Index of manufacturers of double reed woodwind instruments

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Bassoons (Fagotts)
Algam (H/B) — Amati (H) — Beijing Eternal (H) — Beijing Xinghai Piano Group Limited (H) — Bernd Moosmann (H) — Buffet Crampon (B) — Conn-Selmer (H) — GTRC Services (H) — Guntram Wolf (H) — Jiangyin Jiyang Musical Instrument Co. (H) — Mac Corporation (H) — New Star Musical Instrument Co. (H) — Reliance International Corp. (H) — Tianjin Jinbao (H) — Wilhelm Heckel (H).
(H) = Heckel system aka German system - (B) = Buffet system aka French system. Heckel is standard in all countries except France.

Companies that have made bassoons in the past
Henri Selmer Paris.

Fagottinos (Childrens bassoons)
Guntram WolfMagilanck
Small bassoons, used as childrens instruments or as alto/tenor instuments in Bassoon ensembles.

Contrabassoons/double bassoons
AmatiBernd Moosmann.

Contraforte (improved contrabassoon)
Benedikt EppelsheimGuntram Wolf.

Dulcians (Reanissance dulcians)
Guntram Wolf
Predecessor to the baroque bassoons and contrabassoons.

Baroque bassoons
Guntram Wolf
The earlest known bassoons and predecessors to the Classic/Early romantic bassoon.

Baroque contrabassoons
Guntram Wolf.

Classic/early romantic bassoons
Guntram Wolf.

Late romantic bassoon
Guntram Wolf.

Romantic/Wiener contrabassoons
Guntram Wolf.

Conservatoire oboes
Beijing EternalBeijing Xinghai Piano Group LimitedBuffet CramponConn-SelmerF. LoréeGTRC ServicesGuntram WolfJiangyin Jiyang Musical Instrument Co.Mac CorporationMarigauxNew Star Musical Instrument Co.Reliance International Corp.Romeo Orsi
A Conservatoire obeo is what is considered the standard oboe these days and is also known as a modern oboe, French bore, Böhm oboe or Triebert oboe.

Wiener oboes (Viennese oboes)
Guntram Wolf
Note that a Wiener oboe is both a bore and a keying system, most makers of these instruments will make instruemnts that have Wiener bore and key system but also make instruments that have a Wiener bore but feature a Conservatoire keying.

Childrens oboes (small and/or simplified)
Guntram Wolf.

Heckelphon (Baritone oboe)
Wilhelm Heckel.

Lupophone (Bass oboe)
Guntram Wolf.

Bass oboe
F. LoréeMarigaux.

Oboe d'amore
F. LoréeMarigaux.

Baroque obo d'amore
Guntram Wolf.

Musette oboe (piccolo oboe)
F. LoréeMarigaux.

Cor anglais
Buffet CramponF. LoréeMarigaux
Known in the USA as "English horn" but use of this name is discouraged since it is neither English nor a horn.

Renaissance shawms
Charles CollierGuntram Wolf
A development of the mediaeval shawm and the predecessor to both German shawms and early (baroque) oboes.

German shawn
Guntram Wolf
Developed at the same time as the baroque oboe but is intended for outdoor playing and is thus much louder if less refined.

Baroque oboes
Guntram Wolf.

Classic/early romantic oboes
Guntram Wolf.

Late romantic oboes
Guntram Wolf.

Kelhorn Corp..

Paul Beekhuizen
Basically a straight Crumhorn, not to be confused with a Petite Cornamuse or Cornamuse du Centre which are bagpipes.

Kelhorn Corp.
An instrument meant to sound like a Crumhorn but play like a modern isntrument.

Paul Beekhuizen.

Double reeds and cane
Charles Double ReedChartier LLC (Oboe only) — Colorado Reed CompanyConn-SelmerDiamond Musical ProductsETS RigottiF. LoréeGonzalez ReedsKreedoLisa's Oboe ReederyMarzluf ReedsNorth Texas Oboe Reed and CanePrestiniRazzco (Bassoon only) — Richard RathRIMPLTianjin Jinbao.

Companies that have made double reeds and cane in the past
Angela WellsKHS GroupRicardo Döringer.

Capped double reeds (Crumhorns, Cornamuses etc.)
Kelhorn Corp..

Crooks/bocals for bassoons and bass clarinets
AmatiBernd MoosmannF. LoréeGloger-Handkraft.

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