Musical instrument manufacturers - Ga to Ge

Musical instrument manufacturers - Ga to Ge

Gabriel Sound Garage
USA abased manufacturer of high end guitar amplifiers, cabinets and combos, note that the company does usually make them to order rather than deliver from stock. Company founded in 2004 by Gabriel C. Bucataru.
Gabriel Sound Garage LLC, 414 S Evergreen Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60005-1918, USA.
Tel: +1 847 394 5091..

Galli Corde Musicali Srl.
Italian manufacturer of strings for plucked string instruments and violins, has a notable selection of strings available for ethnic instruments including Italian, Turkish and Arabic in addition to all the usual guitar, bass, banjo and ukulele strings. Also manufacture straps, picks and other plucked string instrument accessories such as capos and winders.
Distribution: In France by Fred's Guitar Parts
Homepage: .
Galli Corde Musicali Srl., Via Cupa Santa Croce 25, 80143 Napoli, Italy.
Tel: +39 081 759 00 29. Fax: +39 081 759 67 60. E-Mail: info at

Gage See --> David Gage String Instruments (Cello & bass cases)

USA based manufacturer of electric and acoustic bass amplification.
Distribution: In Canada by Yorkville Sound, in Hungary by Sound Work Kft., in Indonesia by Melodia Musik and in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher. Non-exclusive distribution in the Caribbean and South & Central America by Consolidated Music Export Inc..
Homepage: .
Gallien-Krueger, 2234 Industrial Drive, Stockton, CA 95206, USA.
Tel: +1 209 234 7300. Fax: +1 209 234 8420. E-Mail: sales :at:

Galway Spirit See --> Conn-Selmer

Gary Friedman
Sells a small clarinet like instrument called an Xaphoon, essentially a re-invention of the Chalumeau.
Distribution: In the USA by U.S. Band and Orchestra Supply
Homepage: .
Gary Friedman, 16342 Vernon St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708, USA.

Gatchell Violins Co.
USA based classical string instruments distributor that is a sister company to a retail operation called Atlantic Strings and with it shares a number of brands. The bulk of their lines are sold under their own brandnames such as Ametto that is used on beginners and childrens instruments, Keith, Curtis & Clifton/KCC, Nicolas Parola and H. Luger/Hermann Luger that are used on beginners and student level instruments and bows, Sumi that they use on shoulder rests in addition to Stefan Petrov, Ricardo Galaini and Viktor Kereske that are used on intermediate and mid priced instruments and CFX that is used on budget carbon fiber bows. The company also handles non-exclusive distribution of Fzone, Plamen Edrev, Radiana Edreva and Rudolph Fiedler in the USA.
Distribution: Viktor Kereske violins are distributed in Japan by Mac Corporation
Homepage: -- H. Luger Bows homepage -- KCC homepage -- Atlantic Strings homepage.
Gatchell Violins Company Inc., 1377 West New Haven Avenue, West Melbourne, FL 32904, USA.
Tel: +1 866 614 7547 and +1 321 733 1499. Fax: +1 321 821 0135. E-Mail: steve (at)

Gator Cases (Cases and trunks) See --> Gator Cases

Geipel (Picks & rosins) See --> Walter Geipel

Gemwood (Batons) See --> David Wexler & Co.

Generation Music
UK based company that took over in 2006 the manufactuing arm of Barnes & Mullins, make tin flutes and kazoos using their own name, rosins for bowed string instruments under the Sonella stensil, rosins, valve & slide oil and cleaning products under the Hidersine brand, rosins, leaning products and violin strings under the W.E. Hill & Sons name, marching flutes under the Miller Browne label, rosins using the "A.B." brand, guitar, banjo and saxophone straps alongside slides, cleaning products and capos under the TGI name and drumheads under the Martin Percussion name. Note that the TGI products are still sold by some distributors under the Terry Gold name for historical reasons although technically that brandname now belongs to Barnes & Mullins.
Distribution: In Spain and Portugal by Enrique Keller. Worldwide distribution by Dave Martin International. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the UK and Ireland by McClelland Music Ltd. and Barnes & Mullins, in the USA by St. Louis Music & JR Music Supply and in Europe by Petz Kolophonium
Homepage: .
Generation Music Ltd., Unit 14, Mile Oak Industrial Estate, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 8GA, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1691 653970. Fax: +44 (0)1691 670403. E-Mail: sales !at!

Gennusa (Clarinet mouthpieces) See --> RedWine Jazz

Genz Benz (Guitars & bass amps) See --> KMC Music

George L's
USA based company that manufactures cables intended for musicians, specialises in low impedance coaxial cables that suit high impedance signals like the ones that are put out by a guitar pickup, also manufactures guitar, mandolin, banjo and steel guitar strings and pedal steel guitar accessories. Company originally founded by and named after the late George L. Lewis but is now run by his daughters Lisa and Kimberly Lewis.

George L's distribution

Europe: In the Benelux Countries by Van de Haar Guitars, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia by Music Max, in France by Audio Tube Tech, in Germany by Blue Guitar, in Greece by Soto Onstage, in Iceland by Tónastöðin, in Italy by Music Corporation, in Norway by Steel Guitar Senteret (PSG strings only), in Poland by Czak Music, in Portugal by Mr. Jack - Guitar Shop, in Spain by Amptek, in Switzerland by Leadmusic Instruments, and in the UK by Moonphase Ltd..

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by EGM Distribution, in China, Hong Kong and Macau by Guitar Cube, in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Japan by Fernandes and Rap Corporation, in Malaysia by The Guitar Store, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd, in the Phillipines by Sound Essentials, in South Korea by Stompbox and in Taiwan by Power Chord..

The Americas & the West Indies: In Brazil by Tommy Guitars and in Canada by KO Music Marketing.

Africa and the Middle East: In the UAE by Guitar Street..

George L's, P.O. Box 238, Madison, TN 37116, USA.
Tel: +1 615 868 6976. E-Mail: georgels -at-

Georges Alloro
A French maker of custom instruments, primarily occupied with building and modifing string instruments these days and the products you most often see from his workshop are electric and acoustic harp guitars, some of them built under the Guitare-Veena brand but in that case the harp stings are more intended as sympathetic resonators, but in the past he alongside his apprentice Gontran Onraedt have done anything from wind instruments to drums. His designs are often very visually exiting and the site is worth a visit just to oogle. Also holds from time to time classes in instrument building.
Georges Alloro, 3 route de Valennes, 41170 Baillou, France.
Tel: +33 (0)6 84 11 31 72. E-Mail: contact >at<

George Shumanov See --> Classic Violins

George Steck (Pianos) See --> Sejung Musical Instruments Co.

Geo Woo Musical Instrument
South Korean manufacturer of high end electric guitars, basses, effect pedals and pickups sold under the Moollon brand. The company also builds custom guitar effects.
Distribution: In Japan by Korg
Homepage: .
Geo Woo Musical Instrument, 210-20(B1)Goosan-dong, Eunpyung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
Tel: +822 351 4201. Fax: +822 387 9456. E-Mail: support at

Get'm Get'm
USA based manufacturer of guitar straps and drumstick bags.
Distribution: In Australia by Atlantis Distribution, in France by Algam, in Italy by Wilder s.a.s. and Bode SRL
Homepage: .
Get'm Get'm, 8282 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, California 90046, USA.
Tel: +1 323 656 3882. Fax:+1 323 656 0399.

Getzen Co.
USA based manufacturer of brass wind instruments.
Distribution: In France by SML
Homepage: .
Getzen Co., 530 S Cty Hwy H, PO Box 440, Elkhorn, WI 53121, USA.
Tel: +1 262 723 4221 (int.) or 800 366 5584 (USA and Canada only). Fax: +1 262 723 4245. E-Mail: info (at)

Gewa Music

German company, primarily a distributor and wholesaler but also acts as a manufacturer primarily of specialised MI accessories and classical string products. The company sells classical string instruments and cases for musical instruments under its own name, classical guitars and tuning machines under the Miguel J. Almería (Sometimes marketed as just Almería), Pro Arte and Pro Natura brands, electric and steel string acoustic guitars and basses under the Visions In Guitars or VGS name, budget guitars of any kind under the Tenson brand, classical string instrument accessories under the Bech-Tourte (sometimes Tourte-Bech) and Viol labels, wind instruments using the Roy Benson stensil, budget PA products under the Alpha Audio name, drums and hardware such as stands, trussing and seats under the BSX label, drums, drumkits and related products under the Drumcraft stensil, strings, picks and other guitar related products under the Fire & Stone brand, ethnic percussion and wind instruments under the Kamballa name, persussion cases and bags using the Roadcase stensil, cymbals under the Medina mark, MI and pro-audio cables and connectors using the Hot Wire brand, drumsticks under the HipStix name, band instruments and marching band accessories using the Chester label and latin American percussion products under the Club Salsa stensil. The company appears to be phasing out the Roadcase brand in favour of a new brand called simply Gewa Bags.

he company acts as the European distributor of Conn-Selmer, Finissima, Gonzalez Reeds (excl. UK, Fin. & Port.), Laboga and Leather Specialties Co. in addition to acting as a non-exclusive distributor for D'Addario & Co., Hannabach, Humes & Berg, Saxmute, Thomastik-Infeld, Tom Crown, John Wallace and Wittner.
Distribution: Gewa branded products are distributed in Croatia by Euromusic Agency, in South Africa by Tuerk Musical Technologies, non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by St. Louis Music. Bech-Tourte & Viol : Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium. VGS Guitars distribution : On Reunion Island by Fotelec
Homepage: -- Miguel J. Almeria guitars homepaget -- Drumcraft homepage -- Tenson Guitars homepage -- VGS Guitars site.
GEWA music GmbH, Werkstraße 1, D-08626 Adorf, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)37423 7780. Fax: +49 (0)37423 7789101 . E-Mail: info [at]

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