, unlike most such makers that focus on 16th century instruments Mr Ribo specialises in copying a design from the 18th century which was one of the last made originally. Instuments sold under the Serpent Ribo brand.
Pierre Ribo, rue Van Oost 40, 1030 Brussels, Belgium.
Tel: +32 497 57 44 96. E-Mail: info >at<

Pignose (Amps etc.) See --> Gorilla Inc.

Pirastro GmbH
Long running German manufacturer of musical instruments strings and rosins, their main products are classical string instuments strings that are available in a mind bending variety of options but they also offer guitar and bass strings under the Pirazzi brand. Company was originally founded in 1798 and was for most of its lifetime known as Gustav Pirazzi & Comp. but changed its name to the current one in 2002, their products are all handmade BTW.
Distribution: In Austria by Petz Kolophonium, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, The Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia by Marving Musical Instruments, in Brazil by Izzo Instrumentos Musicais, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Indonesia by Wijaya Musik. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesailing in the USA by JR Music Supply
Homepage: .
Pirastro GmbH, Senefelderstrasse 80, 63069 Offenbach, Germany.
Tel: +49 69 8400900. Fax: +49 69 831663. E-Mail: info (at)

Pitch Pocket (Tuners) See --> Morgan Hill Music

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