Musical instrument manufacturers - Mb to Mn

Musical instrument manufacturers - Mb to Mn

McBrown/Mc Crypt See --> Conrad Electronic

McKinney/McKinney-Elliott (Capos) See --> Phill Elliott (Current) or Thomas H. McKinney III, Frank Neat (Former makers)

Medina (Cymbals) See --> Gewa Music

MEC (Guitar/bass pickups) See --> Music Electronic Company

MD/MD-MM-Produce (Electric guitars and bass guitars) See --> Quest International

Hong Kong based company with manufacturing facilities in China that makes digital keyboards and drums, instrument amplifiers, portable digital recorders and related accessories. The keyboards from the company range from inexpensive home keyboards to semi-pro arranger keyboards, stage pianos and grand piano replicas. Company originally founded in 1983 as a computer company but ventured into the musical instrument business in 1988.
Distribution: In Croatia by Provox, in Denmark by Musikpartner, in Greece by I. Diamantopoulos
Homepage: .
Medeli Electronics Co. Ltd., 20/F, Cheung Lee Industrial Building, 9 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2898 8831. Fax: +852 2558 2639. E-Mail: sales (at)

Megatone (Drumkits) See --> Beijing Eternal

Meinl (Percussion products) See --> Roland Meinl Musikinstrumente

Meinl-Weston (Wind instruments) See --> B&S GmbH

Meiser Electronics
German company that manufactures guitar pedals under the BSM brand, more specifically they make treble boosters in almost endless varieties.
Distribution: In Australia by Sound & Music Distribution and in Japan by Nihon Electro Harmonix
Homepage: .
Meiser Electronics, Saarpfalzstr. 4, D-66914 Waldmohr, Germany.
Tel: +49 6373 4879. E-Mail: info _at_

Melody Harp (Childrens instruments and educational materials) See --> Grover-Trophy Music Company

Melton See --> B&S GmbH

Mesa/Boogie Ltd.
USA based manufacturer of valve based guitar and bass amplifiers and cabinets. Company formerly known as Mesa Engineering.
Distribution: In Denmark by Musikpartner, in France by Algam, in Hungary by Absolute Bt., in Iceland by Tónastöðin, in Indonesia by Melodia Musik, in Poland by Lauda Audio
Homepage: .
Mesa/Boogie, 1317 Ross St., Petaluma, California 94954, USA.
Tel: +1 707 778 6565. Fax: +1 707 765 1503

Metropolitan See --> David Gage String Instruments (Double bass bows)

Metropolitan Music Company
USA based company that is primarily a retailer and distributor of classical string instruments and parts but also sells products under its own brands including violins, violas and cellos using the John Juzek name, woodworking tools using the Ibex moniker, violin rests under the Resonans label and mutes under the Ultra stensil. The company also handles the NA distribution of Wilfer and has in the past sold products under other names including bows using the E. Dupree and F.N. Voirin labels.

Metropolitan Music was originally founded in 1920 by Robert Juzek (1894 - 1975) in New York as a violin importer and jobber and then called Czechoslovak Music Co. Early on he started to import instruments sourced from his brother Janek Juzek that was based in Prague in the then newly founded Czechoslovakian Republic, the instruments were labelled with the anglicised John Juzek name, "made in Czechoslovakia" and marked with "violinmaker in Prague" but that is in essence a meaningless label. While Mr. Juzek might have made some instruments from scratch in Prague it should be noted that he was apparently not an apprenticed master violin maker and none of the Juzek branded instruments were ever sold in Europe as you would expect if that was the case.

In his day the company was notorious for misrepresenting instruments bought finished or as white instruments from sundry European makers as being made in their own CZ workshops and for back dating their Juzek branded violins, violas and cellos to give the company an illusion of history, dates can go as far back as 1900 and possibly earlier but no instruments with the name were made before 1920 and the company newer really had a workshop in Europe, this practice however was fairly common at the time in the USA and still is to a degree, to put it into perspective for John Juzek to have been making master level instruments in 1901, he would have had to start his apprenticeship at age 1 or 2.

Note that this says nothing about the quality of the earlier instruments, they ranged from starter violins that are currently worth next to nothing to high quality master instruments that are quite sought after. The early instruments may have been made in Prague, or elsewhere in Bohemia or even Germany, but the bulk of their products came from the German workshops in Schönbach in Northern Bohemia (now Luby) and indeed in their first catalogue the company lists their instruments as being made in Schönbach even though the labels said Prague, but even the instruments made in Germany came with the made in Czechoslovakia/Prag label, which was technically legal in the USA if they were lacquered in CZ. After WWII Robert Juzek for the most part stopped purchasing from his brother and started dealing with manufacturers in Germany directly although he continued to use the John Juzek brand as he owned the trademark rights anyway. Their basses on the other were mostly made by Heinrich Lang/Benedikt Lang and Wilfer after 1935 or so, after WWII mostly Wilfer except for the plywood models supplied by Lang but in the 20's like their other instruments could have been made by just about anyone.
Distribution: Resonans rests are distributed in the Philippines by Sound Essentials and in Spain & Portugal by Enrique Keller
Homepage: .
Metropolitan Music Co., 4861 Mountain Road, P.O. Box 1415, Stowe, VT 05672, USA.
Tel: 866 846 5461 (Toll free, USA and Canada only) or +1 802 253 4814. Fax: +1 802 253 9834. E-Mail: sales (at)

Meyer (Clarinet & Sax mouthpieces) See --> J.J. Babbit

MFB (Electronic music and video gear) See --> Ingenieur Büro Manfred Fricke

French company that makes guitars under the WSL an AZ brands in addition to locally distributing Aroma Music, Burns, Carvin and Tokai.
Distribution: On Reunion Island by Fotelec
Homepage: .
MGM, Route Nationale 8, 13420 Gemenos, France.
Tel: +33 (0)4 42 32 71 05. Fax: +33 (0)4 42 32 71 00. E-Mail: info =at=

Michael Arildskov Jensen

Danish gentleman, primarily acts as a repairer of electronic equipment and as such trades as Arildskov Elektronik & Bannebjerg but in addition he makes bass guitar electronics such as active pre-amps, amplifiers and cabinets under the Greengrove brand, the pre-amplifiers are a stock items and are distributed around the world but the amplifiers and cabinets are custom order items and only sold inside Denmark. Please note, webpage currently not developed but domain operational for E-Mail communications.
Distribution: In Japan by Sleek Elite
Homepage: .
Michael Arildskov Jensen, Stokkerupvej 28, DK-3230 Græsted, Denmark
Tel: +45 48 39 33 53. Mobile: +45 41 81 20 88. E-Mail: Michael {at}

Michael Kelly (Guitars) See --> Hanser Music Group

Michael F. Lazar
Canadian luthier that makes high end classical guitars.
Michael F. Lazar, 38 Deslauriers Crescent, St. Albert, AB T8N 5Y6, Canada.
Tel: +1 780 458 2635. E-Mail: info at

Michael Hammel
German gent that manufactures musical instrument accessories such as shoulder and chin rests for violins under the Bonmusica brand.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium
Homepage: .
Michael Hammel, Gereonstrasse 6, 52391 Vettweiss, Germany.
Tel: +49(0)2424 1052. E-Mail: michaelhammel !at!

Michael N. Ruskin
USA based gent that manufactures pedalboards under the NYC Peadalboards banner.
Michael N. Ruskin, 9 Bontecou View Drive, New Paltz, NY 12561-1004, USA.
Tel: +1 845 475 8635..

Midi Solutions Inc.
Canadian company that manufactures MI related utility products .
Distribution: In France by MESI
Homepage: .
Midi Solutions Inc., PO Box 3010, Vancouver, BC V6B 3X5, Canada.
Tel: +1 604 794 3013. Fax: +1 604 794 3396. E-Mail: info {at}

Mighty Bright See --> Gold Crest LL

Miguel J. Almería (Classical guitars & tuning machines) See --> Gewa Music

Mike Balter Mallets LLC
USA based company that manufactures drum &percussion beaters and mallets.
Distribution: In Italy by Gold Music. Non-Exclusive distribution in the USA by David Wexler & Co.
Homepage: .
Mike Balter Mallets LLC, 15 E. Palatine Rd. Suite 116, Prospect Heights, IL 60070, USA.
Tel: +1 847 541 5777. Fax: +1 847 541 5785. E-Mail: info (at)

Milan Vaskovic
Czech gentleman that makes valve based guitar amplifier heads that he sells under the Milanek brand.
Milan Vaskovic, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Horní Rokytnice 557, PSC 512 44, Czech Republic.
Tel: +420 605 153 285. E-Mail: info |at|

Mike Lull
USA based maker of guitars and bass guitars, in addition to a range of standard models he offers custom builds & repairs.
Mike Lull Custom Guitars & Guitar Works, 13240 NE 20th ST, Suite 2, Bellevue, WA 98005, USa.
Tel: +1 425 643 8074. Fax: +1 425 746 5748. E-Mail: service #at#

Resources: Interview and article on Mr Lull by Seattle Times

Milant/Milant-Deroux (Rosin) See --> Thorvaldsson

Miller See --> Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co. (China - classical string instruments)

Miller Browne See --> Generation Music (Marching flutes)

Mirr Music Co
South Korean trading company that sells electric guitars, basses and amplification under the Italia brand.
Distribution: In Australia by Central Musical Instruments, in Canada by Musical Instrument Distribution Canada, France & Switzerland by AmberTech, in Germany by iMusic Network, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by BMI Groothandel, in Hungary by Tone-Italia, in Indonesia and Singapore by Guitarjoy, Ireland and the UK by John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd, in Italy by Gold Music, in Japan by ESP Co., in New Zealand by South Pacific Music, in South Africa by Guitars For Africa and in the USA by LPD Music International
Homepage: .
Mirr Music Co.,Ltd., #349-2, Majang-Ri, Kwangtan-Myun, Paju-S, Kunggi-Do, 413-850, South Korea.
Tel: +82 31 947 5295. Fax: +82 31 947 5294. E-Mail: mail |at|

Mitchell See --> GTRC Services

Mitchell Lurie (Reeds) See --> D'Addario & Co.

German company that manufactures a virtual drum plugin instrument, shipped as hardware rather than software in most cases.
Distribution: In Northern America by MV Pro Audio
Homepage: .
Mixosaurus DAW Drums GmbH, Am Bäkequell 13, D-12165 Berlin, Germany

Japanese manufacturer of high end concert flutes.
Distribution: In the UK by Worldwind Music
Homepage: -- USA homepage.
Miyazawa Flutes Mfg Co. Ltd., 4-6-97, Hamasaki, Asaka, Saitama 351-0033, Japan
Tel: +81 (0)48 486 3333.
Miyazawa USA, 1214 5th St., Coralville, IA 52241, USA.
Tel: +1 800 967 6733. E-Mail: info [at]

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