Musical instrument manufacturers - Ti to T9

Musical instrument manufacturers - Ti to T9

Tiange Violin Co.
Chinese manufacturer of violins, violas, cellos, double basses and bows for the aforementioned instruments out of carbon fibre or Pernumbuco wood, these are sold under the Tiange name but in addition they make MI gig bags and carbon fibre composite musical instrument cases that are sold under the Carbon Master brand. The company also operates as an OEM in particular their cases are sold by various companies, but they also sell white instruments, fittings, strings and bridges for violins, violas and cellos. Tiange was originally founded in 1958 as a classical musical instrument workshop and repair point that the serviced the local symphony orchestra..
Distribution: Carbon Master cases are distributed in Japan by Rokkoman.
Homepage: .
Tiange Violin Co. Ltd., No.68, Jinxianding Road, Weihai City, Shandong 264200, China.
Tel: +86 (0)631 5311139. Fax: +86 (0)631 5331149. E-Mail: tiangeviolin !at! or tiangeviolin )at(

Tianjin Jinbao
Chinese company that sells musical instruments under the Jinbao brand. Best known for their drum and percussion products but they also make wind isntruments, classical and popular string instruments, accordions and MI accessories. Note that their Alibaba page hase better info on their products than their homepage.
Distribution: In Spain and Portugal by Enrique Keller
Homepage: -- Jinbao alibaba homepage.
Tianjin Jinbao Musical Instruments Co. Ltd., 1-2 Haitai Road, Baodi District, Tianjin 301800 China.
Tel: +86 22 29267388. Fax: +86 22 29245361.

Timbra See --> Izzo (Drums, percussion and accessories)

T. J. Thompson
USA based gent that trades as Thompson Guitars, primarily a repairer of acoustic guitars and has an excellent reputation for restoring pre-1940 CF Martin instruments in particular, but does manufacture custom acoustic guitars from time to time. No homepage.
Thompson Guitars, 112 Powder Mill Road, Maynard, MA 01754, USA.
Tel: +1 978 369 3359..

Tobago (Musical instrument cases & bags) See --> Algam

Tobias See --> Gibson Guitar Corp.

Toca Percussion See --> KMC Music

Todd M. Reith
USA based gent that makes headless guitars under the Reith Guitars name, makes and sells materials and parts for guitar building under the Custom Luthier brand and offers machining and prototyping services under the Proto Manufacturing label.
Homepage: -- Custom Luthier -- Proto Manufacturing homepage
Todd M. Reith, PO BOX 1306, Kennett Square, PA 19348-0451, USA.
Tel: +1 610 925 2613..

Todeschini See --> Acordeon Todeschini (Accordions)

Japanese manufacturer of electric & acoustic guitars and basses, melodicas, guitar amps, guitar pickups, hardware and related accessories, is primarily an OEM and has production capabilities in South Korea in addition to its home country. Started out in 1946 and initially made harmonicas but has in the past also made upright pianos, grands, electric pianos, hapsicords and wolkzithers.
Distribution: In France by MGM
Homepage: -- English homepage (Guitars & basses only).
Tokai Gakki Co. Ltd., 2-26-10 Enshuhama, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 430-0835, Japan.
Tel: +81 53 425 2800. Fax : +81 53 426 1574.

Tolito Sarl.
French company that manufactures strings for guitars, basses and other popular instruments under the Philippe Bosset, Rage and Skull Strings brands in addition to holding out 2 internet based musical instrument retail operations called 5150 Musique and Burin Musique and a bricks-and-mortar retail operation in Metz called Europa Musique.
Distribution: Skull Strings are distributed in Australia by Atlantis Distribution, in Finland by Soundata and in France by Algam
Homepage: -- Skull Strings homepage -- Philippe Bosset homepage -- Rage Strings -- 5150 Musique site -- Burin musique -- Europa Musique homepage.
Tolito Sarl, 44 en Fournirue, 57000 Metz, France.
Tel: +33 (0)3 87 74 46 46. E-Mail: info -at-

Tom Crown Mute Co.
USA based manufacturer of mutes for brass instruments.
Distribution: In France by SML. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by Conn-Selmer and in Europe by Gewa Music.
Homepage: .
Tom Crown Mute Co., 3907 Howard Avenue, Western Springs, Illinois 60558, USA.
Fax: +1 708 246 6314. E-Mail: tom /at\

Tonebone (Guitar pedals) See --> Radial Engineering

Tone Educator (Childrens musical instruments) See --> David Wexler & Co.

Ton Kooiman Design
Dutch company that makes ergonomic thumb rests for woodwind instruments.
Distribution: In France by Magilanck
Homepage: .
Ton Kooiman Design, Rijksstraatweg 41A, 3454 JC De Meern, Holland.
Tel: +31 (0)30 666 2941

Toontrack Music AB.
Swedish company that makes music software, samples and music/MIDI data. The software is mostly groove and drum oriented and can operate as VST's or standalone, but the company also has a couple of utility software products on offer.
Distribution: In France by Algam, in Italy by Midiware and in Scandinavia by Luthman Scandinavia
Homepage: .
Toontrack Music AB, Verkstadsgatan 13, Umea, Vasterbotten, SE-90432, Sweden.
Tel/Fax: +46 90772114. E-Mail: erik (at)

Tourte-Bech (Bowed string instrument mutes) See --> Gewa Music

Traben (Electric basses) See --> Hanser Music Group

Trace Elliot
UK based company that manufactures bass amplifiers and cabinets under its own name and acoustic guitar/instrument amplifies under the Trace Acoustic brand. Company is owned by Peavey Electronics.
Distribution: In Poland by Lauda Audio, in Thailand by M. I. Engineering. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in Latin America by Tropical Music Export Enterprises
Homepage: .
Trace Elliot, Great Folds Road, Oakley Hay, Corby, Northamptonshire NN18 9ET, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1536 424740. Fax: +44 (0)1536 747222. E-Mail: te-info (at)

Traynor (Guitar & other MI amps) See --> Yorkville Sound

Trent Austin
USA based gent that trades as Austin Custom Brass. Primarily a brass instument store but has branched into the manufacture of mouthpieces for such instruments.
Trent Austin, 187 Salem Street, Malden MA 02148, USA.
Tel: +1 339 224 6069. E-Mail: jazzmanta /at/

Trevor James (Woodwinds) See --> Worldwind Music

Trophy (Childrens & student instruments) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

Tropical Music Export Enterprises Inc.
USA based trading company that sells mostly budget Asian but sometimes South American sourced musical instruments and PA products, note that they at times trade under the Pexco Latin America Inc. name and although they do have a presence in NA market and the rest of the world are pretty much specialised in selling to Latin America.

Sells PA and sound reinforcement products under the Topp Pro/Topp Audio and Lab Professional Audio names, drums and other percussion instruments under the Juggs Percussion and American Drum Works (ADW) labels, wind instruments, guitars, basses and related accessories under the Palmer name, classical string instruments under the Praga brand, wind instruments and classical string instruments using the H. Höffer name, latin percussion products under the Afrosound and Mano Percussion stensils, strings for guitars under the Good brand, sax reeds under the Main name, classical/Spanish style acoustic guitars under the Vizcaya name and pro audio and lighting hardware under the Pro-Lok brand.

In addition the company does non-exclusive wholesaling/distributing to latin America of products from Antigua, Ashly, Beyerdynamic, Crest Audio, EAW, Evetscorp, Ibanez, J-Meister, La Bella, Mackie, Neutrik, Peavey Electronics, Prestini, RCF, Tama, Trace Elliot, Whirlwind and Zildjian.
Distribution: In Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics and in Ecuador by Banlow S. A. (Topp Pro only). Palmer Guitars distribution : In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Guitar Cube, in Croatia by Euromusic Agency
Homepage: -- Palmer Guitars page -- Topp Pro homepage -- Pro-Lok homepage.
Tropical Music Export Enterprises Inc., 6850 S.W. 81 Terrace, Miami, Florida 33143, USA.
Tel: +1 305 740 7454. Fax: +1 305 740 7456. E-Mail: sales !at!

Trusound See --> Caprice S. L. (Strings)

Tudor (Recorders) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

Turner (Guitars & basses) See --> Rick Turner

Two Notes Audio Engineering (Speaker/amp simulators) See --> Orosys

Tycoon Music Co.
Thai company that makes Carribean, Latin and other "ethnic" drum and percussion products under the Tycoon Percussion brand and childrens and euducational products as just Tycoon Music.
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Malaysia by The Guitar Store and in Spain & Portugal by Enrique Keller
Homepage: .
Tycoon Music Company Limited., 209 Moo 12 Soi Watbangpleeyainai Bangna-Trad, Km.13 Bangplee Samutprakarn 10540, Thailand.
Tel: +66 2317 1152 , +66 2317 1162 and +66 2316 7358. Fax: +6 2316 7722.
Tycoon Percussion USA, 1344 Parkside Place, Ontario, CA 91761, USA.
Tel: +1 909 393 5555. Fax: +1 909 393 5500.

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