Index of home hi-fi tuners and CE radio manufacturers
Index of home hi-fi tuners and CE radio manufacturers

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Tuner separates

Analogue tuners
Advance AcousticAudio 4 & CHanser Music GroupISEM AudioMaiken-Mia Holding LtdSintronTiboUnison Research47 Laboratory.

Companies that have made analogue tuner seperates in the past
Amplification & Recording, CambridgeAmstrad PLCATRONCaversham TradingFisher RadioHarvard InternationalIskraKenwoodKenwood Electronics Inc.Monogram Professional AudioPanasonicUnitraVictor Co..

DAB tuners
Amplification & Recording, CambridgeElectrovisionTelefunken.

Companies that have made DAB tuners in the past
Clarity Vision.

Internet radio units

DAB/Digital radio or internet radio adapters
AudionordDantaxTT Micro AS.

Tabletop units

Tabletop radios
ArgosAudionordCEIECCue AcousticsDantaxEtónJME DigitalRoadstarRoberts Radio Ltd.SonoroTeveaTristarTT Micro AS.

Companies that have made tabletop radios in the past
Amstrad PLCBarcoDantaxErnst Groß GmbHHarvard InternationalHimmelwerkIskraKenwoodLTP Apparatewerk Lennartz & Boucke KGPanasonicRondo_GmbHGeneralvertrieb d. C. Sevecke FabrikateShenzhen V.A.L. Technology Co.SintronStewart-Warner Speedometer CorporationUnitraVEB Funkwerk Dresden.

Tabletop radios/cd/DAB/cass/clock etc combis
ArgosDantaxElectrovisionJME DigitalPanasonicRoadstarRuarkTeveaTristarVictor Co..

Companies that have made tabletop radios/cd/DAB/cass/clock etc combis in the past
Amstrad Limited.

Portable & transportables

Portable radios
ArgosAudionordCEIECClarity VisionDantaxElectrovisionEtónJME DigitalPanasonicRoadstarRoberts Radio Ltd.RuarkSonoroTeveaTristarTT Micro ASVictor Co..

Companies that have made portable radios in the past
Amstrad PLCAmstrad LimitedBarcoErnst Groß GmbHHimmelwerkIskraKenwoodLTP Apparatewerk Lennartz & Boucke KGStewart-Warner Speedometer CorporationUnitraVEB Funkwerk Dresden.

Multiband/World radios

Companies that have made multiband/World radios in the past
Amstrad PLCHarvard InternationalKenwoodPanasonic.

Hand cranked radios

Solar powered radios

Portable CD/Radio combis

Portable cassette recorder & radio combis
ArgosJME DigitalRoberts Radio Ltd..

Companies that have made portable cassette radios in the past
Amstrad PLCAmstrad LimitedHarvard InternationalIskraKenwoodPanasonicUnitra.

CD/Radio/Cassette portables
ArgosDantaxVictor Co.Roadstar.

Companie that have made CD/Radio?Cassette protables in the past
Harvard InternationalKenwood.

Home use FM senders

Portable CD/Radio/media players/boomboxes
ArgosHarvard InternationalJME DigitalKenwoodRoadstarVictor Co..

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