Links to record labels - T & U

Links to record labels - T & U

CC = Compact Cassette. CD = Compact Disc. CDR = CD Recordable. EP = Extended play vinyl single. DVD = Digital Video Disk. DVDA = DVD Audio disk. HDCD = High Density CD. iPad = Apple iPad only music file. LP = Vinyl album. MD = Mini Disc. MP3 = Downloadable MP3 files. NET = Downloadable formats other than MP3. SACD = SACD. VHS = VHS video tape.

German audiophile label, wide range of classical music from early to modern including some unusual or seldom seen works. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVDA.

Japanese label that puts out DVD by (mostly) big name calssical artists, both modern and histric recordings. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : DVD.

US based classical label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

A German label owned by Warner Brothers, mostly classical recordings etc., this used to be the record arm of the Telefunken company (Telefunken + Decca = Teldec). -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Small British label that specialises in re-issuing classical recordings, their Gérard Souzay issues are fab BTW, their attempts at branding are rather garish however. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.
Testament, P.O.Box 362, Bromley, Kent,BR2 0QQ, GB.
Tel : +02083252904. Fax : +02084645352. E-mail :order at

Time Music International
British super-budget label, of the sort that releases music that has been recorded by session musicians, typically in something less than an inspired fashion, and is the packaged with a slightly misleading allusions to a different "original artist" on the front cover, or what used to be called "exploitation disks" (I gather that this term is outdated by now). In all fairness I got a few disks from this company that where too new to have been included in the catalogue on their website (Nov 2003) that contain out of copyright recordings, mostly transfers from old 78's by artists such as Judy Garland that are actually rather tastefully done and in a stark contrast to the rest of the labels output, what is especially noteworthy about them is the light use of digital noise reduction that has resulted disks that are less distorted than similar I have bought recently and at the typical resale price of 2 to 3 £ these are highly recommended. Quite novel to find that a transfer engineer working for a budget label that not only has a head fastened upon his shoulders but ears on that head as well. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Top2 Music
Singaporean business that specialises in re-releasing older recordings in audiophile quality formats under the Premium Records and Prestige Records labels, musical genres catered to are mostly MOR, vintage style pop,light Jazz, instrumental and easy listening plus lots and lots of crooners!. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, LP.
Distribution: In Canada by Liberty Trading and in Germany by Sieveking Sound.
Top2 Music, 40 Jalan Pemimpin #04-07E, Tat Ann Building, Singapore 577185, Singapore.
Tel: +65 6354 0977. Fax: 65 6354 0997..

Toshiba Records - Toshiba EMI See --> EMI

German Jazz label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Tradition See --> Rykodisc

Transacord See --> Academy of Sound and Vision (ASV)

German label that has a wide range of releases but is best know for slightly esoteric world music and also has a few experimental issues out. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Trenner & Friedl (Classical, Jazz) See --> Andreas Friedl KG

Trio Records (SA)
South African label the specialises in sound recordings that feature texts sung in Afrikaans and/or local Boer artists, mostly modern and classic folk, local pop music and schlagers but a few other musical styles as well. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, MP3.

Trio Records (UK)
UK based label that specialises in issuing CDís with acoustic Jazz on them, mostly local talent and mostly classical Jazz. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Trio Records & Productions
Canadian Jazz label, primarily improv and free-jazz, run by composer Ken Aldcroft. Please be aware that when this was written the homepage features a music sample that is mastered rather loud and cannot be defeated, someone, at some point in time, was bound to invent a piece of software that ensures you do not read their homepage. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : AAC, CD.

Swiss pop/jazz label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Turtle Records
Dutch audiophile label, mixed repertoire but lots of piano based music. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : AAC, CD, DVD, MP3, DVD.
Distribution: In the USA by May Audio Marketing

Tutu Records See --> Enja Records

UBM Reocords
Primarily a producer and supplier of stock music and custom music for installation and broadcast purposes (so called library music), their CD's not intended for the end user. Also issues CD's under the Omnimusic label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Ultra-Lounge See --> EMI

Unitied Recordings See --> Cala Records

Urban Crew See --> Wood Records

Urban Edge See --> Wienerworld

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