Musical instrument manufacturers - Mo to Mt

Musical instrument manufacturers - Mo to Mt

MoBa (Clarinet mouthpieces) See --> Backun

Mollard Conducting Batons
USA based company that manufactures conducting batons.
Distribution: In the UK by Bill Lewington Ltd. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by Conn-Selmer
Homepage: .
Mollard Conducting Batons, P.O. Box 178, Bath, OH 44210, USA.
Tel: 800 842 2866 (USA/Canada only) or +1 330 659 7081 (int.) Fax: +1 330 659 7083. E-Mail: info [at]

Mollenhauer (Recorders) See --> Conrad Mollenhauer

Monotex (Strings) See --> Lenzner

Monster Relic
Singaporean company that sells guitar parts that they have aged to look like they are of a certain vintage, meant to replace parts on a vintage instrument without clashing with the look of the rest of the hardware or for the now very popular practice of making guitars that look aged.
Distribution: In Europe by Crazyparts except for France where they are handled by CISIFE and Italy where they are handled by Wilder s.a.s.. Distributed in Singapore by Guitar Connection Singapore
Homepage: .
Monster Relic, 12 Prome Road, 328320, Singapore.
E-Mail: hello [at]

Moody Leather Inc
USA based manufacturer of leather guitar straps.
Distribution: In Japan by Sleek Elite
Homepage: .
Moody Leather Inc., 50 Corte Toluca,   Greenbrae, CA  94904, USA
E-Mail: info ~at~

Moog Music Inc.
USA based company that manufactures analogue synthesisers, Theremins, signal processors, guitar pedals, electric guitars and iphone software.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Chocolate, in Croatia by Provox, in Denmark by Cyber Farm, in Finland by Soundata, in France by MESI, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Iceland by Tónastöđin, in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Italy by Midiware, in Turkey by BL Müzik
Homepage: .
Moog Music Inc., 160 Broadway St., Asheville, NC 28801, USA.
Tel: +1 828 251 0090. Fax: +1 828 254 6233.

Moollon See --> Geo Woo Musical Instrument

More Electronic Sounds & Imageries (MESI)
French company that manufactures analogue electronic musical instruments such as synthesisers and ribbon controllers under the Eowave brand and run a specialised electronic musical instuments store called Modular Square that also performs service on such instruments.

The company also handles the French distribution of a number of musical instrument and pro-audio products including CME, Cycling 74, Dave Smith Instruments, Keith McMillen Instruments, Malekko Heavy Industry, Midi Solutions, Moog Music, OTO Machines, Radikal Technologies, Roger Linn Design, Thomas Elroy Oberheim and Waldorf.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Chocolate
Homepage: -- Eowave homepage -- Modular Square.
More Electronic Sounds & Imageries, 6 rue Marceau, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine, France.
Tel: +33 0(6) 03 40 25 32 (Wholesale enq. only) or +33 (0)1 45 15 41 95. Fax: +33 (0)1 45 15 07 24

Morgan Hill Music
USA based trading company, sells acoustic & electric guitars and basses alongside amplifiers under the Boulder Creek Guitars brand, ukuleles under the Riptide label, electronic tuners under the Pitch Pocket stencil and musical instrument accessories under the Wedgie name. In addition the company distributes Aroma Music tuners & metronomes in the USA.
Homepage: -- Boulder Creek Guitars homepage -- Wedgie homepage
Morgan Hill Music, 375 Digital Drive, Morgan Hill, California 95037, USA.
Tel: +1 408 779 3845. Fax: +1 408 465 2117. E-Mail: info –at-

Morgan Instrument
Norwegian company that sells musical instruments, low end PA systems and related accessories under the Morgan brand, most of these are sourced from Asia. Morgan also acts as the Norwegian distributor of Admira, Ahlborn Organs, Carl Martin, Dean Markley, Engl, G-Sharp, Hiscox cases, Kawai, Quik Lok and TecAmp,

The company manufactured pedal steel guitars under the AVM brand between 1982 and 1989, but they had bought the operation from Arne Wilhelm Holmedal, Morgan sold the tooling, parts and AVM trademark to Steel Guitar Senteret later in 1989.
Morgan Instrument AS, Stokkevannveien 15, 3960 Stathelle, Norway.
Tel: +47 35 96 84 84. Fax: +47 35 96 84 85. E-Mail: post |at|

Morley See --> Sound Enhancemnt Products

Morrisco Bvba
Belgian company that manufactures high end saxophone mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures and caps under the Berg Larsen brand.
Distribution: In France by SML and in the UK by Bill Lewington Ltd.
Homepage: .
Morrisco BVBA, Eugeen Joors Str 57, Borgerhout, Antwerpen 2140, Belgium.
Tel: +32 478 65 66 55. Fax/Tel: +32 3 272 50 11. E-Mail: info [at]

Motion Sound
USA based company that manufactures "doppler effect" speakers/amplifiers a la Leslie, popular primarily with organists and as a special effect with some guitarists.
Motion Sound, 2370 South 3600 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119, USA.
Tel: +1 801 265 0917. Fax: +1 801 265 0978..

Mouthpiece Café
USA based maker of high end clones of vintage saxophone mouthpieces.
Mouthpiece Café, 320 Spring Ridge Trace, Roswell, GA 30076, USA.

Multivox See --> GTRC Services

MSA Pedal Steel Guitars LLC
USA based manufacturer of pedal steel and lap steel guitars, company named after owner Maurice Anderson and product usually sold as plain MSA.
MSA Pedal Steel Guitars LLC, P.O. Box 270564, Dallas, Texas 75227-0564, USA.
Tel: 817 431 8007 (USA/Canada only) or +1 214 388 0461 (Int.). Fax: +1 214 388 9370. E-Mail: reece at

MTS Products Corp.
USA based company that manufactures protective cases, these are primarily intended for musical instruments and as sucha sre avaiable in either hard plastic or wood, they do have a line of plastic racks and small trunks suitable for smaller PA setups as well.
Distribution: Non-Exclusive distribution of musical instrument cases in the USA by David Wexler & Co.
Homepage: .
MTS Products Corp., P.O. Box 1338, Elkhart, Indiana 46515, USA.
Tel: +1 574 295 3142 (int.) or 1 800 688 6001 (Toll free, USA and Can. only). Fax: +1 574 295 1269.

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