Musical instrument manufacturers - Be to Bk

Musical instrument manufacturers - Be to Bk

Beale Pianos See --> Australis Music

Beamz Interactive
USA based company that manufactures an music controller that allows you trigger musical (or other) events by waving your hands throug an array of lasers, the controller itself is actually dumb, what makes the unit interesting is actually the software that aims to allow anyone to make music or DJ music. When this was written (mid 2011) only DJ applications worked on a Mac, the music apps were Win only.
Beamz Interactive, Inc., 15354 N. 83rd Way. Ste 102, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, USA.
Tel: +1 480 424 2053. E-Mail: info _at_

Beatnik (Percussion training aids) See --> Onboard Research

Bech-Tourte (Bowed string instrument mutes) See --> Gewa Music

Behn Mouthpieces International
USA based maker of high end clarinet rubber mouthpieces based on vintage designs.
Behn Mouthpieces International, 103 Noland Court, PO Box 2650, Lyons, CO 80540, USA.
Tel: +1 801 867 4335. E-Mail: bradbehn [at]

Behringer (Digital pianos, guitars & backline amplification etc.) See --> Behringer

Beijing Eternal Musical Instrument Corp.
Chinese musical instrument manufacturer also known as Beijing Eternal Resource Trading Co., makes wind instruments under the Conductor and MayBach brands, classical bowed string instruments under the Mavis and Snowpine names, percussion instruments under the XS Percussion label, rock drums, cymbals, drum accessories and kits using the Megatone brand, guitars under the Maxine name and accordions under the J-Meister label, note that in China the label is sometimes spelled J-Meisteri..
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling of J-Meister accordions in Latin America by Tropical Music Export Enterprises.
Homepage: .
Beijing Eternal Resource Trading Co. Ltd., RM#610 of East Plaza, No.15 North of West Fourth Ring Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing 100195, China.
Tel: +86 (0)10 8313 1188. Fax: +86 (0)10 8313 1108. E-Mail: xsma #at#

Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Limited
Chinese manufacturer of pianos, traditional Chinese musical instruments, wind instruments and related accessories such as piano stools etc. Primarily an OEM although it has done some contract manufacturing as well, but also sells pianos under the Hsingha, Calisa and Otto Meister brands, note that Hsingha (and HsingHai) is an alternative transliteration of Xinghai so you will often see the pianos advertised and branded in their home country as Xinghai even though the pianos themselves may be branded Hsingha or even unbranded. The Otto Meister name appears to be only used for export..
Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Limited, Tongzhou District, Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park - Tongzhou Park, 8th East Fifth Street, Beijing 101111, China.
Tel: +86 (0)10 8150 3688. Fax: +86 (0)10 8150 3685. E-Mail: sale [at]

Chinese manufacturer with factories in both its home country and Indonesia that makes guitar oriented electronics such as preamps, pickups, effect pedals and amplifiers, both under its own name and as an OEM for other marques.
Distribution: Non-exclusive worldwide distribution/wholesaling by Samwoo Manufacturing Co. Local distribution in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd and in the UK by McClelland Music Ltd.
Homepage: .
Belcat Co. Ltd., Linghu-Industrial Park, Qiuchang-Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou-City, Gunagdong, China.
Tel: +86 752 355 7545. Fax: +86 752 355 2460. E-Mail: belcat /at\

Belden (Cables etc.) See --> Belden CDT

Bellacura See --> Felix Bous

Bellafina See --> GTRC Services

Bell Custom Guitars
USA maker of electric guitars and basses, most of them feature bodies that are parlty made out of clear acrylic. Company also performs guitar repairs and custom builds.
Bell Custom Guitars, 2003 Meera Lane, Mansfield, Texas 76063, USA.
Tel: +1 682 518 9272..

Benavente Guitars & Basses See --> Chris Benavente

Benedetto Guitars
USA based maker of high end guitars, primarily archtops, both acoustics and electrics, note that in addition to a standard line the company also offers special orders and usually has a few models in stock that are one offs. Also manufactures guitar pickups in association with Seymour Duncan, strings, straps and a few other accessories.
Benedetto Guitars, Inc., 10 Mall Terrace, Suite A, Savannah, GA 31406, USA.
Tel: +1 912 692 1400. Fax: +1 912 692 1403..

Benedikt Eppelsheim
German manufacturer of wind instruments, best known for making unusual instrument variations such as sub-contrabass and sopranissimo saxophones but he has also invented wholly new types or sub-types of instruments such as the Kontraforte which is an improved bassoon.
Benedikt Eppelsheim, Friedenstrasse 18a, 81671 Muenchen, Germany.
Tel: +49 89 29 16 38 89. Fax: +49 3212 125 5946. E-Mail: mail(at)

Benge See --> Conn-Selmer

Berg Larsen (Mouthpieces & reeds) See --> Morrisco

Bernardel (Rosins) See --> Savarez

Bernd Moosmann
German manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, clarinets and related accessories.
Distribution: In France by SML
Homepage: .
Bernd Moosmann Meisterwerkstätte für Holzblasinstrumente GmbH, Anton-Schmidt-Strasse 19, D-71332 Waiblingen, Germany.
Tel: +49 71 51 90 56 33. Fax: +49 71 51 90 56 50. E-Mail: info (at)

Bernd Kürschner
German manufacturer of strings for classical and folk instruments, best known for their gut strings and for the massive range of instruments they provide strings for, but in addition to their own manufacturing they source metal wire for Mediterranean and middle eastern instruments from Turkey since the traditional metal casting techniques and metal blend required for the correct trad tonal qualities is unavailable from western manufacturers. Please note, name is written Kuerschner if your system does not support umlauts.
Bernd Kürschner, Obere waldstrasse 20, D-65232 Taunusstein, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 6128 6910. Fax: +49 (0) 6128 8207..

Bernhard Mächler
Swiss gent that makes VST plugins under the Sonicprojects brand, primarily an Oberheim OB-X emulator but also a sample playback engine with samples of analogue sting machines.
Bernhard Mächler, Länggassstrasse 79, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland.

Berp See --> Musical Enterprises (Brass wind accessories)

Besson (Brass wind instruments) See --> Buffet Crampon

BG Franck Bichon
French company that manufacture musical instrument accessories including cases, cleaning & care products, display cushions, covers, mouthpiece pouches and so on. Depending on market the company is often advertises as BG France or just plain BG.
Distribution: In Finland by Soitin Laine, in France by SML and in the UK by Worldwind Music
Homepage: .
BG Franck Bichon, 42 Route de Brignais, 69630 Chaponost, France.
Tel: +33 (0)4 78 56 86 00. Fax: +33 (0)4 78 56 57 78.

Big Dog Drum Stuff
British company that manufactures all kinds of drum accessories such as pedals, clamps, thrones etc.
Distribution: In Austria and Germany by Musik Wein GmbH, in Finland by Soitin Laine, in Italy by Bode SRL, in Norway by Audio Media Professional AS, in Poland by Balidrum, in Turkey by HD Müzik, in the UK by The Music Shipping Company and in the USA by Big Bang Distribution
Homepage: .
Big Dog Drum Stuff Limited , 86 Faire Road, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8HP, England.
Tel: +44 (0)1162 879 534. E-Mail: sales {at}

Big Idea Guys

USA based company that manufactures guitar picks under the Hot Picks and Pick Hope brands.
Distribution: In Mexico by Extensiones Eléctricas Y de Audio
Homepage: -- Hot Picks homepage -- Pic Hope homepage.
Big Idea Guys Inc., P.O. Box 24399, San Jose, CA 95154, USA.
Tel: +1 408 286 1718. Fax: +1 408 372 0779

Billy Blast Drums See --> Audette Productions LLC

Bishline Banjos Inc.
USA based manufacturer of popular stringed instruments, primarily banjos but they also make steel string acoustic and electric guitars on a custom order basis.
Bishline Banjos Inc., 1739 S. Sheridan Rd., Tulsa, OK 74112, USA.
Tel: +1 918 551 6419. E-Mail: info %at%

Björgvin Tómass orgelsmišur sf
Small Icelandic company that builds and repairs pipe organs, named after owner Björgvin Tómasson and according to Icelandic naming convention the company name should be written as above, i.e. no caps except in people and place names. No homepage.
Björgvin Tómass orgelsmišur sf, Dalatanga 27, 270 Mosfellsbęr, Iceland.
Tel: +354 566 6730 and +354 566 8130..

BJS Steel Guitar Bars
USA based company that manufactures steel guitar bars, company run by and named after owner Bill J. Stroud, company also runs a recording studio and a specialised pedal steel guitar store at the same location.
Distribution: In Denmark by Henning Kock
Homepage: .
BJS Steel Guitar Bars, 8886 Hwy. 22, Dresden, TN 38225, USA.
Tel: +1 731 364 3519. Fax: +1 731 364 5750. E-Mail: bjsbars at

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