Index of keyboard products
Index of keyboard products

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Please note that this is a company listing not a brand listing, for the latter see: Brands & trademarks. Also note that the list excludes pianos and most synthesis equipment

Synthesiser workstations
KorgRolandYoung Chang.

Companies that have made synthesiser workstations in the past

General MIDI or GM+Piano/Organ/Orchestra modules
Allen Organ Co..

Companies that have made General MIDI modules in the past
KawaiKorgRolandYoung Chang.

Arranger workstations

Companies that have made arranger workstations in the past

Home keyboards/arranger workstations
ArgosAustralis Music Conrad ElectronicKorgMedeliRingwayRoland.

Companies that have made home keyboards/arranger workstations in the past
KawaiSuzuki Musical Instruments.

Companies that have made string synthesisers in the past
Clef Products.

Celestes (keyboard glockenspiels)
Schiedmayer Celesta.

Stage/portable organs
Ahlborn OrgansClavia DMIRolandSuzuki Musical Instruments.

Home organs
Ahlborn OrgansKawaiRingwayRolandSuzuki Musical Instruments.

Church/panel/theatre organs
Ahlborn OrgansAllen Organ Co.KawaiRoland.

Hybrid digital console organs/pipe organ controllers
Allen Organ Co..

Pipe organs
Björgvin Tómass orgelsmiđurMarcussen & SřnP. G. Andersen & Bruhn.

Companies that have made pipe organs in the past
M. Christensen.

Multiplex pipe organs
Allen Organ Co..

Companies that have made reed organs in the past
Johann Friedrich LutherKawaiŢorsteinn Arnljótsson.

Organ cases
Beijing Xinghai Piano Group LimitedHarrison Laboratory.

MIDI kits for organs
Harrison Laboratory.

Melodicas (Wind organs/wind pianos/Pianicas/Eolina)
Ballone BuriniDistribuidora GonherHohnerIzzoJiangyin Jiyang Musical Instrument Co.Sound ElectraSuzuki Musical InstrumentsTokaiYoung Chang.


Companies that have made hapsicords in the past

Digital hapsichords




Classroom keyboards
Suzuki Musical Instruments.

Companies that have made Piano and other keyboard educational materials in the past

Piano/organ lights/lamps
Humes & BergMarcsmen LightingPacific Trends.

Acordeon TodeschiniBeijing EternalBallone BuriniEnrique KellerGTRC ServicesHohnerIzzoRolandSuzuki Musical InstrumentsTianjin Jinbao.

Companies that have made accordions in the past
A. H. Wilkinson & Co. Ltd.Kawai.

Accordion bags & cases
Enrique KellerHohnerMac CorporationMusicoverRoad Ready Cases.

Accordion straps
HohnerLevy's Leathers.

GTRC ServicesHohnerShanghai Chaobo Musical Instruments Co..

Companies that have made concertinas in the past
A. H. Wilkinson & Co. Ltd..

Accordion/Concertina pickups & microphones
K & K Sound Systems — .

Note, in the USA the word Melodeon is used for harmoniums/reed organs.

Klaus Gutjahr.

Companies that have made bandoneons in the past

Keyboard stands
AthleticAustralis Music Barnes & MullinsElectrovisionEnrique KellerEurometGewa MusicGTRC ServicesGvi Vertriebs-GmbHGuangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co.HohnerIzzoKennith Loop InternationalKHS GroupMaxtoneNiltonNingbo Yinzhou Jia Er AudioProelRMVRolandSteinigke ShowtechnicTeam International Co.Tianjin JinbaoTropical Music Export EnterprisesUltimate Support SystemsUS Music CorporationYorkville Sound.

Companies that have made accompanient, auto-accompaniet modules and background music generators in the past
Clef ProductsKorg.

Keyboard MIDI/USB controllers
AvidAustralis Music BehringerCentral Music Co.ESIKorgMagixNektar TechnologyNumarkRolandSteinigke ShowtechnicYoung Chang.

Keyboard MIDI/USB controllers/Audio interfaces
BehringerCentral Music Co.Creative TechnologyLine 6.

Companies that have made keyboard MIDI/USB controllers/audio interfaces in the past

Soft keyboards and/or controllers
Shenzhen Fzone Technology.

Pedal keyboard MIDI/USB controllers
Clavia DMI (Organ) — Central Music Co. (Piano) — Moog Music (Organ + synth).

Keyboard bags and cases
Australis Music Fusion ProductsGewa MusicPro TecRingwayRoad Ready CasesSKBSteinigke Showtechnic.

Keyboard covers
Gewa Music.

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