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This Hungarian company was one of the first mass producers of light bulbs in the world and from the late 19th century and up until it was broken up in the early 1990’s remained one of the largest producer of thermionic valves and light bulbs in the world, but also diversified into sundry other electronics manufacture along the way including the making of radios, televisions, communication and measurement apparatus.


The company traces its roots to a company called Mechanische Werkstätte und Telegraphenbauanstalt B. Egger that was founded in 1862 in Vienna, in the Austro-Hungarian empire by Bernat Bela Egger. 90's originally founded in 1896 as Egyesult Izzolampa es Villamossagi Rt. or "United Incandescent Lamps and Electrical Co" But he had founded the manufacturing and service company Johann Krementzky but the name was changed to Fabrik Újpesti Egyesült Izzó Rt which translates as the "New United light bulb factory of Pest AG" or something like that A new brand name for their products called Tungsram, wich is simply a combination of the name of the element used in the filament used wich is Wolfram but in the French speaking world and later in the English in the in Europe it is commonly kown as Tungstčne or Tungsten Took a majority stake in Telefongyár in 1925 but was itself taken over by ITT in 1928

and the bits sold off to various western companies, General Electric bought a large part of it in 1990 and so did Schréder a little bit later, both companies operate using the original name. Made radios both under the Tungsram name and using the Orion brand, continued making radios and hi-fi products at the least into the 70's, produced some of the best valves that were made in Europe and should not be confused with some other eastern European products

Resources: -- GE Lighting homepage -- Schréder Group -- History of Tungsram 1896 to 1945 by the Tungsram historical committee.

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