Musical instrument manufacturers - La

Musical instrument manufacturers - La

La Bella (Strings) See --> E. & O. Mari Inc.

Polish manufacturer of valve based guitar amplifiers and cabinets in addition to related accessories such as instrument cables and footswitches. As a sideline the company also manufactures a model of a valve based hi-fi amplifier.
Distribution: Europewide sitribution by Gewa Music
Homepage: .
Laboga, ul. Partyzantow 35/2, 51-675 Wroclaw, Poland.
Tel: +48 71 345 62 41. Tel/Fax: +48 71 348 44 31. E-Mail: info (at)

Lag Guitars See --> Algam

Laguna See --> GTRC Services

Lahaina (Ukuleles) See --> Hosco

Lakatos Laszlo (Violins) See --> Viva La Musica

German manufacturer of steel sting acoustic guitars that they make available in a mind bending number of varieties, pricewise ranging from mid range to lower high range. The company did for a time manufacture flat top electric mandolins, almost like a hybrid of a small guitar and a mandolin. Company run by noted luthier Martin Seeliger.
Lakewood Guitars GmbH & Co. KG, Zum Bahnhof 6a, D - 35394 Giessen, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)641 43038. Fax: +49 (0)641 491398. E-Mail: info [at]

Lakland Guitars LLC
USA based manufacturer of solidbody electric bass guitars.
Distribution: In Australia by Central Musical Instruments, in Croatia by Euromusic Agency, in Finland by Soundata, in Iceland by Tónastöđin, in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Japan by ESP Co., in Thailand by Asia Music Ltd
Homepage: .
Lakland Guitars LLC, 1811 W. Berteau Ave., Chicago, IL 60613, USA.
Tel: +1 773 871 9637. Fax: +1 888 608 2187. E-Mail: brian{at}

Lanai (Ukuleles) See --> Quest International

Lanakai (Ukuleles) See --> Hohner

Landscape (Archtop guitars & electric double basses) See --> Quest International

Laney Electronics Limited
UK based maker of musical instrument amplifiers and PA products under its own name and using the HH Electronics brand, with production in China. In addition they handle the UK distribution of Ibanez, Ritter, Tama and Zildjian. Actually legally 3 seperate companies but apparently one operation, one called LAL and one called Headstock Distribution Ltd. and a third one called BLT Industries, all registered at the same address and IP rights registered to and contact details given out interchangibly so we are a bit confused.
Distribution: In Australia by Australis Music , in Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd. and in Papua New Guinea by Keynote Music Houses
Homepage: -- Headstock Distribution Ltd homepage -- HH Electronics homepage
Spares & service :For servicing or spares for UK made Laney and HH Electronic amplifiction producs contact Maj Electronic.
Laney Electronics Limited/Headstock Distribution Ltd, Steel Park Road, Coombswood Ind Est West, Halesowen, West Midlands B62 8HD, UK.
Tel: +44 01215 86666.

Lang International Co. Ltd.
South Korean company that specialise in manufacturing cases for classical stringed instruments such as violins, cellos and violas. Note when last tried (July 2011) the site did not show up correctly on some browsers (Opera etc), if that happens click on SiteMap and browse from there.
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A.
Homepage: .
Lang International Co. Ltd., C-208, Bundang Technopark Yatap-dong, Senongnam Si Bundang-gu, Gyeonggi-Do 463-760, South Korea.
Tel: +82 31 702 7162. Fax: +82 31 702 7163. E-Mail: info ]at[

La Partíe (Classical guitars) See --> LaSiDo Inc.

Lapstic (Electric travel guitars) See --> Phil Neal

Larrivée (Guitars) See --> Jean Larrivée Guitars

Larsen Strings
Dansih manufacturer of high end strings for bowed musical instruments, supplies strings for cello, violins and violas.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by St. Louis Music & JR Music Supply and in Europe by Petz Kolophonium.
Homepage: .
Larsen Strings A/S, Eglykke 3, DK-6400 Sřnderborg, Denmark
Tel: +45 7443 1760. Fax: +45 7443 1706. E-Mail: larsenstrings _at_

Lars Vad Andersen

Danish gent, primarily occupation is running a repair workshop for guitars and guitar amplifiers but he also runs an internet store that sells amplifier parts as and manufactures effect pedals, amplifiers and cabinets for guitars and basses under the VAD brand. Note that the pedals are a stock part while the amps and cabs are custom made to order and there is no info on the latter two product lines on his homepage.
Lars Vad Andersen, Allingvej 10, DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.
Tel: +45 4110 4769. E-Mail: amp-parts &at&

La Sevillana (Classical string instruments & guitars) See --> Distribuidora Gonher

LaSiDo Inc
Canadian company with manufacturing in both the USA and Canada, makes guitars and basses under the Art & Lutherie, Godin, La Partíe, Norman, Richmond, Seagull and Simon & Patrick brands in addition to distributing SR Technology products in North America.
Distribution: Godin distributors : In Croatia by Euromusic Agency, in Iceland by Tónastöđin, in Indonesia by M Station, in Italy by Carisch SRL, in Malaysia by The Guitar Store and on Reunion Island by Fotelec. La Partíe distributors : In Iceland by Tónastöđin, in Italy by Gold Music and in Malaysia by The Guitar Store. Richmond distributors : In Italy by Carisch SRL. Art & Lutherie distributors : In Iceland by Tónastöđin and in Italy by Gold Music. Norman distributors : In Finland, Norway and Sweden by Luthman Scandinavia, in France, Italy and Spain by Carisch SRL and in Malaysia by The Guitar Store. Seagull distributors : In Croatia by Euromusic Agency, in Iceland by Tónastöđin and in Italy by Gold Music Simon & Patrick distributros : In Iceland by Tónastöđin, in Italy by Gold Music and in Japan by Rokkoman.
Homepage: -- SR Technology NA homepage -- La Partíe site -- Art & Lutherie homepage -- Richmond Guitars homepage -- Seagull page -- Simon & Patrick homepage -- Norman Guitars site.
LaSiDo Inc., 19420 av Clark Graham, Baie-D'Urfé, QC H9X 3R8, Canada.
Tel: +1 514 457 7768. Fax: +1 514 457 9285.

Latin American Percussion (Handheld percussion) See --> David Wexler & Co.

Latin Percussion
USA based manufacturer/distributor of latin percussion instruments, company is owned by KMC Music/Fender but unlike most of their brands is pretty much an independent operation.
Distribution: In Australia by Australis Music , in Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics
Homepage: .
Latin Percussion, 160 Belmont Avenue, Garfield, New Jersey 07026, USA.
Tel: +1 973 478 6903. Fax: +1 973 772 3568.

German manufacturer of mid and high end hand made violins, cellos and double basses but is probably best known for their stringed instrument bows and rosins. The company will also repair any sort of bow including vintage and historical pieces and will build custom models and copies of vintage bows on request.
Distribution: In the Philippines by Sound Essentials
Homepage: .
Laubach, Münchner Ring 5, 96050 Bamberg, Germany.
Tel: +49 951 917 00 688. Fax: +49 951 917 60 98. Mobile: +49 163 889 889 8. E-Mail: laubachbows |at|

Lawrence K. Smith
Australian maker of custom guitars and other plucked string instruments, most instruments we see from him are steel string guitars and mandolins but he has also made resonator guitars, archtops, slide guitars (Weissenborn type) and Spanish style guitars. Mr. Smith also repairs any sort of guitars and mandolins and on an occasion will hold courses in guitar making.
Lawrence K Smith, 8 Mt Gilead Rd, Thirroul, NSW 2515, Australia.
Tel: +61 (0)2 4267 2392. Mobile: +61 (0)403 780 590. See webpage for e-mail address..

Lazer See --> GTRC Services

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