Professional audio & video manufacturers -- L.
Professional audio & video manufacturers -- L.

LA Audio See --> Audient

Swedish manufacturer of amplifiers and crossovers for sound reinforcement and PA usage, the company also recently took over the Lake Technology company and is integrating their products and technologies into the Lab product line but they mostly consist of digital routing and signal processing technologies and products for commercial audio and sound reinforcement applications. The Lake brand will live on though. The company was recently taken over by TC Group.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Hills Sound, Vision & Lighting, in Bulgaria by Nat Ltd., in Hong Kong by Dah Chong Hong Ltd., in India by Acoustic Arts, in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher, in Sweden by Arva Trading (Lake only) and in the UK by Sennheiser UK.
Authorised repair centres : Alner Hamblin (UK - Bristol).
Lab.gruppen AB, Faktorvńgen 1, SE-434 37 Kungsbacka, Sweden.
Tel: +46 300 56 28 00. Fax: +46 (300) 56 28 99. E-Mail: info at

Lab Professional Audio (Budget PA systems) See --> Tropical Music Export Enterprises

French manufacturer of PA and sound reinforcement products such as loudspeakers, amplification, control systems and simulation software, best known for their line array loudspeaker and control products but they do manufacture a wide range that includes products suitable for smaller venues that feature coaxial drivers and so on.
Distribution: In Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System
Homepage: .
L-Acoustics, 13 Rue Levacher Cintrat, Parc de la Fontaine de Jouvence, 91462 Marcoussis Cedex, France.
Tel: +33 (0) 1 69 63 69 63. Fax: +33 (0) 1 69 63 69 64. E-Mail: info _at_

Laguna (DJ Products) See --> GTRC Services

Lake Technology See --> LAB Gruppen

Chinese microphone manufacturer, also trades using the Kenyako brand.
Enping Lane Electron New Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Lane Industrial Building,No.11B, Enping Private and Foreign Industry Area, Guandong, Postal Code 529400 China.
Phone : +(0750) 7817728. Fax : +(0750) 7815798.

Laney (PA systems) See --> Laney

Langevin See --> Manley Labs

Lavry Engineering
US manufacturer of D/A and A/D converters and related processors, mostly intended for the professional market, the company was formerly known as db Technologies.

Lawo AG
German company that makes digital mixing consoles for live and broadcst usage, digital routing systems, high end audio processing plug-ins and outfits OB Vans. The company also owns Innovason.
Distribution: Worldwide distribution of Lawo plugins by Audiowerk
Homepage: .
Lawo AG, Am Oberwald 8, 76437 Rastatt (Ottersdorf), Germany.
Tel: +49 7222 1002 0. Fax: +49 7222 1002 7101. E-Mail: info(at)

Chinese manufacturer of professional audio and commercial sound products, best known for their loudspeakers and karaoke items but have a wide line .
Distribution: In Belgium by New Invor and in Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System
Homepage: .
Lax International, No.10, Shilou Section, Shilian Road, Shilou Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.
Tel: +86 20 39280103. Fax: +86 20 39280141. E-Mail: info _at_

Layered Sound (Wide dispersion PA/install loudspeakers) See --> Layered Sound Technologies

LD Systems See --> Adam Hall

USA based manufacturer of wireless microphones and processing products for the pro-audio industry.
Distribution: In Austria and Germany by Ambient Recording
Homepage: .
Lectrosonics, Inc., 581 Laser Drive, Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124, USA.
Tel : +505 892 4501. Fax : +505 892 6243. E-Mail : sales at

Legacy Audio (PA speakers & processors) See --> Legacy Audio

Korean manufacturer of professional audio and PA products.
Distributed in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller

Italian company, originally a pioneering manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and computer music software but later moved into the world of sound reinforcement products, is now a part of the GEM (Generalmusic) group.

Leon Audio Co.
Australian manufacturer of professional audio and lighting products, primarily services the broadcast and theatrical markets. Also acts as the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Interspace Industries and sells second hand PA gear.
The Leon Audio Company, 62 Edgeware Road, Aldgate, South Australia 5154, Australia.
Tel: +61 8 8339 3865. Fax: +61 8 8370 8780.

Lexicon Professional
USA manufacturer of processors and other equipment for the recording industry, is a part of the Harman International group and for home audio and AV products branded with the Lexicon name see : Harman Speciality Group.
Distributed in Sweden by Sennheiser AB, in Thailand by M. I. Engineering and in Tunisia by Mediacom.
Lexicon, Inc. 3 Oak Park, Bedford, MA 01730-1441, USA.
Phone : +781 280 0300. Fax : +781 280 0490..

LinearX Systems
USA based company that manufactures acoustic measurement systems and related products such as microphones and accessories.
Distribution: In Indonesia by Ken's Audio and in Japan by Rey Audio
Homepage: .
LinearX Systems Inc., 9500 Tualatin-Sherwood Road, Tualatin, OR 97062-8586, USA.
Tel: +1 503 612 9565. Fax: +1 503 612 9344. E-mail: sales %at/

Lightwave Audio Systems
Manufactures microphone accessories such as booms, screens etc., company based in the USA.
Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Syntec International and in the UK by Sennheiser UK.

Lindos Electronics
UK based manufacturer of audio test equipment and related paraphernalia such as microphones, test discs and cassette tapes.
Lindos Electronics, Saddlemakers Lane, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1PP, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1394 380307. Fax: +44 (0)1394 385156. E-mail:áinfo :at:

Line Audio
A company that manufactures digital audio interfaces and microphones.
Line Audio Design, Box 14035, 291 14 Rinkaby, Sweden.
Phone : +46 (0)44 22 54 96. Fax : +46 (0)44 22 54 20. Email : info at

Line 6 See --> Line 6

Lipinski Sound
USA based manufacturer of professional audio products intended for recoding studios, primarily monitors, amps and signal processors. Their speakers are sometimes marketed into the home audio segment and the company also occasionally puts out an classical audiophile CD, SACD or Blu-ray.
Distribution: In Portugal and Spain by Mastering Mansion, in Turkey by Akalin Muzik Elektronik
Homepage: .
Lipinski Sound Corp., 6120 Massachusetts Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20816, USA.
Tel: +1 916 273 9726. E-Mail: getinfo =at=

Lookab (Cables) See --> 2M Kablo

Loud Technologies

USA based manufacturer of semi-professional audio products under the Mackie and Tapco brands, PA and commercial sound products under the EAW name, musical instrument amplification under the Ampeg, Crate and Blackheart Engineering labels and acoustic guitars, banjos and mandolins under the Alvarez stensil, the acoustic instruments are actually made by Kazuo Yairi and Loud does in addition to the Alvarez branded models distribute some of the Yairi branded high end models in North America.

Company originally called Mackie Designs, bought distrubutor St. Louis Music. in in 2005 and with it got a host of labels that SLM had used to brand various mostly Asian sourced musical instruments and related products, the SLM distribution and name was then sold to US Band and Orchestra Supplies Inc. when LT hit financial problems in the latter half of the deacade. USB&OS in turn now trades under the St. Louis Music name, however most of the brand names aquired with the original transaction were kept by LT with the exception of Austin and Knilling and some smaller accessories labels. The company also bought Martin Audio in 2007 but that company is run mostly independantly and for a time they also owned RCF.
Distribution: All LT products are distributed in latin America via a non-exclusive wholesaling/distributing deal with Tropical Music Export Enterprises. Mackie & Tapco: Are distributed in Australia by Music Link Australia, in Denmark and Sweden by Luthman Scandinavia (Mackie only), in Finland by Soundata, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Iceland by Pfaff, in Romania by Stage Expert, in Taiwan by Midimall and in Thailand by S.D.K. Technology Innovation. Alvarez is handled in Finland by Soundata and in the USA by St. Louis Music. Ampeg, Blackheart & Crate are handled In Australia by Music Link Australia, in Finland by Soundata, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A. (Ampeg & Crate only), in Hungary by Absolute Bt. and in Iceland by Tˇnast÷­in (Ampeg only), while EAW is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services, and in Japan by Continental Far East
Homepage: -- Mackie homepage -- EAW Site -- Ampeg homesite -- Crate site -- Blackheart homepage -- Alvarez site.
Loud Technologies Inc., 16220 Wood-Red Road NE, Woodinville, WA 98072, USA.
Tel: +1 425 892 6500. Fax: +1 425 487 4337.

LT Sound
USA based company that manufactures voice processors under the Thompson Vocal Eliminator name. Company originally founded in 1983 by Lacy Tompson Jr.
LT Sound Inc., 7980 LT Parkway, Lithonia, GA 30058, USA.
Tel: +1 770 482 4836. E-Mail: info3 %at%

Lubell (underwater speakers) See --> Lubell

Lunatec See --> Grace Design

Lydkraft Aps.
Danish company that manufactures valve based studio signal processors under the Tube-Tech brand it also makes plug-ins of some of their products in co-operation with Softube.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Chocolate, in China by YH Audio, in the Czech Republic by Media Tech, in Germany by Audiowerk, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Slovakia by MediaTech, in South Korea by Best Leading Solutions and in the USA by Transaudio
Homepage: .
Lydkraft Aps., Mose AllÚ 20, 2610 R°dovre, Denmark
Tel: +45 38 71 00 21. E-Mail: info [at]

Lynx Pro Audio
Spanish manufacturer of PA, sound installation and sound reinforcement products including loudspeakers, amps, distribution systems and processors, in some markets their products are sold under the VMB brand.
Distribution: In Angola by Leinunes Audio Comercial and in Hungary by Pako
Homepage: .
LYNX Pro Audio, S.L., Pol Ind Picassent Calle 7, Picassent, Valencia 46220, Spain.
Tel: +34 961109601. Fax: +34 961233468.

Long running Danish manufacturer of professional recording ecuipment, now mostly makes products for the tape and CD duplication markets etc.

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