Links to record labels - V to 9

Links to record labels - V to 9

CC = Compact Cassette. CD = Compact Disc. CDR = CD Recordable. EP = Extended play vinyl single. DVD = Digital Video Disk. DVDA = DVD Audio disk. HDCD = High Density CD. iPad = Apple iPad only music file. LP = Vinyl album. MD = Mini Disc. MP3 = Downloadable MP3 files. NET = Downloadable formats other than MP3. SACD = SACD. VHS = VHS video tape.

Valley Entertainment
USA based company that issues under its own name in addition to the Hearts of Space, Living Music, Sledgehammer Blues and Windham Hill labels, genres are primarily New Age and other easy listening related formats such as MOR, soundtracks and some Americana. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVDA, FLAC, MP3, SACD.
Distribution: In Canada by Liberty Trading.
Valley Entertainment, 305 W 71st Street, Apartment 2R, New York, NY 10023, USA.
Tel:+1 212 580 9200. .

Van den Hul See --> Carbon Recordings

Vanguard Classics See --> Omega

Venus Records
Japanese audiophile jazz label, lovely graphical design as well as some nice music. Distributed in Russia & the Ukraine by English Sound Ltd. . -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.

Vernon Yard See --> EMI

Verve See --> GRP

V.I.E.W. Video
USA based company that primarily is occupied by releasing music and educational (ish) video material but also releases music on CD's under the Arkadia Records brand, mostly jazz and pop reissues. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVD, VHS.

Vintage Vault See --> GRP

Virgin See --> EMI

Virgin Classics See --> EMI Classics

UK based label that both reissues music from the 70's and early 80's and issues new CD's by artist that had their heyday then. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Long running US based classical label, currently operates as a budget label and mostly concentrates on compilations, but has some goodies in between. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Voyager Records
An interesting small USA based record company that puts out records of traditional fiddle and acoustic strigng band music, extencive catalogue. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CC, CD, CDR.

VUZ See --> Cat's Heaven

V2 Music
British pop label founded by Richard Branson after he sold Virgin Records, not to be confused with the long running V2 Records. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Warner Brothers
A major label, issues music of all styles under the Reprise label and a variety of others. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVD, DVDA, VHS.
Warner Classics

Watering See --> Wood Records

Waterlily Acoustics
USA based label with mostly Indian classical/World music and a few classical titles, noticably this was the worlds first label to drop full price CD's altogether in favour of hybrid SACD disks. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, SACD.
Distribution: In the USA by May Audio Marketing

White Cloud See --> Naxos

White Line See --> Academy of Sound and Vision (ASV)

UK based company that specialises in putting out video recordings of live pop concerts although their catalogue has a few music features as well, also releases USA sourced R'n'B material under the Urban Edge label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : DVD, VHS.

Windham-Hill See --> Valley Entertainment

Wind Records
Taiwanese concern that puts out traditional and classical Chinese music under the Wind Music label in addition to "religious" and spiritual music under the Spiritlands label. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Wood Records
Japanese label that puts out a wide range of popular music, sublabels include Watering that puts out new age and similar music, Urban Crew that is used to put out R&B music and Little Snowman that is apparently used for light pop. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

Wyastone Estate
An English classical label, publishes under the Nimbus Records brand and has recently licensed the catalogue of . -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

XL Records See --> Beggars Banquet

YVP Music See --> Enja Records

ZBS Foundation
USA based non-profit org. that creates and distributes spoken word and dramatisations, some quite well done, most of their recordings are Binaural but fully compatible with loudspeaker systems. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CC, CD, CDR.

Zoë See --> Rounder Records

1M1 Records
Australian label that specialises in putting out film and TV feature soundtracks, primarily Australian in origin, their catalogue includes some rare releases. Originally founded in 1988 as oneMone Records. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

4AD Records See --> Beggars Banquet

1017 Brick Squad Records
USA based rap label supposedly run by rapper Gucci Mane, although he has been in prison more that out on the street recently that is a somewhat dubious statement, and it is not even certain if the label is still active as a label. Apart from music by Gucci himself the label has released music by other rappers and groups connected to the Atlanta scene including the Ferrari Boys and has a sub-label called Brick Squad Monopoly although we have not managed to find any actual releases under BSM label. The label is distributed by Warner Brothers and does not have a homepage so the following link goes to their Facebook page. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, MP3.

12 Apostles
Small British label that is best known for releasing 12” records (hence name) although more recent releases have all been on CD/MP3. The output is mostly from British and Aussie bands/artists, early output was mostly slightly left field dance oriented electronica & grime, minimal wave inspired at times, but more recent stuff has added more modern brit-pop and a folk/electronic blend that can only be described as New Age even though the label has them as Nu-prog. All releases from 12 Apostles have a distinctive self-produced/bedroom recording sound to them, to a point of being almost cute. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, EP 30cm, LP, MP3.

Canadian label that specialises in electronica, what would broadly be described as ambientwith some very mild excursions into the experimental. Although the blurb uses terms such as minimalist and electro-acoustic their understanding of the terms is technical and/or Laptop Music, and not to be confused classic electronic musical styles that use these terms. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : AAC, ALAC, FLAC, CD, MP3.

12 Tónar
Icelandinc record label and store, on one hand primarily indie rock and on the other commercial stuff like musicals and light classical stuff. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, MP3.

4Tay Records
USA based label that mostly puts out jazz and classical music with emphasis on modern American works. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD.

5.1 Entertainment Group
USA based label/publishing house, publishes rock oriented music under the Immergent Records banner, electronic and dance oriented music using the Myutopia Recordings brand and re-releases of mostly 70's rock and classical titles as Silverline and Silverline Classics. -- Official homepage
Formats supported : CD, DVDA.

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