Musical instrument manufacturers - Fa to Fe

Musical instrument manufacturers - Fa to Fe

Fabio Ragghianti
Italian luthier that makes all kinds of high end plucked string instruments including mandolins, slide guitars and steel string guitars and basses, but is best known for his classical guitars and archtops. Also does repair and restoration work.
Fabio Ragghianti, Via della Cisa 7, 55045 Pietrasanta, Lu, Italy.
Tel: +39 (0)584 796 050. Fax: +39 (0)584 771 026. Mobile: +39 (0)333 749 3252. E-Mail: info [AT]

Fa. Robert Kühnl
German company that is primarily a machining and CNC milling shop, handling both smaller projects and volume jobs, in addition they perform powder coating, manufacture of punch and dies, injection moulding services and general toolmaking. The company also makes music stands under the RKB brand and makes rests for acoustic guitars, lutes and similar instruments under the ErgoPlay brand..
Distribution: Ergoplay products are distributed in Japan by Rokkoman
Homepage: -- ErgoPlay homepage.
Fa. Robert Kühnl, Industriestr. 1, 91083 Baiersdorf, Germany .
Tel: +49 (0)9133 2338. Fax: +49 (0)9133 1545. E-Mail: technik at

Faith Guitars See --> Barnes & Mullins (Acoustics)

Falcone (Pianos, guitars etc.) See --> Sejung Musical Instruments Co.

Faruk Türünz
Turkish manufacturer of ouds.
Prof. Dr. Ali Nihat Tarlan Cd., Eryilmazlar Sk. No:3, Camoluk Ishani Kat:4, Daire:9-10, Icerenkoy/Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey.
Tel: +90 216 573 03 87. Mobile: +90 532 579 53 12..

Fat Congas
USA based company that manufactures latin and carribean percussion products, plus skins for congas and bongos.
Distribution: In Switzerland by Sticks Musique
Homepage: .
Fat Congas, Po Box 5654, Santa Barbara, CA 93150-5654, USA.
Tel: +1 805 969 6125. Fax: +1 805 969 1425.

F Bass
Canadian company that manufactures electric bass guitars and related accessories.
Distribution: In Japan by Sleek Elite
Homepage: .
F Bass Inc., 16 McKinstry Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8L 6C1, Canada.
Tel: +1 905 522 1582. E-Mail: info (at)

Feadóg Teoranta
Irish company that manufactures tin whistles and related educational materials.
Distribution: In Ireland and the UK by John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd and in the USA by Grover-Trophy Music Company
Homepage: .
Feadóg Teoranta, 8 The Westway Centre, Ballymount Avenue, Dublin 12, Ireland.
Tel: +353 1 456 9533. Fax: +353 1 456 9535. E-Mail: whistles ;at;

Felix Bous
German violin teacher that manufactures a string instrument cleaner and polishing agent under the Bellacura brand and similar chemical for lacquered pianos under the Klavicura name, both also available in a specialised version for those with allergies, took over the manufacturing from Gerd H. Möller in 2010. Please note that when this was written in late Oct 2011 all of his homepages had been hijacked and were spreading malware and had been for some time, the info was still there but make sure you have an updated virus scanner before taking a look.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium
Homepage: -- Klavicura page -- Bellacura site.
Felix Bous, Morgenstraße 35, D-59423 Unna, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)23 03 90 12 26. Fax: +49 (0)23 03 90 12 27. E-Mail: webmaster |at|

Fender Musical Instruments
USA based company that manufactures guitars, basses, amplifiers and accessories under its own name in addition to marketing guitars and amplifiers under the EVH (aka Eddie Van Halen), Charvel, Jackson, Gretsch, Squier, and Guild brands, guitar & bass amplifiers under the SWR label and until recently using the Sunn stencil, also make pickups under the DeArmond name and sell thermionic valves under the Groove Tubes brand. The company bought KMC Music recently but they are operated mostly independently and bought the Tacoma company in 2004 and ran it until 2008 but are no longer using the brand.
Distribution: In Bosnia Herzegovina and Slovenia by Music Max, in Brazil by Izzo Instrumentos Musicais, in Bulgaria by Pro Audio Ltd, in Cyprus by Music Sound, in Ecuador by Banlow S. A., in Hungary by Absolute Bt., on Reunion Island by Fotelec, in Thailand by S.D.K. Technology Innovation and in Turkey by Kivilcim Grup. Jackson products only : In Norway by ID Musikk AS. Gretsch products only : In Argentina by Hendrix Music and in Iceland by Tónastöğin. Tacoma products only : In Indonesia by Melodia Musik. Groove Tubes products only : In Australia by Audio Chocolate, in Germany by Blue Guitar, in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, on Reunion Island by Fotelec and in Ukraine by Jazz Club. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesailing of select Fender Corp. products in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller
Homepage: -- EVH products homepage -- Charvel page -- Gretsch Guitars homepage -- SWR Amplifiers homesite -- Tacoma site -- Squier page -- Jackson homepage -- Guild site -- Groove Tubes -- DeArmond pickups -- Sunn amps.
Fender Musical Instruments, 8860 E. Chaparral Road, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, USA.
Tel: +1 480 596 7195. Fax: +1 480 367 5262.

Fenix (Guitars & bass guitars) See --> Young Chang

Japanese manufacturer of guitars that are sold under their own, P-Project and Burny names, guitar amplifiers and effect pedals that are sold under the Fenandes and Hiwatt names, all kinds of guitar parts and accessories that are sold either under the Fernandes name or unbranded and the company makes hand made copies of vintage guitar and bass hardware and cases under the Vintage Clone Parts brand. The company also runs a school for guitar builders in Tokyo and is a large OEM of guitars and guitar parts to other manufacturers. Note also that even though Fernandes has a large USA subsidary they are very geared towards their home market and have a large number of models that are not sold outside of Japan.

Fernandes also acts as the Japanese distributor for a number of products including Belden CDT, Coffin Case, EMG, George L's, Sadowsky Guitars and Schaller in addition to handling the Asian distribution of Vocu and WolfeTone Pickups.

Originally founded in 1969 as a specialist manufacturer of flamenco guitars for the Japanese market, hence the Spanish name, the company had by the late 70's started manufacturing just about every type of guitar imaginable and by the 1980's they decided to become an electric guitar specialist and had dropped most acoustic guitar models from their lineup.
Distribution: Fernandes/Burny European distributors: In the Czech Republic by Audiotek, in Estonia by Almex Trans Ltd., in France by GNG Sarl, in Germany by Ahead Music, in Greece by I. Diamantopoulos, in Hungary by Sound Work Kft., in Italy by Carisch SRL, in Norway by Lydkilden, in Poland by Soundtrade, in Spain by Ferrer Musical, in Switzerland by Sticks Musique, in the UK and Ireland by Sutherland Trading Co. and in Ukraine by Allegro Music. Fernandes/Burny distributors in Asia and the Pacific: In Indonesia by Tiga Negeri Music House, on Reunion Island by Fotelec and in Taiwan by Tun Huang Music. Fernandes/Burny distributors in Africa and the Middle East: In Malta by NVG Enterprises. HiWatt distribution: Hiwatt valve based amplifiers have a worldwide distribution handled by Hiwatt UK Ltd. Transistor amplifiers are distributed in Argentina by Hendrix Music, in Greece by I. Diamantopoulos, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd, in Russia by Music Land and in Thailand by Rock Planet
Homepage: -- Hiwatt homepage -- Vintage Clone Parts homepage -- Fernandes USA site -- P-Project homepage -- The Fernandes Guitar Building School.
Fernandes Co. Ltd., Shimoochiai 2-14-26, Shinjyuku-Ku, 161-0033 Tokyo, Japan.
Fernandes Guitars international Inc, 11044 Weddington Street, Suite 13, North Hollywood, CA 91601, USA.
Tel: +1 818 487 1940. Fax: +1 818 760 0937.

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