Musical instrument manufacturers - Sa to Sg

Musical instrument manufacturers - Sa to Sg

Canadian manufacturer of cymbals, gongs, chimes and handheld percussion instruments. Company was formed in the early 80's by Robert Zildjian after he was kicked out of the Avedis Zildjian Company.
Distribution: In Australia by Australis Music , in Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, The Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia by Marving Musical Instruments, in Denmark by Musikpartner, in Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in France by Algam, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Italy by FBT and in Japan by Pearl Musical Instruments Co.. Non-exclusive distribution in the Caribbean and South & Central America by Consolidated Music Export Inc.
Homepage: .
Sabian, #219 Main St., Meductic, NB E6H 2L5, Canada.
Tel: +1 506 272 2019.

Sadowsky Guitars
USA based manufacturer of electric guitars & basses.
Distribution: In Iceland by Tónastöðin, in Japan by Fernandes and in Thailand by Rock Planet
Homepage: .
Sadowsky Guitars, 2107 41st Avenue, 4th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA.
Tel: +1 718 433 1990. Fax: +1 718 433 1993.

Sáez Marín (Classical & flamenco guitars) See --> Guisama S. L.

Salvi Harps Inc.
USA based company that specialises in manufacturing concert harps (pedal harps).
Salvi Harps Inc., 2380 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064, USA.
Tel: 888 420 4277 (Toll free, for sales in USA & Canada only) or +1 310 441 4277 (International). Fax: +1 310 441 4365. E-Mail: info ¦at¦ - Yahoo IM: Alexandraperdew002 .

Sample Logic
USA based maker of sample libraries for Kontakt.
Distribution: In North America by MV Pro Audio
Homepage: .
Sample Logic LLC, 9183 The Lane, Naples, FL 34109, USA.
Tel: +1 917 597 1085.

Sam Goble
UK based maker of mouthpieces for historical brass instruments.
Sam Goble. Tel: +44 (0)77 8056 4370. E-Mail: info |at|

Sandberg See --> Holger Stonjek

Santo y Mayor (Classical guitars) See --> Algam

São Gonçalo See --> Izzo (Strings & accessories for popular instruments)

Savannah See --> Shanghai Chaobo Musical Instruments Co.

French company that manufactures guitar and harp strings under its own name, strings for bowed instruments under the Corelli name, tuner blocks for classical guitars under the Exagon brand, strings for guitars, violin, mandolin and buzuki under the Argentine brand, guitar and banjo strings under the Black Sun name, oud, charango and guitar strings under the Leonida name, charango and guitar strings under the Flamencita name and rosins under the Gustave Bernardel brand, the last brand is usually marketed as just Bernardel esp. in Germany. The Savarez company also owns the Aubert Lutherie concern.
Distribution: In Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, The Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia by Marving Musical Instruments, in France by SML, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd (Savarez only), in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller and in Turkey by Kivilcim Grup. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium in Europe and in the USA by JR Music Supply.
Homepage: .
Savarez S.A., 5, Avenue Barthélémy Thimonnier, BP 133 - 69643 Caluire and Cuire Cedex, France.
Tel: +33(0) 4 37 40 32 00. Fax: +33 (0) 4 37 40 32 10. E-Mail: contact $at$

Saxmute See --> Magilanck

Saxrax See --> East Cost Wind

S & B
South Korean Brand that we have not been able to firnd the original owner/manufacturer of (it is not a trademark BTW). Guitar straps, picks and related accesories are sold under the brand and it is widely distributed in Asia and Europe including by Enrique Keller in Portugal and Spain, but most importers appear to get their stocks from SK based exporters or other distributors and not from the original manufacturer.

Schaller Electronic GmbH
German manufacturer of pickups, electronics and hardware for guitars & basses.
Distribution: In Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania by Togo Media SRL, in Croatia by Euromusic Agency, in Japan by Fernandes and in South Africa by Tuerk Musical Technologies
Homepage: .
Schaller Electronic GmbH, An der Heide 15, 92353 Postbauer-Heng, Germany.
Tel: +49 9180 9100. Fax: +49 9180 2600.

Schecter Guitar Research
USA based manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars & basses sold under the Schecter and Daisy Rock/DRG brands, instruments sold under the Schecter brand are either medium priced mass manufactured instruments or high end custom models while the Daisy Rock instruments are desginged especially for feamale users with lighter bodies, slimmer necks and different colour schemes. The company was originally founded in 1974 as a provider of aftermarker pick-ups and incorparated in 1976 by Shel Horleck and Dave Schecter as a manufacturer of replacement guitar parts but the wast bulk of Schecter models guitars built prior to late 1984 were actually not made by the company but in "Schecter Custom Shops" that assembled the guitars from Schecter parts. The company was bought in 1987 by ESP Co. and was in the end amalgamated with another company they owned called Sunset Custom Guitars to create the modern Schecter company around 1996 or so.
Distribution: In Finland by Soundata, in Hungary by Sound Work Kft., in Indonesia by Tiga Negeri Music House, in Italy by Gold Music, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd, on Reunion Island by Fotelec, in Switzerland by Sticks Musique, in Thailand by Asia Music Ltd. Daisy Rock distribution : In Indonesia by Tiga Negeri Music House
Homepage: -- Daisy Rock homepage.

Scherl & Roth See --> Conn-Selmer

Scherzer See --> B&S GmbH

Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH.
German company that specialises in manufacturing celestas (also known as keyboard glockenspiels).
Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH., D-73240 Wendlingen, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)7024 50 19 840. Fax: +49 (0)7024 50 19 841. E-Mail: post (at)

Schimmel See --> Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik

Schoenberg Guitars (Acoustics) See --> Eric Schoenberg

Schoenhut Piano Company Inc.
USA based manufacturer of toy pianos.
Distribution: In Japan by Korg
Homepage: .
Schoenhut Piano Company Inc., 6480-B US 1 North, St. Augustine, FL 32095, USA.
Tel: +1 904 810 1945. Fax: +1 904 823 9213. E-Mail: info ~AT~

Scholze See --> Petrof (Pianos)

Schroeder Cabinets (Bass cabinets) See --> Jörg W. Schröder

Schramm Guitars See --> David D. Schramm (Classical & Flamenco guitars)

Schreiber (Clarinets) See --> Buffet Crampon

Schubb Capos
USA based manufacturer of banjo and guitar capos in addition to a number of other guitar related accessories like steels (bottlenecks), winders and stands.
Distribution: In France by Algam, in Ireland and the UK by Barnes & Mullins, in Italy by Wilder s.a.s. and in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller
Homepage: .
Shubb Capos, 578 Martin Ave., Rohnert Park, CA 94928-2059, USA.
Tel: +1 707 843 4068. Fax: +1 707 843 4069.

Scooh'z (Electric guitars & bass guitars See --> Hosco

Scumback (Guitar & bass cabinets) See --> Scumback Speakers & Cabs

Seagull (Acoustic guitars) See --> LaSiDo Inc.

Seiler Pianofortefabrik GmbH
German manufacturer of upright and grand pianos. Company originally founded in Liegnitz in 1849 by Edward Seiler and originally sold pianos branded as Ed. Seiler, production was moved to Denmark in 1946 as the town of Liegnitz was put under Polish control, in 1957 the Seiler moved to Frankfurt in West Germany. After WWII the pianos from the company are usually just branded Seiler.

Although the company is probably as well known these days for making grands they were traditionally best known for the manufacture of quality uprights..
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A.
Homepage: -- Alternative homepage.
Seiler Pianofortefabrik GmbH., Schwarzacher Strasse 40, D-97318 Kitzingen, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)9321 9330. Fax: +49 (0)9321 93350. E-Mail: info –at-

Selmer (Wind instruments) See --> Henri Selmer Paris (France) and Conn-Selmer (USA)

Sejung Musical Instruments Co.
South Korean company with production facilities in China, the company is best known for their pianos and grand pianos that are sold under the George Steck, Falcone, Hobart M. Cable and S.J. Music brands, but the company also manufacture digital pianos, guitars, basses and other stringed folk instruments under the Falcone brand. The company also has a line of budget guitars and basses that are branded Sejung but these are normally not distributed in the West and that name has also appeared on pianos, the company has in the past also sold guitars under the Canvas Guitars and S101 names, the S101 name may still be in use in some parts of the world.

Sejung's guitar plant is based in Qqingdao in China, a location probably chosen since it is as close as you can get to Seoul while still being in the industrial part of China. It is the world’s largest guitar factory and in addition to manufacturing instruments for their own brands they manufacture for a number of other companies including Ibanez, Fender, Washburn and Gibson (sold under the Epiphone brand). If fact for the last few years the company has not been able to meet up with demand despite the size of the place and that may explain why some of their guitar brands have more or less disappeared, since Sejung has concentrated on fulfilling OEM orders rather than pushing its own brands.
Distribution: In Greece by I. Diamantopoulos (Pianos only) and in Turkey by Kivilcim Grup
Homepage: -- Sejung USA homepage -- Sejung China.
Sejung Musical Instruments Co., 962-1 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
Tel: +82 (0)2 2009 5274. Fax: +82 (0)2 552 6395. E-Mail: iby3333 {at}

Seymour Duncan
USA based company that manufactures pickups and related electronics for electric and acoustic guitars and basses in addition to guitar/bass effect pedals. The company also makes classic Benedetto jazz guitar pickups under license.
Homepage: -- Benedetti homepage

Seymour Duncan distribution

Europe: In Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania by Togo Media SRL, in Croatia by Euromusic Agency, in Cyprus by Music Sound, in Denmark by Musikpartner, in Hungary by Sound Work Kft..

Asia & the Pacific: In Indonesia by Wijaya Musik, in Japan by ESP Co., in New Zealand by South Pacific Music, in Thailand by Rock Planet.

The Americas & the West Indies: Non-exclusive distribution in the Caribbean and South & Central America by Consolidated Music Export Inc..

Africa and the Middle East: In Turkey by Kivilcim Grup.

Seymour Duncan, 5427 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2345, USA.
Tel: +1 805 964 9610. Fax: +1 805 964 9749.

Serpent Ribo See --> Pierre Ribo

Sexauer (Guitars & violins) See --> Bruce Sexauer

SG2 See --> Izzo (Strings & instrument accessories)

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