Musical instrument manufacturers - X to 9

Musical instrument manufacturers - X to 9

Xaphoon (Chalumeau like woodwind inst.) See --> Gary Friedman

Xotech Guitar Co. See --> William J. Light

Xpectra (Electric guitars & basses) See --> Distribuidora Gonher

XS Percussion See --> Beijing Eternal

XXL Guitars See --> Les Ateliers de la Corde

Yairi Guitar Co.
Japanese manufacturer of mid and high end acoustics guitars, basses, mandolins, ukuleles and banjos, run by noted luthier Kazuo Yairi and sometimes marketed under his name or as K. Yairi in markets were other Yairi brandnames have been known. In addition to making under his own name he makes guitars as an OEM for brands such as Alvarez. The company also makes strange small tenor guitars solely for the Japanese market, where they are sold as a sort of a beginners/hobby instrument for girls but there is a small industry there that publishes music, holds competitions etc. specifically for tenor guitars that is completely unknown in the west.
Distribution: High end models are handled in North America by Loud Technologies
Homepage: -- European homepage.
Yari Guitar Co., Kani City, Gifu prefecture 3230-2, Japan.
Tel: 0120 62 1138 (Toll free, Japan only) or +81 0574 62 1138. Fax: 0574-62-9398

Yamaha See --> Yamaha Corp.

Yanagisawa Wind Instrument Inc
Japanese company that manufactures saxophones and related accessories. Was originally founded in 1896 and for the most part of the 20th century made all kinds of wind instruments but in the last few decades has concentrated more and more on saxes, in the west they are best known for their high end models and the use of unusual metals, but they actually have a wide range of instruments from student models upwards.
Distribution: In France by SML, in North America by Conn-Selmer and in Ireland and the UK by Barnes & Mullins
Homepage: .
2-29-5, Azusawa, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Tel: +81 3 3966 9501. Fax: +81 3 3966 9413.

Yellow Cables/Yellow Parts(Cables and guitar parts & accessories) See --> Algam

Yiwu Zhangfeng Import & Export Firm
Chinese trading company that sells amongst other things acoustic & electric guitars & basses in addition to electronic pianos, primarily on an OEM or ODM basis. Note that their homepage has no information on their musical instrument products, see: their page for info on some of their range.
Yiwu Zhangfeng Import & Export Firm , Rm303, Unit 2, Building 49, Dongxinwu, Qingkou, Yiwu City, Zhejiang 322000, China.
Tel: +86 579 13958422184. Fax: +86 579 85299159. E-Mail: admin >at>

Young Chang

South Korean manufacturer of musical instruments, the company sells pianos, children’s and educational instruments under their own name, pianos, wind instruments and classical string instruments under the Albert Weber label, pianos under the Weber marque (note that A. Weber and plain Weber are 2 separate lines from the company), digital pianos, electronic keyboards, synthesisers, studio monitors and effects are sold under the Kurzweil brand, while electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars and related accessories are sold under the Fenix name.

With the exception of pianos and electronic keyboards the company is primarily an OEM so their Albert Weber branded wind and classical string instrument products only have a limited distribution outside of South Korea. The Fenix brand was started in 1991 after they unexpectedly lost a large OEM deal with Fender and to keep the guitar factories in Korea and the USA going they started distributing under their own name, however as other companies started to use the company as an OEM and take up the slack left by Fender, Young Chang gradually withdrew the distribution of those instruments so as not to be competing with their own customers, initially from the Americas in the 90’s but also from the European market in the first decade of the 21 century, bit of a shame really since they had an excellent bang for the buck, but they are still available in some Asian markets. The company has factories in China and Indonesia in as well as in their home country, have had and indeed may still have some production capability in the USA and definitely have design offices there.

From 1996 to 2005 they also sold a line of mid range pianos and one model of a high end grand piano under the Pramberger brand, they lost the rights to the name in 2003 but not the designs however, those are now being sold under the Young Chang name while another manufacturer sells pianos under the Pramberger name that are actually not Pramberger designs, funnily enough. From 1996 until the somewhere after the turn of the century the company sold pianos in the UK under the Astor brand, and after opening up their first piano factory in China they decided to sell the pianos under a separate name and choose the Bergmann brand, which they used from 1998 to ca 2007, however in an effort to simplify their brand strategy those instrument were later rebranded Weber. From 1996 to 1999 they manufactured acoustic and archtop guitars in the USA under the Tacoma name, but they had been manufacturing guitars in that plant since 1991, primarily for Washburn. The company also distributes Brancher France reeds in South Korea.
In Iceland by Tónastöðin. Kurzweil only: In Croatia by Provox, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher, in New Zealand by South Pacific Music
Homepage: -- Albert Weber pianos -- Kurzweil Music Systems -- Young Chang America -- South Korean storefront.
Young Chang Akki Co. Ltd., 178-55 Gajwa-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon, 404-250 South Korea
Tel: + 82 32 570 1000.
Young Chang North America Inc. 6000 Phyllis Dr., Cypress, CA 90630, USA.
Young Chang Indonesia, Jl Jend Gatot Subroto Km 6, 2, Jatake, Jatiuwung, Tangerang 15136, Indonesia.
Tel: +62 (0)21 5565 2600, +62 (0)21 5565 2700, +62 (0)21 5565 2800 and +62 (0)21 5565 2900. Fax: +62 (0)21 5913565.

Zachary Music
Canadian company that is primarily an online retailer of wind instruments but also distribute brasswind, flutes and saxohpones under their own ZeuS brand and electric guitars, pedals, amplifiers, stands and strings under the Zachary Guitars name, company is run by Alex Csiky. Their main homepage is perfectly ordinary (for the most part) if i bit dated looking, take a deep breath before you visit the Zachary Guitars webpage however, while the general consensus is that their guitars are fine if a bit run of the mill "American HM custom" in design and build, the site looks and reads like it was done by a 12 year old with attitude who has just overdosed on Ritalin, and the further you dig the worse it gets ..... .
Homepage: -- Zachary Guitars homepage
Zachary Music, 2298 Everts Ave., Windsor, Ontario N9B 3W7, Canada.
Tel: +1 519 250 6155. Fax: +1 519 250 6177..

Zendrum Corp.
USA based company that makes a handheld and desktop pad/drum MIDI controllers.
Zendrum Corporation, P.O. Box 5907, Douglasville, GA 30154-0016, USA.
Tel: +1 404 352 1646. E-Mail: info at

Zeus (Wind instruments) See --> Zachary Music

Zildjian See --> Avedis Zildjian Company

Zinky Electronics

USA based company that manufactures guitar amplifiers and effect pedals under the Zinky, Smokey and Supro brands and has more recently added a line of guitars sold under the Supro brand.
Distribution: In Australia by Atlantis Distribution, in Italy by Grisby Music, in Japan by Nancy (Instrument amps) and in the UK by GAP Co.
Homepage: -- Supro homepage.
Zinky Electronics, LLC, PO Box 3973, Flagstaff, Arizona 86003, USA.

Zion Guitar Technology
USA based manufacturer of high end electric guitars. Originally founded by Ken Hoover in 1980 and then based in Greensboro, North Carolina, but currently owned and run by Dale Brown and located in Raleigh in the same state.
Zion Guitar Technology Inc., 2302 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27604, USA.
Tel: +1 919 754 9790..

Zoller Guitars See --> Framus (60's to current - Germany) or Shadow Electronics of America Inc. (USA/China 2003 to 2005)

Zon Guitars
USA based manufacturer of high end solidbody electric bass guitars.
Distribution: In Norway by Audiocompaniet
Homepage: .
Zon Guitars, 780 Second Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA.
Tel: +1 650 366 3516. Fax: +1 650 366 9996. E-Mail: customerservice at

Zoom (Guitar/bass multieffects) See --> Zoom Corp.

ZT Amplifiers
USA based manufacturer of guitar amplifiers.
Distribution: In Australia by Audio Chocolate, in France by CISIFE, in Scandinavia by Golden Age Music, in Switzerland by Sticks Musique
Homepage: .
ZT Amplifiers Inc., 2329 4th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA.
Tel: +1 510 356 4077.

ZumSteel (Pedal Steel Guitars) See --> Bruce Zumsteg

1st Note (Childrens instruments and educational materials) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

Swedish manufacturer of electronic drums, company was founded by Bengt Lilja and Rik van der Brugghen, both ex-Clavia DMI (ddrum), Hr. Lilja was actually the guy who designed and made the ddrum heads as an OEM.
Distribution: In Australia by Australis Music , in Finland by Soundata, in France by Algam, in Japan by Korg and in Poland by Audiostacja
Homepage: .
2Box AB, Gräsgatan 6, 11860 Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)70 491 16 43.
2Box, Älgstigen 28, 13936 Värmdö, Stockholms Län, Sweden.

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