Parts Manufacturers - M & N
Parts Manufacturers - M & N

Magnum Semiconductor
USA based semiconductor manufacturer, makes media encoding, decoding and transcoding chips and unlike most such not only chips intended for consumer level devices but also for professional broadcast applications.
Magnum Semiconductor, 591 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas, California 95035, USA.
Tel: +1 408 934 3700. Fax: +1 408 719 9251. E-Mail: sales ((at))

Manger (Loudspeaker drivers) See --> Manger

Minneapolis Speaker Company (MISCO)
USA based manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers, primarily an OEM and you are most likely to see their products in car audioand PA applications but they make anything from multimedia speakers to hifi speakers. Company originally founded in 1949 as the Minneapolis Speaker Reconing Company.
MISCO., 2637 32nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406-1641, USA.
Tel : +612 825 1010. Fax : +612 825 7010. E-Mail : info at

Japanese manufacturer of electronics and computer parts and assemblies, these days largely occupied with manufacturing antenna and radio submodules for sale in the West but in the East they actually supply parts for anything from fax machines to high end DVD players.
Homepage: - European and USA homepage

Modwright (Capacitors) See --> ModWright Instruments

Mullard (USA/Canada only) See --> New Sensor Corporation

German manufacturer of passive electronic parts such as coils and capacitors intended for use in both hi-fi and car audio products but they have also more recently introduced a line of loudspeaker tweeters intended for high end hi-fi applications.
Distributed in Russsia by Audiomania, in Spain by Audiohum and in the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd.

MuRata Manufacturing
Japanese manufacturer of wide range of mostly passive electronic parts but is best known in the audio world for their "Super" tweeters and their ceramic filters. The quality of the passive components such as capacitors and resistors that MuRata makes has seen them increasingly popular in mid and high end designs, this is perhaps not a surprise since they are interestingly enough part owner of Onkyo.
Distributed in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Radar Audio

Muse See --> New Japan Radio Co. (Audiophile grade op-amps and volume controls)

Manufactures high end connectors for hi-fi, pro-video, data and pro audio in addition to test equipment and patchbays, company based in Liechtenstein. Also bought out Re-An a few years back and now manufactures a cheaper line of connectors, stage boxes and patchbays under the Rean name.
Distribution: In France by Sennheiser France and Algam, in Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in Iceland by Extˇn, in Sweden by POL Teknik and in Taiwan by Taisheng Trading. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in Latin America by Tropical Music Export Enterprises, in Scandinavia by P.M. Audio and in the UK, Holland, France and Belgum by Electrovision
Homepage: .
Neutrik AG, Im alten Riet 143, 9494 Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein.
Tel : +423 2372424. Fax : +423 2325393. E-Mail : neutrik at

New Japan Radio Co.

Japanese manufacturer that trades using the JRC brand. Makes microwave and Doppler microwave components, primarily for sensing applications, analogue semiconductors such as op-amp's, regulators and comparators especially hardened for the automotive industry in addition to manufacturing generic analogue and digital semiconductors. The company also makes high end op-amps and electronic volume controls intended for audiophile applications under the Muses label and amplifiers chips and high end op-amps, headphone amplifier chips and line drivers under the JRC brand .

Originally founded in 1959 as "Saitama Japan Radio Co" and is a daughter company of the old Japan Radio Co..
Distribution: Export agent for smaller firms is Askom
Homepage: .
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd., 1-1 Fukuoka 2-Chome, Fujimino-City, Saitama 356-8510, Japan.
Tel: +81 (0)49 278 1270. Fax: +81 49 278 1234

Next Experience (NXP)
Dutch semiconductor manufacturer that has a huge range of CE related products including specialised audio and video IC's. This company used to be the semiconductor division of Philips but was spun off in 2006 and the majority of shares was bought by venture capitalists.

Norman Gerkinsmeyer
German manufacturer of cones for loudspeaker drivers sold under the ATE brand, the gentleman also offers loudspeaker design services.
Norman Gerkinsmeyer, Kasernstra▀e 41, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Germany.
Tel: +49 731 3793475. Fax: +49 731 3793476. E-Mail: a.t.e [at]

North/North Creek See --> North Creek Music Systems (Wound coils)

Norsorex See --> Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH

Nucore See --> Nucore Technologies (High power audio inductors & solenoids)

NXP (Semiconductors) See --> NXP

NXT (Loudspeaker drivers & seimiconductors) See --> HiWave

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