Musical instrument manufacturers - Co to C9

Musical instrument manufacturers - Co to C9

Cocco (Guitar & bass strings) See --> Richard Cocco Strings

CodaBow International Ltd.
USA based manufacturer of violin, viola, cello and bass bows, these are made from synthetic materials like carbon fibre and graphite blends.
Distribution: In Italy by Bode SRL and in the UK by Barnes & Mullins
Homepage: .
CodaBow International Ltd., 876 East Third Street, Winona, MN 55987, USA.
Tel: 888 263 2269 (USA & Canada only) or +1 507 454 1509 (Int.) Fax: +1 507 454 0400. E-Mail: bows &at&

Coffin Case (Guitar & bass cases) See --> Case Core

Colorado Reed Company
USA based maker of reeds for oboes, cor anglais and bassoons.
Colorado Reed Company, PO Box 50094, Knoxville, TN 37950-0094, USA.
Tel: +1 847 532 1862. Fax: 720 210 9793..

Columbus Soft (Notation & educational software) See --> Christof Schardt

Compañia See --> Reliance International Corp.

Concepta Konzeption-Vermarktung-Beteiligung AG
Swiss company that sells musical instrument protective bags under the Ritter brand. The company was founded in 1999 and is not to be confused with a number of older Asian companies with the Ritter name that share a similar market segment.
Distribution: In Australia by EGM Distribution, in the Benelux countries by BMI Groothandel, in Denmark by Musikpartner, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Italy by Bode SRL, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd, in Thailand by Rock Planet and in the UK by Headstock Distribution Ltd.. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA by St. Louis Music
Homepage: .
Concepta Konzeption-Vermarktung-Beteiligung AG, Neugasse 7, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.
Tel: +41 (0)41 710 76 14. Fax: +41 (0)41 710 81 54.

Conductor See --> Beijing Eternal


USA based manufacturer and seller of musical instruments, primarily band and orchestral instruments, owned by Steinway Musical Instruments but operated independently. Sells brass instruments under the C. G. Conn, Stradivarius, King, Holton, Bundy, Benge, Christian Lindberg and Bach brands, note that in Europe the instruments sold as Stradivarius and Bach in the USA are sold as Vincent Bach for obvious reasons, woodwind instruments under the Selmer name, flutes under the Armstrong Flutes, Avanti, Galway Spirit and Emerson Flutes, budget and school type wind instruments under the Prelude label, classical string instruments under the William M. Lewis and Son, Glaesel and Scherl & Roth names, clarinets under the Leblanc name, drums and percussion products under the Musser and Ludwig labels, wind instrument mutes and other accessories are sold under the Alessi-Vacchiano, Primo, Goldentone, E-Z Tone and Brilhart names, they also appear to be the current supplier of Gower reeds and Daniel Bonade accessories, finally they sell brass instrument accessories are under the CKB name (which simply stands for Conn/King/Benge).

The company has also in the recent past sold instruments under the Martin, Vito, Hermann Beyer and Artley names and also owns the rights to the Noblet, Otto Brückner and Buescher stensils although they have not been used for some time. As far as distribution goes Conn-Selmer is the worldwide distributor of Eugene Rousseau products, the company is also the North American distributor for Henri Selmer Paris and Yanagisawa in addition to handling non-exclusive distribution of accessories from Al Cass, Backun, Bobcat, Chopsaver, Denis Wick, Peterson, König & Meyer, Manhasset, H. W. Products, Fibracell, Qwik Time, Qwik Tune, Jo-Ral, Korg, Légère Reeds, Mollard Conducting Batons, Neotech Straps, Rovner, Rico, Wittner, Vandoren and Tom Crown. The company offers some customisation services for their products including the making of custom mouthpieces for brass instruments.

Conn-Selmer was involved in a very controversial move a few years back when it was instrumental in having all pension rights removed from some of their retired workforce, that was despite having announced a record 63 M USD profit for the division in question the year before.
Distribution: European distribution of all Conn-Slemer brands excluding Ludwig drums by Gewa Music. In Australia by Music Link Australia (Ludwig and Musser only), in Bolivia by I. E. E. Electronics, in Brazil by Izzo (Most brands excluding Ludwig), in France by Henri Selmer Paris (Vincent Bach only), in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A. (Selmer and Ludwig only), in Iceland by Tónastöðin, in Indonesia by Wijaya Musik, in Ireland and the UK by John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd (Holton Only), in Thailand by Asia Music Ltd. Non-exclusive distribution/wholesaling in the USA of wind instruments accessories by D.E.G. Music Products. Ludwig drums only distributors : In Denmark and Sweden by Luthman Scandinavia, in Greece by Philippos Nakas S.A., in Lebanon by Ragtime Technology Group, in New Zealand by Music Works Ltd
Homepage: -- Armstron flutes homepage -- Benge brass homepage -- C. G. Conn homepage -- Emerson homepage -- King homepage -- Glaesel and Scherl & Roth homepage -- Leblanc homepage -- Musser homepage -- Ludwig homepage -- Holton website -- Prelude homepage -- Selmer USA site -- Avanti page -- Galway homepage -- Yanagisawa USA site.
Conn-Selmer Inc., P.O. Box 310, Elkhart, Indiana 46515-0310, USA.
Tel: +1 574 522 1675

Conrad (accessories) See --> David Wexler & Co.

Conrad Mollenhauer
Specialised manufacturer of recorders based in Germany, in addition to the usual they have more unusual designs such as pentatonic, bass and baroque models, sold under the “Mollenhauer” name.
Distribution: In Canada by KO Music Marketing
Homepage: .
Conrad Mollenhauer GmbH., Weichselstraße 27, DE-36043 Fulda, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0) 661 94 67 0. Fax: +49 (0) 661 94 67 36. E-Mail: info [at]

Corelli (Strings) See --> Savarez

Contemporânea (Percussion instruments) See --> A. C. Som Indústria e Comércio de Instrumentos Musicais Ltda

Cornemuses Jolipipe
Dutch workshop that makes bagpipes, both modern and historical variants. Run by Frans Hattink.
Cornemuses Jolipipe, 1e Stichtingspad 4, 8413 NS Oudehorne, Holland.
Tel:+31 (0)513 54 17 92..

Correct Sound (Guitar pedals) See --> Oleg U. Basyrov


South Korean company that is primarily an OEM manufacturer of guitars, basses and amplification but does also manufacture such instruments under their own Cort brand.
Distribution: On Reunion Island by Fotelec
Homepage: .
Cor-Tek, 660 Dungchon 3 Dong, Kangso Gu, Seoul 157-030, South Korea.
Tel: +82 2 3661 1981. Fax: +82 2 3661 1986. E-Mail: support _at_

Cory Care Products
USA based manufacturer of cleaning products for musical instruments.
Distribution: Non-Exclusive distribution in the USA by David Wexler & Co.
Homepage: .
Cory Care Products, 8960 205th Street West, Suite 1, Lakeville, MN 55044, USA.
Tel: +1 952 469 5354. Fax: +1 952 469 5517. E-Mail: info {at}

Cotton Tree See --> Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co. (China - classical string instruments)

Courtois (Wind instruments) See --> Buffet Crampon

Cox Banjos See --> The Five String Music Studio

Crafter (Guitars & bass guitars) See --> Sung-Eum Music Co.

Crate (Guitar & bass amps) See --> Loud Technologies

Creepnomore See --> Spain Manufacturing

Crescendo (Classical string instruments) See --> Shar Products

Criterion (Strings) See --> E. & O. Mari Inc.

Crossrock See --> Kingstar International Enterprise

Crown Percussion See --> Remo

Cruiser/Cruzer (Guitars & bass guitars) See --> Sung-Eum Music Co.

CruzTools, Inc.
USA based company that manufactures specialised hand tools for use with musical instruments, primarily oriented towards guitars and drums.
Distribution: In Japan by Korg
Homepage: .
CruzTools Inc., PO Box 250, Standard, CA 95373, USA.
Tel: +1 209 536 0491. Fax: +1 209 536 0463. E-Mail: customerservice &at&

Crybaby See --> Dunlop Manufacturing Inc.

Cushy (Classical string instrument bags & covers) See --> Shar Products

Custom Audio Electronics
USA based company that manufactures all kinds of guitar oriented electronics and accessories including amplifiers, power supplies effect switching boxes and so on, the amps are sold under the Custom Audio Amplifiers name and there are effect pedals sold under the CAE name as well but they designed by this company but are actually manufactured and distributed by Dunlop Manufacturing Inc..
Distribution: In China, Hong Kong and Macau by Guitar Cube, in France by Audio Tube Tech, in Hungary by Absolute Bt.
Homepage: .
Custom Audio Electronics, 1984 North Main St #200, Los Angeles, CA 90031, USA.
Tel: +1 323 441 8898.

Custom Luthier (Guitar parts) See --> Todd M. Reith

Custom Percussion (Tamborines) See --> David Wexler & Co.

Cycling 74
USA based manufacturer of music creation software, supports both Mac and Windows platforms.
Distribution: In France by MESI
Homepage: .
Cycling 74, 730 Clementina Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.
Tel: +1 415 974 1818. Fax: +1 800 683 9735. E-Mail: sales ;at; (sales) or info (at) (tech)

Czech-Ease See --> David Gage String Instruments (Travel sized double basses)

Czech Electric See --> Czech Music LLC

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