Distributors of professional audio, theatrical, lighting and musical instrument products in the USA and Canada

U.S.A and Canada

Consolidated Music Export Inc.
USA based company that specialises in distributing musical instruments and related products to the Carribean, Central & South american markets. The company also trades as Universal Music LLC and as such distributes pro-audio products in the same parts of the world including handling the distribution of 18 Sound for Central America.

Brands handled by Consolidated Music include Aguilar, Ahead, Apex, Aquarian Drumheads, ART, CF Martin, Ddrum, Dean Guitars, Dean Markley, Dunlop Manufacturing Inc., EMG, Ernie Ball, Gallien-Krueger, GHS Strings, Koss, Line 6, Marshall, Music Man, Orion Cymbals, Pearl Musical Instruments Co., Phonic, Prohands, Qwik Tune, Randall Amplifiers, Sabian, Spector, Seymour Duncan, Traynor, VTC Pro Audio, Washburn, Yorkville Sound.
Homepage: http://www.consolidated-music.com
Consolidated Music Export Inc., 6974 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33126, USA.
Tel: +1 305 437 9798. Fax: +1 305 437 9748. E-Mail: sales [At] consolidated-music.com
Universal Music LLC, 6974 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33126, USA.
Tel: +1 305 499 9393. Fax: +1 305 499 9663. E-Mail: unmusic [at] bellsouth.net.

David Schramm See --> David D. Schramm (Dmitry Zhevlakov rosettes)

David Wexler & Co. See --> (USA wholesailing of Admira, Amati, Blitz Inc., Bucklegard, Classic American Kazoo, Cory Care Products, Creepnomore, Dr Dan, Dukoff, Kafko International, Marcsmen Lighting, Mike Balter Mallets, MTS Products, My Masterpiece, Original American Kazoo, The Original Swab Co., Populaire, Pacific Trends, Road Tuff, Shield, Strunal, Unitec Products, Windy City Mutes and Woodstock Chimes.)

Fingerprint Audio
USA based company that distributes the products of SE Electronics in the USA and Canada..
Homepage: http://fingerprintaudio.com
Fingerprint Audio, 511 Flite Acres, Wimberley, TX 78676, USA.
Tel: +1 512 847 5696. Fax: +1 512 842 1380. E-Mail: information >at< fingerprintaudio.com.

Grover/Trophy See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company (Petz Kolophonium & Paganini rosins)

GSF Agency Inc.
USA based sales agency/rep, handles the North American distribution of the products from OTO Machines and Thomas Elroy Oberheim. Run by Geoff S. Farr who was behind Europa Tech. in the 1980's but they handled PPG amongs others.
Homepage: http://www.gsfagency.com
GSF Agency Inc., 1158 Hartzell St., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-3822, USA.
Tel: +1 310 995 0100. E-Mail: geoff (at) gsfagency (dot) com.

Grace Design (Grimm Audio) See --> Grace Design

LaSiDo Inc. See --> LaSiDo Inc. (SR Technology)

Metropolitan Music Company See --> Metropolitan Music Company (Wilfer)

Middle Atlantic Products (Exact furniture - Canada) See --> Middle Atlantic Products Inc.

Morgan Hill Music (Aroma tuners) See --> Morgan Hill Music

MV Pro Audio
USA based pro-audio distributor handles the North American distribution of Dvk Technologies, Mixosaurus, Sample Logic, SM Pro Audio, Softube and Violet Audio in North America in addition to handling the distribution of Waldorf in USA and Canada.
Homepage: http://www.mvproaudio.com
MV Pro Audio LLC, P.O. Box 3312, Santa Barbara, CA 93130, USA.
Tel: 877 784 7383 (Toll free, USA and Canada only). Fax: +1 805 267 4115. E-Mail: info .at. mvproaudio.com.

Pearl USA (Adams percussion) See --> Pearl Musical Instruments Co.

Pro Tec International See --> Pro Tec (DeMar LLC (Arion), Mighty Bright, Ingles, Roché-Thomas, Hercules Stands, FF-Fortissimo and Hollywoodwinds)

RedwineJazz (Canyes Xilema reeds) See --> RedWine Jazz

Shar Products See --> Shar Products (Carlsson & Nilton)

USA based distributor handles the worldwide representation and local distribution of Chameleon Labs, Daking Audio and Bock Audio in addition to hadling the USA distribution of A-Designs Audio, ATC, Crane Song, Dave Hill Designs, Drawmer, Lehmann Audio, GML, Pauly Ton, Sabra-Som, Sonodyne, Soundfield and Tube-Tech.

In addition the company runs a pro-audio retail operation in its home town of Las Vegas in Nevada called simply Las Vegas Pro Audio.
Homepage: http://www.transaudiogroup.com -- Las Vega Pro Audio homepage
TransAudio, 7340 Smoke Ranch Road, Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA.
Tel: +1 702 365 5155 (distribution) or +1 702 307 2700 (retail). Fax: +1 702 365 5145..

US Music Corporation See --> Marshall, Phonic, Natal Drums and Warwick

Yorkville Sound See --> Hughes & Kettner (US & Ca.) Gibson, Epiphone, Gallien Krueger, CrossRock, BeyerDynamic, RotoSound and Visual Sound in Canada.

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