Professional audio & video manufacturers -- Co to C9.
Professional audio & video manufacturers -- Co to C9.

Coda Audio
German company that manufactures systems and products for sound installations, PA and sound reinforcement usage.
Distribution: In Iceland by HD Hljˇ­kerfaleiga and in Poland by Pol Audio
Homepage: .
Coda Audio GmbH, Boulevard der EU 6, 30539 Hannover - Expo-Park, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)511 866 55 888. Fax: +49 (0)511 866 55 887. E-Mail: contact (at)

Coles Electroacoustics
British manufacturer of transducer based audio products, including ribbon microphones, headphones, loudspeaker drivers and sound pressure units. It also manufactures some related hardware products like cable grommets and so on.
Distribution: In Australia by db Audio Visual, Front End Audio and John Barry Group?, in Belgium by Wolec Electronics?, Canada by HHB Communications Canada?, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Jolly Pro Audio Broadcast?, in Germany and Japan by Astroman Productions?, in India by Deepjyot Electronics?in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore by Novum?, in Israel ny Danny Natovich?, in Italy by Funky Junk Italy, in the Middle East by Panorama Company?, in Poland by Media Business Solutions?, in Romania by O-Video Ltd?, in South Africa by Tru-Fi Electronics? and in the USA by Audio Engineering Associates?, Independent Audio Inc? & Malcolm Addey Recordings?
Homepage: .
Coles Electroacoustics Ltd., Pindar Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire EN11 0BZ, England
Tel: +44 (0)1992 466685 or +44 (0)1992 460060. Fax: +44 (0)1992 446583.

Comercial Electronica Studio-2

Spanish business more commonly known locally as CE Studio-2, manufactures pro-audio products such as power amplifiers and digital networking, monitoring and control products under the RAM Audio brand.
Comercial Electronica Studio-2 S.L., P.I. La Figuera, c/ Rosa de Luxemburgo 34, 46970 Alaquas, Valencia, Spain.
Tel: +34 96 127 30 54. Fax: +34 96 127 30 56. E-Mail: support =at= .

US based maker of loudspeakers for sound reinforcement applications.

Composers Desktop Project
UK based organisation that was founded in the early 90's by a number of experimental music composers to explore the use of home computers in music making, inital product was a port CSound to the Atari Falcon but these days they are selling an eponymous software package that is a collection of esoteric sound processing modules.


USA based company that manufactures audio and video broadcast distribution and utility products. Company founded in 1961 by John Cheney and initially specialised in telephone broadcast adaptors and the like.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services
Homepage: .
Comrex Corporation, 19 Pine Road, Devens, MA 01434, USA.
Tel: 800 237 1776 (Toll free sales, USA and Canada only) or +1 978 784 1776 (International). Fax: +1 978 784 1717. E-Mail: techies >at< or info /at/

Core Sound
US based manufacturer of binaural microphones and digital converters.

Cortex See --> GCI Tecnologies

Cosmo Techno
Japanese provider of DJ oriented products, note that the company spells it's name as 2 words but the trademark is invariably as one word.

Control Acoustics (Insulation etc.) See --> GTRC Services

Countryman Associates
Makes headsets and microphones.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services, and in Russia by Pro Audio & Light Systems
Homepage: .

Countryman Associates, 417 Stanford Ave., Redwood City, CA 94063, USA.
Phone : +(650) 364-9988. Fax : +(650) 364-2794.

Distributed in Denmark by Pablo Salg.

Craaft See --> Solton Acoustic

Crane Song Ltd.
USA based company that manufactures TDM plugins in addition to studio singal processing and utility hardware both under its own name and under the Dave Hill Designs moniker.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Chocolate, in Finland by Soundata, in Greece by Location Sound, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Italy by Funky Junk and in Portugal and Spain by Mastering Mansion, in Taiwan by Midimall and in the USA by Transaudio
Homepage: -- Dave Hill Designs page.
Crane Song Ltd, 2117 East 5th St., Superior, Wisconsin 54880, USA.
Tel: +1 715 398 3627.

Crest Audio See --> Peavey Electronics

Crestron Electronics
USA based company that was mainly a manufacturer of industrial control products but has been establishing itself in the AV installation and multiroom market, initially with the introduction of mulimedia controllers and switches etc. but by now it manufactures almost anything you need to get a multiroom AV system installed from simple fittings to AV amplifiers and media servers.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Hills Sound, Vision & Lighting, in Finland by Solito, in Latvia by DVD Navigators, in Romania by Avitech and in Slovenia by E.I.S..
Homepage: .
Crestron Electronics, Inc., 15 Volvo Drive, Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647, USA.
Tel: +1 201 767 3400. Fax: +1 201 767 1903.

Manufacturer of professional audio equipment.
Distributed in Sweden by POL Teknik

Crown Audio Inc.
USA based manufacturer of professional audio products such as power amplifiers, microphones and outboard. Originally known as International Radio & Electronics Corp and for a time prefered to be known as Amcron so as not to be confused with budget audio manufacturer Crown Radio and the company was named "Crown International" until it was taken over by the Harman International group.
Distribution: In Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics, in the Cayman Islands by Eminent Audio & Video, in Thailand by Mahajak Development and in Tunisia by Mediacom.
Homepage: .
Crown Audio, Inc., 1718 W. Mishawaka RD, Elkhart, IN 46517, USA.
Tel: +1 574 294 8000. Fax: +1 574 294 8250 (sales) or +1 574 294 8301 (support).

CSE See --> CSE (Power conditioners)

Custom Consoles Ltd.
UK based company that manufactures all kinds of office and industrial furniture, as the name suggest they started out as a manufacturer of furniture products for the recording industry and still manufacture a range of furniture suited to brodcast and studio applications.
Custom Consoles Ltd., Leedon House, Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4TN, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1525 379909..

Cybermation LLC
USA based company that took over the development and sales of the Waveframe system in 2002, but that is a digital recording, editing and synthesis system that has been on the market since the mid 80's.
Resources : VB Audio makes plugins for the Waveframe platform.
Cybermation LLC, 807 NE Couch St., Portland, OR 97232, USA.
Tel: +1 503 419 3911..

Czech Music LLC

USA based manufacturer of valve based microphone pre-amplifiers and guitar amps sold under the Valvotronics brand, also makes footpedal volume control systems intended for keyboard setups under the Czech Electric name.
Czech Music LLC, 207 Charlesgate Circle, East Amherst, NY 14051, USA.
Tel: +1 716 688 2347. E-Mail: raderby ;AT;

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