Musical instrument manufacturers - Ta to Th

Musical instrument manufacturers - Ta to Th

Tacoma See --> Fender (Guitar & bass amps)

Japanese manufacturer of acoustic guitars & basses alsongside eq, pickup and preamp systems for such devices. Also manufactures a loudspeaker in association with Kiso Acoustic. Originally founded in 1959 as Ohsone Gakki Ltd., incorperating in 1965 under the present name.
Distribution: In Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in Italy by Proel and in North America by KMC Music
Homepage: .
Takamine Gakki Co. Ltd., 3370-1 Sakashita, Nakatsugawa, Gifu 509-9296, Japan.
Tel: +81 573 75 4185. Fax: +81 573 75 4307.

Talis (Brass) See --> B&S GmbH

Tama (Drums) See --> Hoshino Gakki

Tamburo (Drums & percussion) See --> Proel

Tanga (African & Arabic percussion) See --> Algam

Tanglewood (Guitars, basses, banjos, etc.) See --> European Music Company

Tantrum See --> GTRC Services

Taylor Guitars
USA based manufacturer of electric, semi-acoustic and steel string acoustic guitars
Authorised repair centres : Hans Kuhlo (Germany/Berlin).
Distribution: In Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovenia by Music Max, in Cyprus by Music Sound, in Hungary by Sound Work Kft.
Homepage: .
Taylor Guitars, 1980 Gillespie Way, El Cajon, CA 92020, USA.
Tel: +1 619 258 1207.

Taylor of London (Pianos) See --> Joseph Brodmann Piano

TC Electronic (Effect and utility pedals) See --> TC Electronic

Team International Co.
Chinese musical instruments trading company that sells ukuleles under the Mahalo and Aloha brands, guitar packs, ukuleles and instructive materials under the Gypsy Rose name, Spanish guitars, classical string instruments and accessories under the Valencia brand, all kinds of popular instruments under the SX name, instrument cases and bags under the CNB name, stands and other musical instrument and pro audio supports under the Platinum brand and all kinds of musical instrument parts, accessories and hardware under the Dr.Parts name..
Distribution: All TI brands are distributed in France by SML. CNB and SX are distributed in the Benelux countries by JIC Music, SX and Valencia in Italy by Proel, while Mahalo and Valencia in the USA by Saga Musical Instruments
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage with downloadable catalogues.
Team Int'l. Co. Ltd., Suite 1005, 10th Fl. Gitic Plaza, 339 Huanshi Dong Road, Guang Zhou 510098, China.
Tel: +86 20 8331 7252. Fax: +86 20 8331 7263. E-Mail: sam -at-

German manufacturer of bass guitar amplifiers, cabinets, bass oriented effects and related accessories.
Distribution: In Germany by Ahead Music, in Greece by High-Gain , in Japan by Sleek Elite and in Norway by Morgan Instrument
Homepage: .
TecAmp, Alter Bahnhofsweg 5, D-35745 Herborn, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 2777 6391. Fax +49 (0) 2777 6991. E-Mail: info {at}

Tempel Feine Bestandteile
German company that manufactures chinrests for violins and violas and tailpieces, tuning pegs and all kinds of other parts for bowed string instruments, these are sold under the Tempel or Otto Tempel brands.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium
Homepage: .
Tempel Feine Bestandteile, Gewerbepark Gräsig 23, D-64711 Erbach, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 6062 809972. Fax: +49 (0) 6062 809973. E-Mail: info _at_

Ted Stevenson

Canadian luthier that makes electric solid-body guitars & bass guitars alongside amplifiers, pedals and pickups in addition to offering guitar repair and rebuilding services. When he started out in 2007 he sold them under the Painting With Electrons name although these days he more commonly uses just the initials or PWE and when advertising his services uses the “PwE Electric” name. Mr Stevenson was the head honcho of Stevenson Guitars and although primarily known in his home land as a guitar builder he is best known outside of Canada as a builder of amplifiers.
PwE Electric, Suite 310, 5445 av de Gaspé, Montréal, QC H2T 3B2, Canada.
Tel: +1 514 272 7070..

Tenson (Basses, guitars & amps) See --> Gewa Music

Terry Gould/TGI See --> Barnes & Mullins (Musical instrument accessories) or Generation Music (Straps & guitar acessories)

The Loar See --> Shanghai Chaobo Musical Instruments Co.

Thomas Bazzolo
USA maker of high end classical and steel string guitars, trades as Bazzolo Guitarworks.
Thomas Bazzolo, P.O. Box 187, Sullivan, Maine 04664, USA.
Tel: +1 207 422 6274. E-Mail: thomas ;at;

Thomas Elroy Oberheim
USA based manufacturer of analogue synthesisers.
Distribution: In France by MESI and in the USA by GSF Agency
Homepage: .
Thomas Elroy Oberheim, 108 Ivy Dr., Orinda, CA 94563-4312, USA.
Tel: +1 925 631 7911.


Austrian manufacturer of strings for bowed and plucked instruments, one of the larger manufacturer in the business and has one of the largest catalogues with a variety of specialised variants with the website showing only a portion, the company also makes bowed string instrument rosin and tailpieces with built in fine tuners. Company originally founded in 1919 by Dr. Franz Thomastik and Otto Infeld.
Distribution: In Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, The Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia by Marving Musical Instruments, in France by AmberTech, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Indonesia by Wijaya Musik, in Ireland and the UK by Barnes & Mullins, in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller, in South Africa by Tuerk Musical Technologies. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by St. Louis Music & JR Music Supply and in Europe by Petz Kolophonium and Gewa Music
Homepage: .
Thomastik-Infeld GmbH, Diehlgasse 27, Vienna 1050, Austria
Tel: +43 (0)1 545 1262. Fax: +43 1 545 3042.

Thorvaldsson E.U.R.L.
French company that manufactures rosins under the Jade, Milant and Milant-Deroux brands, the M-D versions of the double bass rosins are colloquially known as Cat in the English speaking and Asian markets, the company also acts as the European distributor of Jay Haide producs. The rosins made by the company were originally made by noted violin maker Sebastian-August Deroux under the Colophane Deroux name in 1884, the manufacture was taken over by the Milant company run by his grandsons in 1919. Later the brand was changed to Colophane Milant-Deroux and the production survived to 1975, but Icelandic violinist Snorri Þorvaldsson bought the rights to the recipes and brands a year or 2 later and in 1991 resumed production in the south of France, the company has been run by his son Alexander Þorvaldsson (Alexandre Thorvaldsson) since 1997.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium
Homepage: .
Thorvaldsson E.U.R.L., Saint Agnin sur Bion, L'Orme., 38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu, France.
Tel: + 33(0)4 74 28 37 79. Fax: + 33 (0) 4 74 93 25 56. E-Mail: alexandre.thorvaldsson at

Thum-Eez (Wind instrument accessories) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

Thunder Products Inc.
USA based company that trades as “Players Musical Accessories” or “Players Music Association” and sells drumsticks under the Duratech brand alongside sundry wind and string instrument accessories under the Players name.
Distribution: In the UK by Bill Lewington Ltd. while the Duratech drumstick line only is distributed in Indonesia by Wijaya Musik and in Mexico by Distribuidora Gonher
Homepage: .
Thunder Products Inc., 726 E Broadway Road, Mesa, AZ 85204, USA.
Tel: 800 817 0017 (USA and Canada only) or +1 480 833 2500 (int).

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