Index of classical string instrument accesories manufacturers

Index of classical string instrument accesories manufacturers

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MIDI/USB/wireless interfaces for classical string instruments
Keith McMillen Instruments (Violin, viola, cello & bass bow to wireless).

Classical string instrument accessories
Cavanaugh Company.

Classical string instrument stands
AthleticEnrique KellerGewa MusicGig StandsKönig & MeyerHamilton StandsKHS GroupReliance International Corp.Shar ProductsSteinigke ShowtechnicTeam International Co.Ultimate Support Systems.

Violin/viola chin & shoulder rests
Cavanaugh CompanyDae-ilFinissimaGatchell Violins Co.Gewa MusicGuangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co.IzzoJR Music SupplyKun Shoulder Rest Inc.Metropolitan Music CompanyMichael HammelParekh ExportsShar ProductsShimroSteinigke ShowtechnicTempelViva La MusicaWittnerWolf.

Tailpieces, pegs, bridges, hangers and other classical string instrument hardware
Eric MeyerGewa MusicGrover-Trophy Music CompanyGTRC ServicesGuangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co.IzzoJR Music SupplyParekh ExportsShimroStrunalTeam International Co.TempelThomastik-InfeldWittner.

Bass & cello endpins and endpin sockets/holders
Cavanaugh CompanyGrover-Trophy Music CompanyShimroViva La MusicaWolf.

Classical string cleaning products
BamBarnes & MullinsBG FranceBlitz Inc.Cavanaugh CompanyCory Care ProductsFelix BousGeneration MusicGTRC ServicesKolsteinShar ProductsThunder Products.

Companies that have made classical string cleaning products in the past
Gerd H. Möller .

Classical string instrument mutes
Cavanaugh CompanyFinissimaGewa MusicGrover-Trophy Music CompanyGTRC ServicesHoscoJR Music SupplyMetropolitan Music CompanyShar Products .

Companies that have made classical string instrument mutes in the past

Wolftone dampeners
Cavanaugh Company .

Cavanaugh CompanyGeneration MusicGewa MusicGTRC ServicesKafko InternationalKolsteinLaubachNyman Harts (Bass only) — PirastroSavarezShar ProductsShimroTeam International Co.Thomastik-InfeldThorvaldssonWalter Geipel.

Classical string instrument cases and bags
Australis Music (Violin) — BamBarnes & MullinsBG FranceCibeles MusicConceptaDavid Gage String Instruments (DBass/Cello) — David Wexler & Co.Enrique KellerFusion ProductsGatchell Violins Co.Gator CasesGewa MusicGig Ltd.Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co.Hiscox casesJacob WinterJR Music SupplyKennith Loop InternationalKolsteinLang InternationalLien Violins Instruments Ltd.Luis Negri (Violin) — Mac CorporationMTS ProductsMusafia (Violins & violas) — MusicoverPro TecRoderShanghai Chaobo Musical Instruments Co.Shar ProductsShimroSKBSteinigke ShowtechnicStrunalTeam International Co.Tiange Violin Co.Unitec Products .

Companies that have made classical string instrument cases and bags in the past
Tribal Planet.

Classical strings educational materials
The Original Swab Co. .

Varnishes, glue and retouching supplies
Gewa Music.


Classical string instrument tools
Grover-Trophy Music CompanyHoscoMetropolitan Music Company .

Bending irons
Gewa Music (Violin & gtr.) .

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