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Re’an Products Limited

A company based in Edgware, Middlesex, England that was founded in early 1998 as Alpew Trading Ltd. but changed its name to Re’an later that year. Took over the manufacture and sales of connectors, patchbays and knobs from another British company that we believe had a similar name but had gone insolvent a little earlier, Re’an itself went out of business in 2002 and the connectors and patch bay business was taken over by Neutrik while Werfo took over the manufacture of knobs and other plastic parts.

Rectilinear Research Corp

Loudspeaker manufacturer run by Morris Weiner and based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. The company was started in the early 1960’s and delivers its first product in 1966 in the form of the Model III loudspeaker, complete with an endorsement from Duke Ellington. Rectilinear appears to have been primarily a loudspeaker manufacturer rather than a developer, they did not manufacture their own drivers and all of their designs appear to have been made either by outside developers or by contractors. Their best know design these days is probably the Mini-III 3 way system designed by John Dalquist that featured Philips supplied 8" woofer and 5" midrange, much hoopla was generated by the company about the phase coherency shown by the Mini-III, much like the speakers that the Dahlquist company itself later produced, and Rectilinear claimed that it would “pass a square wave undistorted”, this was simply archived by having no mid-band crossover whatsoever, hence no mid-band crossover phase related irregularities, an updated version called the Mini-IIIb appeared around 1970. The most common Rectilinear loudspeaker on the second hand market appears to be the model III, it is a 6 way system that included 4 tweeters and was made in three variants, the original model from 1966 that featured Jensen drivers and tone controls at the back, these are colloquially know as "highboys", the IIIB introduced in 1972 that featured the same drivers but in a smaller cabinet and no tone controls, these are commonly known as "lowboys". The Model IIIa that appears around 1970 is basically the same design as the original III but features much better drivers sourced from an unknown Danish firm. One of the reason that Model III show up on the market more often than later and more common models like the bookshelf type XII is simply their sheer size and weight which makes them impractical in smaller households.

Rembrant See --> All Channel Products (Pre-1989) or Recoton (1989 - 2003)

Revere Camera Company

Founded in 1920 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as the Excel Radiator Company by Ukrainian immigrant Samuel Briskin to manufacture car radiators, but started manufacturing some coarse household products later in the decade. Started making budget 8mm movie cameras in 1939 through a subsidiary run by Briskin's sons but that company was later merged into Excel Radiator Co. which then changed its name to Revere Camera Co. (The Revere name BTW is taken from the Revere Copper Co. which provided financial backing for Excel during the depression). In the 50's the company was the second largest manufacturer of small movie cameras in the USA and in order to grow that business further the company took over their primary lens and shutter supplier in the form of the New Jersey based Wollensak Optical Co., both in order to secure their supply of parts but also to gain a more upmarket brandname, although Wollensak was primarily know as an OEM supplier of parts they has a small range of upmarket still cameras. The Revere brandname had become synonymous with budget cameras and soon after the take-over Wollensak models appeared that were mechanically mostly identical to the standard Revere models but had much better lenses, more stylish casing and sold for a premium price. The company started manufacturing tape recorders in the early 1950's and while moderately successful and at the time were considered to be amongst the better quality consumer recorders available in the USA, that side of the business never became an important part of the company's output. Samuel Briskin was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in 1960 and rather than leave the company to his family he decided to divest of the company and later that year sold out to 3M for 17 million USD.

Revolver See --> Sundown Electronic Engineering (Turntables - UK 1979 to 1993)” or Revolver Loudspeakers – UK 1994 to 1999 – info below

Revolver UK Ltd
A trading company informally founded in 1994 by Peter Ratchford and Ray Nugent but incorporated in 1996. The partners had bought the Revolver trade name from Sundown Electronic Engineering and started selling selling loudspeakers under the Revolver brand that were manufactured for them by JPW. The company name was changed to “Aura Systems Europe Limited” in 1997 but was closed down the year after. The Revolver brand-name eventually ended up with the Acoustic Partnership in 2002.

RFT See --> VVB

RG Dynamics, Inc.

Company based in Skokie, Illinois, USA and run by Robert Grodinsky. Timeline appears to be from the early 80’s and into the early 90’s and the high end preamplifiers and dynamic processors that the company made appear to be developments of products formerly manufactured by Roger Grodinsky Research but unlike the earlier company that is best remembered for their amplifiers RG Dynamics is best known for the dynamic expanders that were developments of the expanders Mr. Grodinsky had designed for Pioneer, and although these were apparently designed for the home market they saw quite a bit of use in commercial installations.

RGR See --> Roger Grodinsky Research

Richard Sequerra Associates
USA based company founded by industry legend Richard Sequerra in 1987, manufactured a number of loudspeaker designs in addition to doing consulting and electronic design for third parties. The company was closed down in 1998 when Mr. Sequerra decided to retire from manufacturing, but he bounced back with Sequerra Audio Labs shortly thereafter and that company manufactures basically the same loudspeaker products to this day, although on a more limited basis.

Rieco-Titan Products Inc.

An USA based company that specialises in manufacturing products for campervans, trailers and so on. Originally founded in 1976 as Titan Jack Inc. but changed its name to the present one in 1994, but the company also acts as a metal production shop under the name of Vindee Industries name. In late 2001 the company took over the manufacture and sales of the speakers stands and AV furniture that until then had been sold by Chicago Audio Group and started selling them under the Titan Audio Video Furniture Inc. name, although, note bene, there never was an entity incorporated under that name.

Given that Rieco-Titan is a contract manufacturer in the field of metal fabrication it is possible that the company simply took over the manufacture and sales of products that they had originally been making for CAG on a contract basis, but in the end it only survived in the business for approximately 18 months, by 2003 the company had stopped making and selling the furniture.
Homepage: -- Vindee Industries homepage

RIE See --> Radon Industrial Electronics (UK)

RMAC See --> Liangyin

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