Professional audio & video manufacturers -- Y to 9.
Professional audio & video manufacturers -- Y to 9.

Yamaha See --> Yamaha Corp.

Yellowtec See --> Thum + Mahr

Yindi (Speakers, microphones) See --> Shanghai Silver Flute Sound Co.

Yoga (Microphones & heaphones) See --> Yoga

Yoshi Mori (Microphones) See --> Yoshi Mori Enterprise

Yorkville Sound

Canadian company that manufacture sound reinforcement products and other professional audio equipment under their own name and as VTC Pro Audio, microphones using the Apex brand, musical instrument amplifiers under the Traynor label, microphones and other pro-audio and mucician oriented products under the ART brand (aka Applied Research & Technology).

The company also acts as the North American distributor of Hughes & Kettner and the Canadian distributor of Beyerdynamic, Crossrock, Epiphone, Gallien-Krueger, Gibson, Rotosound and Visual Sound.
Non-exclusive distribution of all Yorkville owned brands in the Caribbean and South & Central America by Consolidated Music Export Inc.. Apex is handled in Italy by Grisby Music. ART products are distributed in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher, in Scandinavia by Luthman Scandinavia and in Thailand by S.D.K. Technology Innovation. Traynor products are distributed in Japan by Nihon Electro Harmonix. Yorkville Sound branded products are distributed in Iceland by Rín and in Israel by Eurotal Tech
Homepage: -- Traynor homepage -- VTC homepage -- ART Site -- Apex homepage.

Manufactures audio and video cables for professional applications.
Zaolla, 6920 Hermosa, Circle Buena Park, CA 90620, USA.
Tel : +(714) 736 9270. FAX : +(714) 522 4540. Email : sales at

USA based manufacturer of recorders and other professional audio products for the film and TV industries.
Distribution: In Austria and Germany by Ambient Recording
Homepage: .
Zaxcom, Inc. 230 West Parkway, Unit 9, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444, USA.
Tel : +973 835 5000. Fax : +973 835 6633. E-Mail : info at

Zebra Case See --> Radial Engineering

German manufacturer of professional audio products.
Zeck Audio, Turnhallenweg 6, D-79183 Waldkirch, Germany.
Phone : +49 7681 20040. Fax : +49 7681 200443. Email : info at

Zero Surge (Surge protectors) See --> Zero surge

Zoom Corp.
Japanese company that manufactures hand held recorders, effect processors, drum machines and mutritrack digital recorders. Company originally founded in the early 90's by a few disgruntled Korg engineers.
Distribution: In Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics, in Croatia by Provox, in Denmark by Musikpartner, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Iceland by Tˇnast÷­in, in Taiwan by Tun Huang Music and in the USA by Samson Audio
Homepage: .
Zoom Corporation, 4-4-3 Kanda-surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, Japan.
Tel: +81 3 5297 1040. Fax: +81 3 5297 1009. E-Mail: info _at_

Z Systems Audio Engineering
USA based company that manufactures professional audio products such as sample rate converters, digital audio routers, EQ's and multichannel mastering processors. It entered the home audio market in the midle of last decade with a line with digital preamplifiers and upsamplers but appears to have exited that market segment altogether.
Distribution: In Austria and Germany by Audio Import GmbH, in France by 44.1, in Germany by AGM Digital Distribution, in Greece by Akoustiki, in Taiwan by Audio Solution Inc and in the UK by HHB
Homepage: .
Z Systems Audio Engineering, 1325 NW 53rd Ave., Suite B Gainesville, FL 32653, USA.
Tel: +1 352 371 0990. Fax: +1 352 371 0093. E-Mail: z-sys [at]

360 Systems
USA based manufacturer of recording systems for broadcast and other pro usage. The company started out in 1972 as a manufacturer of musical electronic instruments and acted as an OEM and as a contract manufacturer for many similar companies .
Distributed in Sweden by POL Teknik

7953135 Canada Inc.
Canadian company that manufactures studio monitors under the ╔lan brand.
7953135 Canada Inc., 20 Place Valmont, Lorraine QC, J6Z 3X8, Canada.
E-Mail: info |at|

797 Audio See --> Beijing 797 Audio

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