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Galante Audio

Loudspeaker manufacturer based in Perkasie, PA, USA and later in Bethlehem in the same state, founded in 1994 or 5. Specialised in manufacturing high sensitivity loudspeakers featuring single coaxial drivers, original models were all angled floorstanders like most similar designs but in or around 2001 the company introduced standmount models. Went out of business in late 2003.

Game Electronics
A USA based company founded in 1968 by Sidney Olson, one of the founders of Olson Electronics, the company imported, distributed and sold cheap, mostly Asian made audio accessories such as headphones, microphones and common user-replaceable parts like tape recorder belts, and later media product like cassette tapes under the Gamepak brand.

Was purchased by ElectroVoice in 1970 or thereabouts and renamed E/V Game, later shortened to EV-Game and took over the aftermarket supply phonographic stylii from EV itself, initially branding the products EV Game but as the years passed it increasingly used the full Electro Voice name for branding its products, but note though that EV Game had a different set of distribution channels and even public relations agencies that its mother company.

The company ran into problems in 1979 when Pickering sued the company for patent infringements and false advertising, some of the replacement stylii that EV Game was selling as compatible with Pickering/Stanton products infringed on patents, but furthermore EV/Game was like most other sellers of replacement stylii advertising and shipping a replacement part with a cheap spherical stylus when the original product had an elliptical or even line contact stylus, giving people the impression that the original manufacturer was overcharging on replacements when in fact what was happening was that people were getting inferior products. This is still a problem to this day with replacement stylii.

By the latter half of the 70's the company had more or less exited all market segments except the replacement stylus business and seems to fizzle out at sometime in the 80's.

Game Shark See --> Recoton

GAS See --> GAS

GATE See --> Glass Audio Tube Engineering

Gately Development Laboratory
Incorporated in 1952 and owned and run by Mr. Edward J. Gately Jr. and his wife Nancy Schaberg Gately, and was based in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, USA. Manufactured a corner horn loudspeaker enclosure that Mr Gately had received a patent for earlier in the year and is described in his article “Design for a Cleaner Bass” that appeared on page 29 of the Nov 1952 issue of Audio Engineering magazine.

The company added other enclosures to the product range in the coming years, most of them not corner enclosures that were slowly loosing popularity, with the introduction of stereo open reel tapes and the discussion of the coming of stereo records that followed more or less killed the market for those. Mr. Gately applied for another enclosure patent in 1954, this time for a more conventional horn, but as with the earlier patent the claim is for an improved bass.

We have not been able to find out what happened to the company, since there is no filing requirement for Pennsylvanian companies it is technically still operating although we believe that it folded in the early 60’s, the only other piece of info we managed to drag up is that was some sort of co-operation between the company and other Pennsylvania based hi-fi companies like Acrosound and Dynaco. The proprietor is better known as Ed Gately and later ran the Gately Electronics and David Hafler Co. companies

Resources : The 1954/1956 Patent from google Patents.

Gately Electronics

A small company based in Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA that was run by Ed Gately who was later the president of the David Hafler Co. company and prior to that had run Gately Development Laboratory. Company appears to have been started up in 1967 and offered professional and semi-professional audio products such as small mixers, limiters, equalisers and so on, that were offered both fully built and in kit form.

There is very little actual information to be had on the company, it appears that in the 60’s it was focused mainly on the broadcast market with products such as semi-modular rack mount mixers and in addition to its own products the company sold third party products to installers. Gately introduced small location mixers around 1970 that got quite popular as kits with people making their own small studios, this appears to have directed the company more towards the recording business and in 1971 they teamed up with nearby Dynaco to manufacture professional encoders and decoders for the DynaQuad system.

By 1974 the company had introduced a modular mixer intended for recording studios called the Series 8 which seems to have been designed by a gent called John Buffington, but Steve Hemphill seems to be responsible for some smaller mixer models prior to that. By the time the Series 8 is introduced the company is advertising itself as much as an outfitter to smaller recording studios and mastering rooms as it is advertising its own products. Amongst their offerings are complete packages for 8 and 16 track studios based around Series 8 consoles, Ampex and Scully recorders and Ortofon cutters.

Gately is still offering kits as late as 1975, even the larger mixer models from the company are available unassembled and such home built consoles do crop up from time to time on the second hand market. Went out of business in the latter half of the 70’s for reasons unknown

Spares & service :The mixers from the company actually seem to stand the test of time reasonably well all things considered, some of them feature early IC op-amp's which should be replaced with something modern ASAP and they are notorious for having used cheap audio transformers in the input stages and most S/H models we see on the market have had theirs replaced with high end American or European trannies. Any equipment of that age will also need re-capping for optimal results.

Founded in 1922 in Illinois, USA, to manufacture radio receivers for consumer use, but within a few years started to supply the broadcast and professional entertainment markets and exited the consumer market altogether before the end of the decade. While best known for their transcription turntables a concept that the company actually invented in 1926, they manufactured a mind boggling variety of products ranging from microphones and specialised tape recorders to radio transmitters. Bought by the Harris Corp. in 1957 and is now the Harris Broadcast Communications Division, oddly enough the company sometimes uses the Gates name for it's radio transmitters.

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