Musical instrument manufacturers - Wi to W9

Musical instrument manufacturers - Wi to W9

Wienbrockamps Ltd.
UK based company that manufactures high end valve based guitar amplifiers under the Wienbrock name.
Wienbrockamps Ltd., Unit C, 3rd Floor, Asquith Bottom Mill, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire HX6 3BT, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1422 832494.

Wilfer (Double basses & violins) See --> Emanuel Wilfer

Wilhelm Heckel GmbH
German company that manufactures high end bassons and contrabassons in addition to manufacturing heckelphons to order. Note that their instruments are usually traded as plain Heckel, there is usually a 3 years waiting list and that the company did from its formation until the latter half of the 20th century manufacture a much wider range of wind instruments than it currently does. Originally founded in 1831 as Almenräder und Heckel but changed its name to Wilhelm Heckel Biebrich in 1871 (Biebrich is a city near Wiesbaden BTW).
Wilhelm Heckel GmbH, Stettiner Str. 7, 65203 Wiesbaden, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)611 66182. Fax: +49 (0)611 600841..

Wilhelm Henkes & Rudolph Blazer
A pair of German lutiers that hold out a workshop under the Antique Acoustics name and make guitars under the Blazer & Henkes brand, the pair specialise in making high end reproductions of acoustic guitars from the early to mid-20th century although they also make one model of an archtop and one of a mandolin as well. They will also custom build guitars from scratch. In addition to that they sell vintage acoustic guitars on commission and do a bit of repair work, however, be aware that their services are sought after and they will only take on vintage guitars.
Wilhelm Henkes & Rudolph Blazer, Antique Acoustics, Jakobsgasse 14, D-72070 Tübingen, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)7071 550958. E-Mail: AntiqueAcoustics ]at[

Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik
A long running German manufacturer of quality pianos sold under the "Schimmel" brand, although they also have a lower priced brand called Vogel that is also manufactured at their factory and an brand called May Berlin that caters for the "budget"/mid price market that is designed by them but is manufactured in China, shipped unfinished off to Germany, and finished off in the Schimmel plant. The company also manufacture a loudspeaker in conjunction with Voxativ and handle the European distribution of Palatino.
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Shanghai Chaobo Musical Instruments Co., in Greece by I. Diamantopoulos, in New Zealand by South Pacific Music
Homepage: .
Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik GmbH, Friedrich-Seele-Straße 20, 38122 Braunschweig, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)531 8018-0. Fax: +49 (0)531 8018-163. E-Mail: info &at&

William J. Light
USA based gentleman that trades as Xotech Guitar Co. and is commonly known as “Bill Lite”. Manufactures electric solidbody guitars in addition to offering repairs, modifications and similar services for guitars & basses. Note, no homepage, homepage link is to Facebook page.
William J. Light, 74 Broadship Rd., Dundalk, MD 21222-3804, USA.
Tel: +1 443 413 3932.

William M. Lewis and Son See --> Conn-Selmer

Williams See --> GTRC Services

William Silverman
USA based gent that trades as El Dorado Guitar Accessories, makes guitar related accessories, primary product is leather straps but they also make engraved replacement hardware and vintage style handles for amps and suchlike.
William Silverman, P.O. Box 92894, Pasadena, CA 91109, USA.
Tel: +1 626 791 4995 and +1 213 924 3800. E-Mail: info ^at^

Willy Wolf See --> Wolf

Wincent Drumsticks AB.
Swedish manufacturer of drumsticks, brushes, practice pads and related accessories.
Distribution: In Australia by Music Link Australia and in France by Algam
Homepage: .
Wincent Drumsticks AB., Skiftesvägen 14, S-56331 Gränna, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)390-41003.

Windy City Mutes
USA based manufacturer of mutes for trumpets and trombones.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesailing in the USA by David Wexler & Co.
Homepage: .
Windy City Mutes Inc., 756 Larsen Lane, Bensenville, IL 60106, USA.
Tel: +1 630 616 8634. Fax: +1 630 616 8635. E-Mail: windycitymutes [at]

Wishnevsky Instruments
USA based manufacturer of custom guitars, mandolins, slide and harp guitars and basses sold under the Wishnevsky label and fretless basses sold using the Wishbass brand. The company is run by Steve Wishnevsky and is especially known for its fretless electric basses, they are all hand built but due to their relative simplicity (only one pickup etc) and direct sales model the basses they are unusually cheap for such a product with prices starting at USD 500. Looks are another matter, the styling is er.. a bit individualistic to say the least, check the Wishbass website out to see what we mean.
Homepage: -- Wishbass homepage
Wishnevsky Instruments, 612 McCreary, Winston Salem, NC 27105, USA.
Tel: +1 336 661 9060. E-Mail: wishbass /at\

Wittner GmbH & Co. KG
German company, traditionally best known for their parts for classical string instruments like tailpieces and pegs but the company actually has quite a range of accessories for both musical instruments and music carriers, including metronomes chin rests, musicstands, CD storage systems, record cleaning solutions and so on.
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Ireland and the UK by John Hornby Skewes and Barnes & Mullins, in the Philippines by Sound Essentials, in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller and in South Africa by Tuerk Musical Technologies. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by St. Louis Music and Conn-Selmer, in Europe by Petz Kolophonium and Gewa Music
Homepage: .
Wittner GmbH & Co. KG, P.O. Box 1464, D-88308 Isny/Allgäu, Germany.
Tel: +49 7562 7040. Fax: +49 7562 70414. E-Mail: wittner |at|

W. L. Gore and Associates
USA based manufacturing company, manufactures texstiles and all kind of industrial products in addition to making guitar & bass strings and cables under the Elixir brand. In addition the company makes products for the manufacture of batterys and capacitors & supplies raw cable .
Distribution: Elixir cables are distributed in Brazil by Izzo Instrumentos Musicais, in France by Algam, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Hungary by Sound Work Kft., in New Zealand by South Pacific Music, in Poland by Lauda Audio, in Scandinavia by Luthman Scandinavia
Homepage: -- Elixir Strings homepage.
W. L. Gore and Associates, 201 Airport Road, Elkton, MD 21921, USA.
Tel: 800 367 5533 (USA & canada only). Fax: +1 410 996 8585.
W. L. Gore and Associates GmbH, Wernher-von-Braun-Strasse 18, 85640 Putzbrunn, Germany.
Tel: +49 89 4612 2287. Fax: +49 89 4612 42287

Wolfe Tayne (Clarinet & Sax mouthpieces) See --> J.J. Babbit

WolfeTone Pickups
USA based manufacturer of guitar pickups, mostly handmade vintage reissues etc.
Distribution: In Asia by Fernandes and in Germany by Crazyparts
Homepage: .
WolfeTone Pickups, 7626 234th St SW, Edmonds, WA 98026, USA.
Tel: +1 206 417 3548. E-Mail: wolfetonepups _at_

Wolf Music Products
Dutch manufacturer of musical instruments accessories, best known for their chin and shoulder rests for violins but they also manufacture guitar rests. The company usually uses the Wolf trademark but in counties where that mark already exists as a musical instrument trademark they use the full name of their founder Willy Wolf. The company also handles the European distribution of the K-Bow from Keith McMillen Instruments.
Distribution: In Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Ireland and the UK by Barnes & Mullins, in Italy by Bode SRL and in Portugal & Spain by Enrique Keller. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling by Petz Kolophonium
Homepage: .
Wolf Music Products b.v., Techniekweg 5, 3481MK Harmelen, Holland.
E-Mail: info (at)

Wolf (Woodwind instruments) See --> Guntram Wolf

Wolfpak See --> GTRC Services

Wood Garage (High end guitar cases) See --> Quest International

Woodstock Chimes
USA based manufacturer of wind chimes and childrens musical instruments.
Distribution: Non-exclusive distribution/wholesailing in the USA by David Wexler & Co.
Homepage: .
Woodstock Chimes, 167 DuBois Road, Shokan, NY 12481-5124, USA.
Tel: +1 845 657 6000.

Woodwind/Woodwind & Brasswind See --> GTRC Services

Worldwind Music
British company that sells mostly student type woodwind instruments under the Trevor James brand, brass instruments under the Renaissance name, budget type wind instruments under the Artemis and Kurioshi brands in addition to selling children's saxophones under the Alphasax label. The company changed its name from Trevor J. James & Co. in 2007. Worldwind Music Ltd. is also the UK distributor for BG France, Bari mouthpieces, P. Mauriat saxophones and Miyazawa flutes.
Distribution: In Germany by Ahead Music
Homepage: -- Trevor James homepage -- Kurioshi homepage -- Alphasax homepage.
Worldwind Music Ltd., 1 Ashmill Business Park, Lenham, Maidstone, Kent ME17 2GQ, England.
Tel: +44 (0)1622 859590

W. Schreiber (Clarinets) See --> Buffet Crampon

WSL (Guitars & basses) See --> MGM

Wuhan See --> Hubei Fotima Machinery Co.

WWC See --> GTRC Services

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