Professional audio & video manufacturers - Sa to Sg.
Professional audio & video manufacturers - Sa to Sg.


USA based company that manufactures pro-audio and communications products under the Sabine and Sacom brands.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services, in China by Guangzhou Ruisheng Audio & Light Equipment, in France by Sennheiser France, in Greece by Soto Onstage, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd and in Thailand by M. I. Engineering
Homepage: -- Sacom homepage.
Sabine Inc., 13301 US Highway 441, Alachua, Florida 32615-8544, USA.
Tel: +1 386 418 2000. Fax: +1 386 418 2001

Samay Electronics
Chinese manufacturer of professional and sound reinforcement products including amplifiers, mixers, boxes and loudspeaker drivers.
Samay Electronics Co., LTD., Wenhui Dasha-16E, Caochangmen Dajie 101, Nanjing, China 210036.
Tel : +86 571 85125354. Fax : +86 571 85125295. E-mail : samayhz at

Brasilian manufacturer of microphone accessories such as shock mounts etc...
Distribution: In Singapore by Electrades and in the USA by Transaudio
Homepage: .
Sabra-Som Comercial Ltda., R. Bandeirantes, 289, S. Paulo - SP - Brazil CEP: 01124-010.
Tel : +55 11 228 7970. Fax : +55 11 227 6904. E-Mail : sabrasom at

Salzbrenner Stagetec

German company that is best known outside of its home country as just Stagetec, manufactures digital pro audio and communication products primarily oriented towards the broadcast and theatrical markets, but they include mixing decks, routing, conversion and distribution products in addition to specialised products for theatres including stage control systems.
Distribution: In Australia and New Zealand by Production Audio Services and in Sweden by POL Teknik
Homepage: .
Salzbrenner Stagetec Audio Video Mediensysteme GmbH, Industriegebiet See, D-96155 Buttenheim, Germany.
Tel: +49 9545 440 0. Fax: +49 9545 440 111. E-Mail: info /at\
Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für professionelle Audiotechnik mbH, Tabbertstraße 10-11, D-12459 Berlin, Germany.
Tel: +49 30 639902 0. Fax: +49 30 639902 32. E-Mail: office |at|

Samson Audio
Started in 1980 as a specialised manufacturer of wireless microphone equipent but has expanded into other aspects of professional and semi-pro audio products in addition to supplying sound reinforcement loudspeakers and suchlike under the Hartke Systems trademark, also acts as the USA distributor of Zoom Corp..
Distributed in Denmark by Pablo Salg in France by Algam, in Japan by Hoshino Gakki (Wirless products only), in Jordan by Zaki A. Ghul and in Papua New Guinea by Keynote Music Houses (Hartke only)

Chinese microphone manufacturer.

SAP Stands
Polish manufactures of stands and supports for the recording and sound reinforcement markets.
Distributed in Norway by Njál Hansson.

Schalltechnik Dr.-Ing. Schoeps GmbH
Long running German microphone manufacturer.
Distributed in Sweden by POL Teknik.
Schalltechnik Dr.-Ing. Schoeps GmbH, Spitalstrasse 20, D-76227 Karlsruhe (Durlach), Germany.
Tel : +49 (0)721 943 20 0. Fax : +49 (0)721 495 750. E-mail : mailbox at

Manufactures microphones.
Distributed in Sweden by Sennheiser AB

SCP (Cables) See --> Structured Cable Products

SD Systems
Dutch company that manufactures musical instrument microphones and piezoelectric pick-ups, it has been going since at least 1981 and has in the past made guitar amplifiers and mixers but is by now solely a manufacturer of specialised microphones. In the 80's the company's products were usually branded SD but these days they prefer the SDS shortening. The name is taken from the names of founders Serge Schrier and Rob Dugour..
Distribution: In Austria and Slovenia by Music Lenz, in Belgium by JIC Music, in Brazil by Izzo Instrumentos Musicais, in Canada by Long & McQuade, in China by YH Audio, in Finland by Soitin Laine, in France by Musico Saico and SML and in the UK by Bill Lewington Ltd.
Homepage: .
SD Systems Instrument Microfoons, Zeeburgerdijk 532/BG, 1095 AM Amsterdam, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)20 692 6413. Fax: +31 (0)20 66 848 77. E-Mail: office )at(

German manufacturer of sound reinforcement loudspeakers, amplifiers and control systems. These are normally branded Seeburg, but until fairly recently they were sold under the Acoustic Line brand and may still be in some countries. Also acts as the distributor for Ciare pro-audio products in Austria and Germany.

Company was founded in 2003 but traces its roots to when Winfried Seeburg started selling PA systems under the "Acoustic Line" name in 1985.
Homepage: -- Alternate homepage address

Seeburg distribution

In Austria by RTC Fürstler Sound & Light, in Bosnia by Oprema-Kikaš, in Croatia by Euromusic Agency, in Finland and Sweden by Audiotrade Åland, in France by Audioprice?, in Greece by I. Diamantopoulos, in Holland by Total Sonic, in Hungary by Art Light and Sound, in Ireland and the UK by Muse Holdings, in Italy by Matrix AVL, in Norway by Art Light, in Portugal by Producoes Musicais, in Russia by Audio Video Media and in Spain by Tempo Import.

Asia & the Pacific: In China by Guangzhou Ruisheng Audio & Light Equipment, in Kazakhstan by Arman Engineering, in South Korea by Best Leading Solutions and in Taiwan by Power Sun Electronics.

The Americas & the West Indies: N/A.

Africa and the Middle East: In South Africa by Rolling Thunder Distributors and in Turkey by Ertekin Electronic.

SEEBURG acoustic line Produktions- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Auweg 32, D-89250 Senden, Freudenegg, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 73 07 97 00 0. Fax: +49 (0) 73 07 97 00 29. E-Mail: info @

Taiwanese company with production factilities in China that manufactures PA and sound reinforcement products such as PA systems, amps, speakers and microphones. Most of their products are sold under the Show brand although in some markets and catalogues they are also known as Seikaku and occacianally under the Sky name, note also that the company sometimes spells its name as Sekaku especially in their home market and that they are better known as an OEM and ODM maker than for their own branded products. The company also held out the Alto brand from 2002 to 2010 but sold it to Numark in early 2011.
Distribution: In Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics
Homepage: -- Show homepage.
Seikaku, No.1, Lane 17, Sector 2, Hanshi W. Road, Taichung 40151, Taiwan.
Tel?+886 4 22313737. Fax: +886 4 22346757.E-Mail sekaku (at)
Seikaku Technical group, Shenshan Industrial City, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong 523465, China.
Tel?+86 769 88977068. Fax?+86 769 83371915.

SE Electronics
USA based company with manufacturing in China that makes condenser microphones and related products, note that the company has sometimes branded itself as Sound Engineering but it is actually named SE Electronics and holds no trademark rights to the Sound Engineering name. The company is owned by Chinese musician Siewi Zou and British distribution company Sonic Distribution Ltd and the latter company handles the worldwide distribution of SE products. The company has also started manufacturing acoustic treatments under the Ghost Acoustics brand more recently.

Company originally founded in the latter half of the 1990's when it was a run as a part time operation from a Chinese restaurant in California and then sold re-branded microphones made by Chinese OEM's, by 2003 the company started to have some design input into the mics and in 2005 they opened up their own factory in China for the larger capsule mics..

SE Electronics distribution

Europe: In Austria by Studer Austria, in Croatia by Provox, in Cyprus by Music Sound, in Estonia by R Music, in France by Arbiter France, Germany by Mega Audio, in Greece by KEM Electronics, in Holland by Total Sonic, in Hungary by Digital Pro, in Iceland by Tónastöğin, in Ireland by Audio Warehouse, in Italy by Midiware, in Lithuania by Muzikos Ekspresas, in Poland by Audiostacja, in Portugal by Cinesonics, in Russia by ISPA, in Scandinavia by Luthman Scandinavia (SE only not Ghost Acoustics products), in Spain by Barma Professional Audio, in Switzerland by MGM Audio AG, in Ukraine by ISPA-Ukraine and in the UK by Sonic Distribution Ltd..

Asia & the Pacific: In Australia by Music Link Australia, in Burma by MK Trading Ltd, in India by Real Image Media Technologies, in Indonesia by M Station, in Japan by Hook Up Inc., in Malaysia by Soundbuz, in New Zealand by Amber Technology, in South Korea by Sam Jung International, in Taiwan by Midimall and in Thailand by S.D.K. Technology Innovation..

The Americas & the West Indies: In Canada and the USA by Fingerprint Audio.

Africa and the Middle East: In Israel by Smartec, in Lebanon by Ragtime Technology Group, in South Africa by Tuerk Musical Technologies and in Turkey by BL Müzik.

SE Electronics International Inc, 5850 Commerce Blvd, #C1, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA.
Tel: +1 707 588 8942.

Servoreeler Systems See --> Xedit Corp (Microphone accessories)

Seven Woods Audio
USA based company that is primarily a design house that develops products for other companies in the audio field but in addition they also make a reverb product in standalone and Doepfer Eurorack fromat avaiable from time to time.
Seven Woods Audio Inc., .

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