Musical instrument manufacturers - Na to Nh

Musical instrument manufacturers - Na to Nh

Nagoya Suzuki See --> Suzuki Violin Co.


Japanese manufacturer of musical instruments accessories and small instruments intended for children and educational purposes, best known for their picks and batons that are sold under the Pickboy brand but they make MI related accessories under the Market and Academy of Music brands, that are primarily bags and fashion accessories rather than MI accessories per se but the range does include a couple of small musical instruments as well. The company also makes percussion products in children sizes under the Kids Percussion or KP name, educational percussion products under the Poco Rhythm label and musical and non-musical toys using the Play Poco marque. In addition the company distributes Goldon products in Japan. Originally founded in 1967 by Shoji Nakano as a manufacturer of cellulose guitar picks and was for a long time best kown as a guitar pick specialist.
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A. and in Italy by Wilder s.a.s. while KP and Poco Rhythm are distributed in Germany by Goldon
Homepage: -- USA homepage.
Nakano Co. Ltd., 2-16-22 Yanagibashi, Taito-Ku, Tokyo-to 111-0052, Japan

Natal (Pecussion & drums) See --> Marshall

National See --> KMC Music (Guitar picks)

Native Instruments GmbH
German company tham makes audio processing, musical instument and synthesiser emulations in VST and other plug-in standards in addition to DJ software and hardware controllers, sequencers, control surfaces, audio interfaces and utility software.
Distribution: In Australia by Central Musical Instruments, in Croatia by Provox, in Hungary by Absolute Bt. and Pako, in Iceland by Tónastöđin, in Lebanon by Ragtime Technology Group, in South Africa by Tuerk Musical Technologies, in Thailand by S.D.K. Technology Innovation, in Turkey by Akalin Muzik Elektronik
Homepage: .
Native Instruments GmbH, Schlesische Straße 29-30, D-10997 Berlin, Germany.
Tel: +49 30 61 10 35 0. Fax: +49 30 61 10 35 2600.
Native Instruments North America, 6725 Sunset Boulevard, 5th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA.
Tel: +1 323 467 5260. Fax: +1 323 372 3676.

Navigator (Guitars) See --> ESP Co.

Naylor (Guitar amps) See --> David E. King

Neat See --> Frank Neat

Negri (Cases) See --> Luis Negri

Nektar Technology
USA based company that manufactures dedicated keyboard/control surface for Propellerhead Reason under the Nektar brand and budget digital drumkits & keyboard MIDI controllers under the Acorn Instruments name.
Homepage: -- Acorn Instruments homepage
 Nektar Technology Inc., Glendale Plaza, 655 North Central Avenue, 17th Floor, Glendale, California 91203, USA.
Nektar Technology Inc., 7949 Ajay Drive, Unit C, Sun Valley, California 91352, USA.
Tel:  +1 818 771 9886. Fax: +1 818 688 3191. E-Mail: marketing _at_

Neil W. Brook
UK based maker of wheel fiddles (hurdy gurdys) both folk variants and medieval style symphonies and historical fretted instruments. Also produces educational material for such instruments in the form of DVD's.
Mr. Neil W. Brook., 1. Shire Bank Crescent., Fulwood, Preston. PR2 9QE, Lancashire, England.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1772 774650. E-Mail: nwbrook [at]

Nelson Enterprises
Company run by Larry S. Nelson that sometimes trades as Roberts Engineering, sells valve oil under the Blue Juice brand.
Distribution : In the UK by Bill Lewington Ltd. and Barnes & Mullins
Larry S. Nelson, 114 Cliffwood Court, Greer, SC 29650, USA .
Tel: +1 864 268 3253. E-Mail: lnelson268 /at\

Neotech (Straps & harnesses) See --> Op/Tech USA

Neupert (Hapsichords & historical keyboard instruments) See --> Neupert

UK based company that develops and sells software that convers paper notation to digital formats (music OCR) and a program that converts audio files to scores or MIDI files. The company owned Visiv for a while.
Neuratron Ltd., Unit 6, Cresswell Park, Blackheath Village, London SE3 9RD, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0)20 8852 5200. +44 (0)20 8852 5300. E-Mail: sales 'at'

New Beat (Percussion & accessories) See --> Distribuidora Gonher

New Sensor Corporation
USA based company that manufactures effect pedals, guitar strings, guitar amplification, signal processors and guitar related accessories under the Electro-Harmonix name and thermionic valves under the Electro-Harmonix, Mullard, Tung-Sol, Sovtek, Svetlana and Gold Lion brands. Prior to the acquisition of the E-H name the company used the Sovtek name to brand guitar pedals and related products.

Please note that the company has simply re-registered the Mullard, Tung-Sol and Gold Lion brands in the USA and in the case of Tung-Sol elsewhere as well, they have no connection business or technology wise to Philips, Lectric, GE or OSRAM and other companies that used to make products under those names in the past, and despite reports to the contrary NSC did not purchase the names but simply re-registered them, and that is perfectly legal. Also note that the company tried to trademark common valve names in the 90’s and that they do not have the rights to all of the aforementioned trademarks except in the USA and Canada so valves sold under the Svetlana, Mullard and Golden Lion names in the USA may be sold under the Sovtek or E-H names in Europe and Asia. This means that the company's practice of implying in their product descriptions that their current crop of valve products “has history” is misleading at best, their valves are after all just re-branded Russian consumer level products. The claims that they are re-issuing valves in particular borders on dishonesty, these "re-issues" are simply functionally similar designs; they have not even made an effort to clone them properly which would be the least you would expect in the case of a re-issue.

The military-spec Svetlana products were distributed in the USA by New Sensor but the company registered the trademark and logo in its own name in 2003/4 and has since been supplying valves made in their own factory as Svetlana products in the USA and Canada, they even modified the colour arrangement of the NSC/Relfektor made valves to look like the original Svetlana products which makes complaints from the company about Chinese knockoffs of their pedals seem a little hypocritical, not the least since when NSC started making copies of E-H pedals in the 90’s they themselves had neither the rights to the E-H name nor designs.
Distribution: In Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Japan by Nihon Electro Harmonix and in New Zealand by South Pacific Music. MI products distribution only : In Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in Greece by I. Diamantopoulos, in Iceland by Tónastöđin, in Switzerland by Sacher Music, in Thailand by Rock Planet and Sound About Group and in Taiwan by Tun Huang Music. Thermionic valve distribution only: In Australia by Soundlabs Group, in Poland by RCM Audio, in Switzerland by Sacher Music (Sovtek only) and in Thailand by Audio Excellence.
Homepage: -- Electro-Harmonix -- Alternative homepage.
New Sensor Corporation, 55-01 2nd Street, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA.
Tel: +1 718 937 8300. Fax: +1 718 937 9111.

New Star Musical Instrument Co. Ltd.
Chinese manufacturer of musical instruments, primarily makes wind instruments and related accessories but has a small range of string instruments as well. The company is primarily an OEM and the bulk of their instruments we have seen have been unbranded but it is possible that they sell under the New Star name as well.
New Star Musical Instrument Co. Ltd., Hengshui Zhaoquan Industrial zone, Hengshui City, Hebei Province 053001, China.
Tel: +86 318 2089656 and +86 318 8538226. Fax: +86 318 2089656. E-Mail: newstar !at!

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