Index of manufacturers of personal audio and video equipment and accessories.

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Personal audio and video products

Earphones (includes earphones with microphone insets for use with phones)
Altec LansingArgosAudionordAV-LeaderCaleatConrad ElectronicCreative TechnologyElectrovisionEstec (OEM only) — Foster Electric CompanyFuture SonicsGCI TecnologiesGuangdong Takstar ElectronicHearing ComponentsHuiZhou Lianyun Electronic TechnologyJaysJwin ElectronicsJaybirdJH AudioJME DigitalJochen FischerKenwoodMaximoMicrolabMinistry of SoundNedis ExportNLU ProductsPanasonicPhonakReid and Heath AcousticsRingwayRoadstarRolandShenzhen Kaya Gifts ManufactoryShure Inc.SonodyneSteinigke ShowtechnicTaky ElectronicsTianjin Leaders Technology Ltd.TristarUltimate EarsValentináKazanzhiVersAudioVictor Co.VissokogovoriteliWentronicYoga.

Companies that have made earphones in the past
Audio ChiFatmanHarvard InternationalPath Ltd.Shenzhen Yu-min Electronic Technology.

Noise cancelling headphones and earphones
Foster Electric CompanyOBO Pro.2PanasonicVictor Co.Yoga.

ArgosCaleatClearOne (USB only) — Coles ElectroacousticsConrad ElectronicCreative TechnologyElectrovisionEquipsonFoster Electric CompanyMaestroBadeniaMicrolabMinistry of SoundNedis ExportOBO Pro.2ShenZhen Jinmai Electronics SnetclassSteinigke ShowtechnicTaidenValentináKazanzhiWentronicYoga.

Companies that have made headsets in the past
Harvard International.

Blutooth headphones & headsets (stereo only listed)

Media/MP3 players & mobile phones with notable media playback capabilities
ArgosClarity VisionConrad ElectronicCreative TechnologyCrystal AudioFiiOJME DigitalNewsanPanasonicRoadstarTeveaThakral GroupTianjin Leaders Technology Ltd.Yifang Digital.

Companies that have made media players in the past
Harvard InternationalWo Kee Hong.

Personal DAB radios
ArgosClarity VisionTT Micro AS.

Companies that have made personal DAB radios in the past
Harvard International.

Pocket radios
Conrad Electronic.

HD media players & internet tablets
JME DigitalYifang Digital.

Ebook readers with audio capabilities
JME DigitalYifang Digital.

Docks/music systems/loudspeakers for personal media players
Altec LansingAmplification & Recording, CambridgeArgosAudioengineAudysseyClarity VisionCopenhagen Design LabsCreative TechnologyCrestron ElectronicsCue AcousticsDantaxEarthquakeElectrovisionEpozFatmanFinite ElementeFiiOG-Lab GmbHHanser Music GroupHarvard InternationalHudson's Bay CompanyIan SchnellerJME DigitalJwin ElectronicsKantoKenwoodMicrolabNumarkPanasonicParrotRoadstarRoberts Radio Ltd.RothShenzhen Fenda TechnologyShenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co.SonodyneSonoroTelefunkenTeveaTiboTristarVersAudioVictor Co.Wentronic.

Companies that have made docks in the past
Air Audio Designs.

iPhone/iPad/iPod media systems

iPad/pod bluetooth adapters
Victor Co..

Chargers and power adapters for media players and phones
ElectrovisionFxLdooJwin ElectronicsJME DigitalShenzhen Kaya Gifts ManufactoryWentronic.

Power banks for media players, tablets and phones
FxLdooThakral Group.

Personal CD players

Companies that have made personal CD players in the past
Amstrad PLCAmstrad Limited.

Personal cassette players/recorders (Walkmans etc.)
ArgosClarity VisionNumark.

Companies that have made personal cassette players/recorders in the past
Amstrad PLCHarvard InternationalUnitraVictor Co..

Personal audio accessories
Contour DesignHi-FunJwin ElectronicsMatiasMaximoMobility LabRed Wine AudioRoberts Radio Ltd.Shenzhen Kaya Gifts ManufactoryTianjin Leaders Technology Ltd.VersAudioWentronic.

Companies that have made personal audio accessories in the past
Harvard InternationalPath Ltd.Shenzhen Yu-min Electronic Technology.

Skins, protective covers and cases for personal audio players & mobile phones
ElectrovisionGelaskinsGriffin TechnologyHi-FunJwin ElectronicsMaximoNLU ProductsShenzhen Kaya Gifts ManufactorySwitchEasyVersAudioVictor Co.Wentronic.

Companies that have made skins and protective covers for personal audio players in the past
Shenzhen Yu-min Electronic Technology.

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