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Theatris See --> John M. Moffat

Thermionic Products
Small British company based at the Hythe in Southampton, UK that made the Brush Soundmirror and Mail-A-Voice voice recorders under license from the Brush Development Company company in the late 1940's and early 50's but sold them using their own Recordon trademark. The company later manufactured or assembled other recorders from Brush but those were sold under the original Brush labs brand rather than as Recordon's, these were mostly professional recorders intended for specialised voice and data applications with the target market being airport authorities etc. The company also made a few other hi-fi products under license in the mid 50's but does not appear to have done any R&D of it's own, at the least no original products have been found. Allegedly the original owner of the company founded it on the proceedings of a novelty product business and he was by all accounts quite a character and we would appreciate it if someone out there actually remembers his name or has more background information on the company. Note that their early products sometimes say that the company was based in London, but that seems to have been "cosmetical" and the company was definitely in Southampton although they did open a London sales office in 1956, we are not sure about the timeline but it was apparently operating in 1949 and still alive in 1957, as far as can be gathered this company has no relation to any of the companies that currently operate under this name.

Thordarson Electric Manufacturing Company
A transformer manufacturer founded in Chicago, USA in 1895 by Icelandic immigrant Hjörtur Þórðarson (1867 - 1945), better known by the anglicised form of his name : Chester H. Thordarson. Hjörtur had worked for the Edison company as an armature winder but felt he could do better on his own and indeed quickly became the worlds largest manufacturer of transformers and gained notoriety in the audio world in the 20's when electrical amplification began to take hold and the company became the primary manufacturer and designer of audio transformers, or any transformers for that matter, even during the height of the depression there were as many as 1800 employees at the factory. Hjörtur died in early 1945 and the company has been sold a few times since but the last company to bear the Thordarson name seems to have disappeared in the late 1990's. Interestingly despite putting in a lot of work in designing and improving audio transformers etc., the man seems to have had no interest in sound reproduction or in fact in music at all. An old catalogue from the company is reproduced here (ca 1937).

English electronics conglomerate, owned a large number of CE companies such as Baird and Ferguson.

Thule Audio ApS

Danish manufacturer of high end audio founded by Anders Thule, Harald Brixen and Anne Holdt in 1989 and was based in Herlev, a town/suburb just outside of Copenhagen. Had an unusually large line-up for such a small producer but their products included DVD and CD players, amplifiers, analogue and digital tuners and D/A converters. All of their products were solid state and from 1996 the company ran its own automatic SMD soldering production line for both for its own use and as an OEM and contract manufacturer, but Thule designed and manufactured products for TEAC and Avance and also did some work for Primare and others but is is not known if that was an OEM deal or subcontracting.

but the company was best known for two things; a superb class A/B amplifier circuit that they called "virtual class A" and excellent software controls for some of their products, some of their CD players had so well tuned firmware that they were mostly silent in operation. In 2006 the company seems to disapper, the reasons mostly often given were that they had subcontracted out most of their work to Asia and the subcontractors were not redy for the introduction of RoHS, given that the company itself worked as a subcontractor that seems somewhat unlikely an explanation. There has been talk in Denmark about re-starting the production of their designs in particular the amplifiers but that seems idle speculation

Resources : Thule audio Facebook page.

TI See --> Texas Instuments

Tice Audio Products Inc.

Founded by husband and wife team of George and Francine Tice in 1985 and located in Jupiter, Florida USA. The company's first product was the Power Block One, a high end Power Conditioner which was something of a breakthrough product at the time, but the company gained notoriety in the early 90's with the TPT Clock, it was basically an ordinary digital clock that normally retailed for US$ 20, that the Tice company put through an propriety alternative energy process referred to as Tice Power Technology (TPT) and then was sold at USD 300 as a "power enhancer" for use with hi-fi systems (interestingly enough, when they introduced the technology they called it Tice Pulse Technology, hint hint), this process was consequently used on all of their power products. Company is listed as having gone out of business in 2001 by the US government which indicated that it went bankrupt, but interestingly enough George Tice strongly denied this in a letter to Stereophile later that same year and maintained that he was simply soliciting for a take-over partner.

Tiffin Enterprise Inc
USA company that manufactured vinyl covered particleboard and products made out of that material. Based in Tiffin, Ohio and one of the products that they specialised in making was furniture for hi-fi companies such as radiogram cabinets and loudspeaker enclosures, the company did in the 70's and in fact assemble speakers for some manufacturers although most of their output was shipped as finished cabinets to companies such as Bolivar Speaker Works rather than finished speakers.

Tiffin Enterprise was bought up by Ameriwood Industries in 1984 and became their main loudspeaker factory assembling both BIC branded speakers and continuing sub-manufacturing for other companies, the former Tiffin Enterprise headquarters on 2nd Avenue in Tiffin is now the headquarters of Ameriwood but it is unknown if they still assemble loudspeakers..

Timothy Eaton Company See --> Eaton's

Titan Audio Video Furniture See --> Rieco-Titan Products Inc.

TLG Acoustical Design, Inc.
Loudspeaker manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, that specialised in manufacturing high end horn loaded loudspeakers. TLG showed their first design in 1999 but does not appear to have shipped anything until much later although they did work with Platinium Audio on the manufacture of the Platinium Audio Air Pulse 3.1 and did some contract work and cutting gaskets for other speaker manufacturers.

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