Musical instrument manufacturers - Cf to Cn

Musical instrument manufacturers - Cf to Cn

C. F. Martin & Co.
USA based manufacturer of acoustic steel string guitars and ukuleles, also makes strings under both the Martin and Darco brandnames, but Darco was originally a product they made in conjunction with D'Addario & Co. but the brand has been in the sole ownership of C.F. Martin since the 90's..
Distribution: In the Benelux countries by BMI Groothandel, in France by Algam, in Greece by Soto Onstage, in Iceland by Tnastin, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd, in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller, in Thailand by Rock Planet, in Turkey by Kivilcim Grup. Non-exclusive distribution in the Caribbean and South & Central America by Consolidated Music Export Inc.
Homepage: .
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc., 510 Sycamore Street, P. O. Box 329, Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064, USA.
Tel: +1 610 759 2837. Fax: +1 610 759 5757. E-Mail: info [at]

CFX See --> Gatchell Violins Co. (Bows)

C. G. Conn. See --> Conn-Selmer

Chandler Limited (Guitar pedals) See --> Chandler Ltd.

ChangShu Huasheng Musical Instrument Co.

Chinese manufacturer of string instruments, mainly makes plucked string instruments such as guitars, basses, ukuleles and mandolins but in addition the company makes violins, children's pianos and tuners. The company is primarily an OEM and <4odm> manufacturer but they do also sell products both unbranded and under a variety of other names including HuaSound and HS. Note that there has been limited English language content on their homepage through the years so you can try the Alibaba page listed but that contains a partial catalogue in English.
Homepage: -- Alibaba landing page
Changshu Huasheng Musical Instrument Co., Jialing Village, Zhangqiao, Xinzhuang Town, Changshu, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215552, China.
Tel: +86 512 52469968 and +86 139 62367870. Fax?+86 512 52469568. E-Mail? MSN?

Changye Handcraft Guitar Manufacturas Co.
Chinese manufacturer of acoustic guitars in south European styles sold under the Changye brand, unlike most makers that manufacture mostly classical style guitars the company also makes flamenco and 10 string guitars.
Distribution: In France, Italy and Spain by Carisch SRL
Homepage: .
Changye Handcraft Guitar Manufacturas Co. Ltd., 6. Kongjia Village, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China.
Tel: +86 013607281086. Fax: +86 722 3282355. E-Mail: kunlongyu [at]

Charles Collier
USA based maker of recreations of historical woodwind instruments.
Charles Collier, PO Box 9442, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA.
Tel: +1 510 845 4403..

Charles Double Reed Co.
USA based company that manufactures canes and reeds but also sells all kinds of products and accessories for or relating to double reed wind instruments and retails new and used oboes and bassoons (fagotts) as well. Company was founded by and named after owner Brian Charles in 1984.
Charles Double Reed Company, 1976 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, USA.
Tel: 800 733 3847 (Toll free, orders from USA/CND only) or +1 603 356 9890 (office). Fax: +1 603 356 9891.

Chartier LLC
USA maker of double reeds and cane for oboes, formerly known as Bill Roscoe Double Reeds.
Chartier LLC, P.O. Box 13344, Albuquerque, NM 87192, USA.
Tel: 1 800 729 7333 (Toll free - USA & Canada only). Fax: +1 505 888 1064..

Charvel See --> Fender

Chester (Band instruments and accessories) See --> Gewa Music

Chickering See --> Gibson Guitar Corp.

China Lorteben International Trade Company
Chinese guitar manufacturer that specialises in making clone guitars and sells primarily directly to individuals via the web, has been known to offer custom builds.
China Lorteben International Trade Company, No.400 tenth area, Luokou east village, Tianqiao District , Jinan, Shandong 250032, China.
Tel: +86 135 83185886. E-Mail: guitars (at)

Chopsaver See --> Good For The Goose Products LLC

Chris Benavente
USA based maker of electric solid body and hollow body basses and guitars, trades as Benavente Guitars & Basses.
Distribution: In Japan by Sleek Elite
Homepage: .
Chris Benavente, 388 Southwest K Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526-2843, USA.
Tel: +1 541 890 9451.

Chris Elmes

UK based gent that makes medieval bows and nakers (Medieval drums of eastern origin) in addition to releasing CDs and books on the subject of medieval music, trades as Gata Medieval Music. He has in the past also offered small string instruments such as rebecs, citroles and fiddles.
Tel: +44 (0)131 557 2397. E-Mail: info (at)

Christian Celinder

Danish maker of electric bass guitars that trades as simply Celinder Guitars. Hr. Celinder keeps a very low profile these days since he has a backlog of orders measured in years rather than weeks. Today he primarily makes P and Jazz type basses that are widely considered to be some of the best around, if not the best examples of such but in the early 90s the company did not make that sort of instruments at all but made superb 6 sting instruments some with necks as long as 36, unusually playable for that type of bass but the market has gone more conservative recently so these types of instruments can be ordered as custom models but do not feature any more as standard items.

Hr. Celinder started on making basses under his own name in 1990 after having been a partner in Basslab. He does not have a webpage currently, but since for the last few years it was up it only said not taking orders for the present time, not a big loss, but take a look at this Forum posting/factory visit for background info. As for stories on the net that the company is no longer with us that have been going rounds on the net since 2005, they were definitely going as of April 2012 according to 2 different distributors but an earlier incarnation of the company closed down in 2007/8, the contact details may be outdated however.
Distributed in Japan by Sleek Elite
Celinder Handmade Bass Guitars, Gasvaerksvej 10 E, DK-1656, Kbenhavn V, Denmark
Tel: +45 11307159.

Christian Druery Guitars
New Zealand based company that hand makes high end steel string acoustic guitars and style lap style guitars out of local woods including ancient Kauri.
Christian Druery Guitars, 197 A Sandys Road, Waipapa Rd2, Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand.
Tel: +64 (0)9 4073154.

Christian Lindberg See --> Conn-Selmer

Christof Schardt

German gentleman that trades as Columbus Soft develops and sells music notation and educational software alongside related utilities.
Christof Schardt, Postfach 130 264, 64242 Darmstadt, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)6151 943830. Fax: +49 (0)6151 943831. E-Mail: info ;at;

Christopher Monk Instruments
British company that specialises in making historical brass instruments, or rather copies of the instruments that later evolved into brass instruments.
Tel: +44 (0)7958 611478. E-Mail: hmcornett (at)

Cibeles Music
Spanish manufacturer of musical instrument cases that aslo distributes musical instruments and accessories locally. Please note that their web page appears to be a B2B page only with little or no info for consumers.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution of MI cases in Spain and Portugal by Enrique Keller
Homepage: .
Cibeles Music S. L., C Grecia F3, Grinon, 28971 Madrid, Spain.
Tel: +34 918140902.

Cicognani (MI amplifiers etc) See --> FBT

Circustime (Musical toys) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

Citron (Guitars, basses & pickups) See --> Harvey Citron Enterprises

CKB See --> Conn-Selmer

Classic Violins
USA based company that is primarily a retailer and rental outfit dealing with classical string instruments but do have their own workshop in the USA that repairs, restores and builds new instruments using the master names Petio Kostov, Plamen Chavdarov and George Shumanov, and also runs a workshop in Bulgaria that makes cheaper instruments sold under the Classic Violins brand.
Distribution: In Japan by Mac Corporation
Homepage: .
Classic Violins, 119 W. Maple Ave., Mundelein, IL 60060, USA.
Tel: +1 847 970 3797. Fax: +1 847 388 3923. E-Mail: info -at-

Claude Lakey Mouthpieces
USA based manufacturer of mouthpieces for saxophones and clarinets.
Claude Lakey Mouthpieces Inc., 1416 North West 46th Street,Suite 105-PBM 126, Seattle WA 98107, USA.
Tel: +1 425 861 5920. Fax: +1 425 861 5630. E-Mail: info =at=

Clavia DMI AB

Swedish company that manufactures synthesisers, organs and electronic pianos under the Nord brand, the company was originally founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of digital drum systems, initially selling under the Clavia brand but later under the ddrum name. Manufacture of digital drums was stopped ca 2005 and the brandname sold.
Distribution: In Denmark, Norway and Finland by Luthman Scandinavia, in France by Algam, in Greece by I. Diamantopoulos, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Iceland by Tnastin, in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Japan by Korg, in New Zealand by South Pacific Music and in Poland by Audiostacja
Homepage: .
Clavia DMI AB, BOX 4214, SE-102 65, Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)8 442 73 60. Fax: +46 (0)8 644 26 50.

Cleveland/Clevelander (Drums & percussion) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

Club Salsa (Latin American percussion) See --> Gewa Music

CME See --> Central Music Co.

CNB (MI cases & bags) See --> Team International Co.

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