Professional audio & video manufacturers - Po to Q.
Professional audio & video manufacturers - Po to Q.


Polish manufacturer of sound reinforcement loudspeakers, systems and arrays, in addition the company handles the Polish distribution of Altair, BMS, Coda Audio, Powersoft, Xilica Audio Design and 18 Sound in addition to offering rental services.
Pol-Audio, ul. M.C. Sklodowskiej 33, 05-420 Józefów, Poland.
Tel: +48 (0) 22 789 30 02 and +48 (0) 22 789 64 87. Fax: +48 (0) 22 789 65 87. E-Mail: polaudio %at%

Poshing See --> Guang Zhou HuiYing Electronics

Powersoft SRL.
Italian company that manufactures digital power amplifiers for professional applications and software products that help manage the amplifiers and sound systems in general. Their amplifier products invariably have a built in DSP processor and thus have sound shaping, filtering or acoustical response modifications that you do not associate with an amplifier, they also sell their amplifiers as modules to other manufacturers that use them in their own products. They have in particular been popular with makers of PA speakers that have used the DSP capabilities to create products such as a portable speaker that modify the filter behaviour in responce to changes in the enviroment etc..
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services, in Ecuador by Banlow S. A. and in Poland by Pol Audio
Homepage: .
Powersoft S.r.l., Via Enrico Conti 5, 50018 Scandicci, Firenze, Italy.
Tel: +39 055 735 0230. Fax: +39 055 735 6235. E-Mail: sales |at|

Power Works See --> Stamer Musikanlagen GmbH

Prefer - Ummels
Dutch manufacturer of professional audio products.
Prefer-Ummels, Hofdwarsweg 57, 6161DE Geleen, PO BOX 1002 6161BA Geleen, The Netherlands.
Phone : +31 464747373. Fax : +31 464755100
Ummels GmbH, Waldweg 1, 52525 Waldfeucht-Haaren, Germany.
Phone : +02455 930015, Fax : +02455 930025.

Distributed in France by Hamy Sound.

Primacoustic (Acoustic treatments) See --> Radial Engineering

Argentinian company that manufactures all kinds of pro-audio, lighting and theatrical hardware, connectors, rigging, horns and fittings under the Xpro brand, the company has also been branching into the manufacture of electronics such as loudspeaker drivers and lighting controllers. Also handles the local distribution of Adam Hall, Cortex, Defender, Ecler, Gemini, iKey Audio, LD Systems, Palmer Audio Tools, QSC, RMV, SGM Technology for Lighting, Switchcraft, Takstar and 18 Sound.
Prind-Co, Monte 5948, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, C1440BLV, Argentina.
Tel/Fax: +54 11 4683 3362 and +54 11 4683 2777. E-Mail: info [at]

Prism Sound
Maker of professional audio products such as converters, eq's and mic amps.
Distribution: In Sweden by Arva Trading

Procella (Theatre/cinema loudspeakers) See --> Procella Audio

Production Intercom
An USA based company that makes wired and wireless intercom systems.
Distribution: In Argentina by Exosound and in Norway by Lyd og Lys Norge AS
Homepage: .
Production Intercom Inc., P.O. Box 3247, Barrington, IL 60011-3247, USA.
Tel: +1 847 381 5350. Fax: +1 847 381 4360.


Italian company that manufactures or sells PA, lighting and sound reinforcement products under its own name, pro-audio and musical instrument cables alongside MI accessories such as gig-bags and guitar stands under the Die-Hard name, drums and percussion products under the Tamburo label, lighting and theatrical products using the Sagitter brand, brass wind instruments under the Vox Meister marque, woodwind and classical string instruments under the Grassi label, guitars, basses and related accessories under the DeSalvo name, although they appear to be phasing that brandname out. The company did for a few years also sell buitar & and bass guitar amplifiers under the Stinger brand. Please note that the Die Hard cables are routinely marketed as DH Cables but it is important to not confuse them with USA based maker of home audio/video cables called DH Labs, and until the summer of 2012 the company owned British pro-audio maker Turbosound but it is now owned by Music Group.

In addition the company handles the Italian distribution of Ashdown Engineering, Behringer, Bugera, Beyerdynamic, Fostex, Genz Benz, Gibraltar, Gretsch Drums, Hamer Guitars, Line 6, Studio 49, SX, Takamine, Toca and Valencia.
Distribution: Proel products are distributed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden by Luthman Scandinavia, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Macedonia by D. T. Kodi, in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd, in Poland by Soundtrade, in Romania by Pro Dance Show and in Slovakia by MediaTech. Tamburo distribution: In Poland by Soundtrade
Homepage: -- Tamburo drums homepage -- Die Hard homepage -- Sagitter homepage.
Proel S.p.A., Via alla Ruenia 37/43, IT-64027 Sant'Omero (TE), Italy.
Tel: +39 0861 81241. Fax: +39 0861 887862.

Professional Sound Corporation (PSC)

USA based manufacturer of pro and semi pro audio products for sound reinforcement and broadcast usage, also sells location recording accessories under the Garfield brand.
Professional Sound Corporation, 28085 Smyth Dr., Valencia, CA. 91355, USA.
Tel: +1 661 295 9395. Fax: +1 661 295 8398..

Pro-Lok See --> Tropical Music Export Enterprises

PSSO See --> Steinigke Showtechnic

Pyle Pro See --> Lanzar Audio

QA Worldwide
USA based company that manufactures a quick fasten/release cable fasterners und sundry brandnames including Cable Clamp and Cable Cuff, primarily popular with home theatre installers.
Distribution: In Greece by Acoustic Design
Homepage: -- Cable clamp homepage.
QA Worldwide, 4740 126th Avenue, North Clearwater, FL 33762, USA.
Tel: +1 727 528 1000. Fax: +1 727 299 9262. E-Mail: info )at=

QES Labs (Signal processors) See --> Valerio Riccelli

Qube (Amplifiers, loudspeakers etc) See --> FBT

American manufacturer that specialises in amps, speakers and networking products for the sound installation market.
Distributed in Argentina by Prind-Co, in France by Sennheiser France and in Iceland by Extón

Quad Industrial See --> International Audio Group

Quantec Audio Pro
German manufacturer of digital signal processors called Yardsticks, these use an unusual room reverb algorithm based on a room resonance model rather than time slice or time string based algorithms you find in most reverbs and are deemed to be much more realistic, in fact the company does not call their models reverbs at all but rather "room simulators".
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Chocolate
Homepage: .
Quantec Audio Pro, Mittenwalder Str. 63, 81377 Munich, Germany.
Tel: +49 89 333034. Fax: +49 89 330793 23. E-Mail: sales (at)

UK based manufacturer of studio monitors both active and passive.
Distributed in Greece by Nick J. Laios and in Russia by Pro Audio & Light Systems

Q2 Audio
USA based company that manufactures compressors for recording purposes, these are actually updated versions of the good old Audio & Design Compex F760 and is licensed from and built in co-operation with Audio & Design Reading. Company originally founded in 2003 by Timothy M. Mead and then specialised in repairs of old studio processors.
Q2 Audio LLC., 405 East Woodruff Avenue, Hazel Park, MI 48030-3602, USA.
E-Mail: info =at=

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